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Westworld Season 4 Release Date: Are The Man in Black and Dolores Still Alive?

Westworld Season 4 Release Date: We’ve slowly begun to understand Dolores Abernathy’s endgame as we’ve witnessed her transform from naive Little House on the Prairie puppet to Blade Runner–styled hero gone rogue. She doesn’t desire world dominance; she wants freedom for both hosts and humans.

The Westworld season 3 conclusion, however, took a violent turn (like it often does). Both Dolores and the Man in Black were abandoned, Rehoboam and its creator were defeated, Bernard found he’d been carrying “the key” to the Sublime all along, and Charlotte/Dolores activated a dark side of herself.

Oh, and the world is descending into chaos… in order for a new one to emerge. Everyone breathes deeply.

There are still many unanswered questions: In the Sublime, what did Bernard see? Is Dolores truly gone? Is Charlotte assembling a force? We’re looking to the future, as the show has taught us.

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Westworld Season 4 Storyline

Westworld Season 4 Release Date

Joy, Nolan, and finale co-writer Denise Thé spoke with The Hollywood Reporter after the season 3 finale about what’s next for HBO’s smash success. For season 4, they teased a new “genre,” one with a different tone and vibe.

“We felt we had an open invitation to play around,” Nolan said, “, especially in this era where TV is continually reinventing itself, to have a program that reinvents itself season after season.” “…Is it true that the next season will feel different and distinct from the past seasons in terms of genre? Yes, that is an integral aspect of the show’s framework.”

The drama made a sharp turn away from the android theme park setting of the first two seasons in its third season, spending most of its time in the human world. Season 4 of Westworld is expected to continue in the same vein, picking up existing storylines and possibly giving known individuals new roles.

Because showrunners Lisa Joy (who helmed Hugh Jackman’s Reminiscence last year) and Jonathan Nolan are notoriously spoiler-averse, details about the Westworld season 4 plot are currently few. Joy did, however, give a few little hints to Deadline’s Hero Nation podcast.

“You’re going to see some new worlds that I think are incredibly exciting, and you’re going to meet someone who I kidnapped from Reminiscence in a humorous way,” she stated when asked for a word to define the show’s comeback.

Before you get too excited about a Marvel-style shared universe, keep in mind that Joy indicated that there was no “crossover” between Westworld and her film debut, so the connective tissue may only go as far as Thandiwe Newton and Angela Sarafyan starring in both.

What is less apparent is Dolores Abernathy’s fate (Evan Rachel Wood). Because she was discovered to be the template machine on which all others were based, she won’t be fully dead until all the hosts have died.

Serac wiped her memories in quest of the keys to the Sublime, a secret server to which some hosts have escaped, but the femme fatale version of Abernathy bent on overthrowing the human world order seemed to be no more.

The trouble is, in Westworld, humans, and robots return from death so frequently that there’s always a risk that characters will return as hosts.

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Westworld Season 4 Cast


Westworld Season 4 Release Date

The cast of Westworld has it easier than most. Even if their roles are killed off, performers can often reemerge in a new host body, therefore even season three’s casualties could reappearance later.

We know that some performers are returning thanks to the HBO sizzle reel and now the trailer.

  • Thandiwe Newton (as Maeve Millay)
  • Jeffrey Wright (as Bernard Lowe / Arnold Weber)
  • Aaron Paul (as Caleb Nichols)
  • Luke Hemsworth (as Ashley Stubbs)
  • Ed Harris (The Man in Black) (as Dolores)

Some of them, like the return of Ed Harris as The Man In Black, create more questions than they answer. After being slain by Thompson’s “Halores,” he was replaced by a host, and she now controls him…

According to TVLine, Oscar winner Ariana DeBose will join them in a secret recurring role, which will be revealed later.

“It’s so awesome, man,” Thandiwe Newton said of the new series (via ComicBook). For me, no, genuinely, all of the best elements from one, two, and three are present. It’s really detailed, and the pandemic is mentioned.

“Not literally, but I believe it has fed us all in some way as if our lives now depend on art in a different way.” Because art is being taken away from us, our lives literally rely on it.”

Evan Rachel Wood, who played Dolores Abernathy in the first season, has an uncertain future.

Westworld Season 4 Release Date

Westworld Season 4 Release Date

The Fourth Season Will Be Released on June 26, 2022. Westworld will return in June, two years after HBO confirmed the show’s renewal in April 2020. The season’s first teaser (seen above) features mysterious pictures of the cast set to Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.”

 (though perhaps not in the incarnations we know), and we may witness a return to the original Wild West park, according to the video.

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Season 4 of Westworld was announced just weeks before the season 3 finale in May 2020, indicating that HBO still has faith in its big-budget sci-fi drama despite a drop-off in viewers.

“We’ve enthusiastically appreciated every twist and turn from the minds of master writers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, from the western theme park to the technocratic city of the near future,” said Casey Bloys, president of HBO programming. “We’re excited to see where their vision takes us next.”

Showrunners Nolan and Joy are back to continue their epic story – based on the 1973 film directed by Jurassic Park creator Michael Crichton – and it’s definitely safest to expect the unexpected based on prior performance.

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