Outer Wilds Ending Explained: How To Unlock The True Ending?

outer wilds ending explained

Mobius Digital’s Outer Wilds is an action-adventure game published by Annapurna Interactive. It was initially released in 2019 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, with a Nintendo Switch port slated for 2021. The player character explores a solar system trapped in a 22-minute time loop that concludes with the sun going supernova.

The player advances through the game by touring the solar system and learning clues about the time loop’s source. Outer Wilds was well-received by critics and won several Game of the Year honors, including the British Academy Games Award for Best Game. In 2021, it was expanded with Echoes of the Eye.

Ending of The Outer Wilds

outer wilds ending explained

Ending Meaning of the Outer Wilds The episode follows Nora and Quinn’s love story, which ends tragically when Quinn is accidentally killed during a fraternity hazing ritual gone bad. We don’t discuss it, but she has a secret.

The majority of the. Hidden sites shift with the passage of time on the planets of the outer wilds. We’ll discuss the message and significance of the outer wilds, as well as how it represents the real world.

I’ll be doing a thorough investigation. Naturally, Leah wants to blow Nora’s cover so the group may put an end to their 30 days of misery, but she misses her chance when another tragedy hits in the wilds, and Nora is killed.

Another conveyance with a switch can be found inside the tower. A gang of girls is stuck on a remote island after an aircraft disaster in this YA thriller.

This ending can be obtained in two methods, both of which involve the planet Ember Twin. Finding the Ash Twin Project via the Ash Twin planet is one option. When the sun goes dark, go to the dead body beneath the bridge and wait for the black funnel to cross the bridge.

When it occurs, dash to the adjacent room’s teleporter, which will whisk you away to the Ash Twin Project. Send a scout through the black hole, start afresh loop, and watch as spacetime unravels.

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outer wilds ending explained

The player assumes the character of an unknown alien space explorer who is about to go on their first solo flight. The player is imprisoned in a time loop after being inadvertently partnered with a statue on their home planet created by the Nomai, an old and enigmatic civilization that previously colonized the system. When the sun goes supernova after 22 minutes, or when the player-character otherwise dies, the loop is reset.

The player discovers that the Nomai was fascinated with discovering the “Eye of the Cosmos,” a gigantic anomaly that uses macroscopic quantum mechanics and is older than the universe itself. The Nomai created an orbiting cannon to send probes to visually identify the Eye since they were curious about what was kept within it.

They also invented the Ash Twin Project, which sent the results of the probe’s scan 22 minutes back in time, allowing the cannon to be “used” an infinite number of times. The amount of power required to travel back in time was so great that the only possible source would be a supernova, thus they attempted but failed to artificially force the sun to explode.

The Nomai were killed off by an extinction-level catastrophe after these projects were completed but before the time-loop process was started. Because the sun has reached the end of its natural life cycle, the system is now operational. The supernova that results feeds energy into the Ash Twin Project, sending the player’s memories back in time to their former self and resetting the cannon for another scan.

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