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Arctic Movie Ending: Everything You Need to Know About!

Arctic Movie Ending: The Arctic is a survival drama film directed by Joe Penna and written by Penna and Ryan Morrison that was released in Iceland in 2018.

Mads Mikkelsen plays a guy stuck in the Arctic in this multinational co-production between Iceland and the United States.

The film had its world debut at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival and opened in theatres on February 1, 2019. In this article, we will discuss the Arctic movie ending explained.


A man lost in the Arctic is ready to be rescued after a long wait. However, due to a horrific event, he is forced to choose between remaining in the relative safety of his camp and embarking on a dangerous voyage into the unknown in search of salvation.

After an airplane disaster, a man stranded in the Arctic must choose between staying in the relative comfort of his temporary camp or embarking on a perilous journey into the unknown in the hopes of surviving.

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The Plot

Overgrd is shown living in the wreckage of his plane at the beginning of the film, where he has made a temporary camp. He follows a routine that includes fishing, mapping his surroundings, and using a hand-cranked device to convey distress signals.

He has been lost for an unknown period of time, yet he appears to have adjusted to his surroundings. He witnesses a helicopter approach one day, but owing to severe winds, it crashes.

The co-pilot, a young woman (Maria Thelma Smáradóttir), is still alive but severely injured when Overgrd arrives on the scene. The pilot is dead. He transports her back to his camp, where he treats her injuries. In the chopper, he also discovers a chart that depicts a nearby seasonal station.

Overgrd makes the difficult decision to abandon his camp and go through the dangerously frozen terrain pulling the woman behind him on a sledge.

He wants to get to the station so he can locate assistance for them both.

He encounters numerous obstacles and perils along the route, including blizzards, polar bears, crevasses, and weariness. Also, he develops a bond with the woman, who occasionally stirs from sleep to grip his hand.

The End of The Arctic Explained!

arctic movie ending

The Arctic’s conclusion is left open-ended. The movie might end in either direction. However, we will place a greater emphasis on the happy ending. Overground had set fire to his clothing to attract the notice of the helicopter approaching the camp.

The helicopter does not detect them and leaves their position, as indicated. Overground appears to have ultimately broken down as a result of this. He lies next to her and takes her hand in his.

He keeps promising her that everything will be fine as if he is trying to convince himself. We hear the chopper and see it from afar just before the scene cuts.

The happy conclusion might be that the chopper has noticed the fire and has returned to save them. Despite the fact that Overgrd has given up hope, his efforts have finally paid off, and the woman may survive. This would be a gratifying conclusion to everything Overgrd had to deal with.

From rescuing them both from a polar bear to making the correct judgments, they’ve done it all. However, things may not always be so simple. We were introduced to human relationships and things that happen to humans throughout the film.

As a result, there’s a potential the helicopter won’t detect them. It would be the end of Overgrd and all of his ambitions.

The unmistakable impending doom would be sad.

What Message Does “Arctic” Have for Us?

Every survival film concludes with a lesson. However, we come to terms with it once we have a clear finale. We don’t receive a definitive ending in the Arctic. Nonetheless, we witness minor bits throughout the film that assist us to comprehend what the film is about. The first and most crucial factor is human interaction.

Because of their language limitations, the woman and Overgrd are unable to converse effectively. We do see them battling it out, though. This is a powerful message in today’s world when people are willing to kill for differences. We are, after all, living beings. We are all humans, regardless of where we come from, what language we speak, or what background we have.

arctic movie ending

This is one of the key reasons why none of the characters have a backstory. We are programmed to witness two humans attempt to survive the worst of circumstances. We don’t even want language in times of difficulty. All we want is someone to assist us in getting through this. We were forced to watch them on the Discovery Channel like animals.

There were only gestures and facial emotions.

Joe Penna had left it entirely up to the audience to deduce what they were feeling based on their facial expressions. This adds to the film’s overall appeal. We’ll figure out what the movie is about based on our perspectives. It is up to us how the film finishes.

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