White Lie Movie Ending Explained: Why Is Katie Pretending to Have Cancer?

white lie movie ending explained

Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas wrote and directed White Lie, a 2019 Canadian drama film. Katie Arneson, played by Kacey Rohl, is a university student who fakes a cancer diagnosis for attention and financial gain but becomes entangled in having to keep her lie up.

It had its world premiere at the 24th Busan International Film Festival, after its premiere at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.


Katie Arneson is played by Kacey Rohl.
Jennifer Ellis is played by Amber Anderson.
Doug Arneson is played by Martin Donovan.
Thomas Dr. Jabari is played by Antony Olajide. Jordan
Owen is played by Connor Jessup.
Colette is played by Sharon Lewis.
Julia Stansfield is played by Christine Horne.
Dr. Becker is played by Darrin Baker.
Dr. Platt is played by Dr. Platt is played by Zahra Bentham.
Magda is played by Carolina Bartczak.

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white lie movie ending explained

Katie, a dance student in her mid-20s, informs people she has a rare melanoma cancer. She is healthy, but she has no desire to stop after raising thousands of dollars from this con and all the changes it has provided her, including a girlfriend.

That makes her father’s determination to expose her all the more alarming, especially because mutually assured destruction appears to be powerless to stop him. Katie seemed to be eager to go to any length to make her attraction official. But it’s anyone’s guess how far she’ll go for the money she needs or to keep this elaborate hoax going.

Explanation of The Lie’s Ending

The Lie may just have a three-person primary cast, but its star power is apparent. Joey King (The Kissing Booth) plays Kayla, a teen, and Peter Sarsgaard and Mireille Enos play her parents, Jay and Rebecca, respectively.

The Lie is based on the German film We Monsters and follows Kayla after she makes a fatal mistake, leaving her now-divorced parents to figure out how far they’ll go to protect her. It’s an intriguing premise, and like any good thriller, it’s built around an unexpected twist.

We asked Sarsgaard and King for their reactions to the big shock, and they were forthright. There are spoilers for The Lie ahead.

Let’s rehash in case you don’t remember or aren’t sure how we got here. Kayla and her father are driving to a ballet camp retreat week when they come across her friend Brittany waiting for a bus in the snow.

They pick her up, but Brittany instantly demands to go to the bathroom, so Jay pulls over and the two girls walk into the woods. He soon hears his daughter cry, and when he locates her, she admits to pushing Brittany into a freezing cold creek.

Instead of calling the cops, Jay takes Kayla to her mother Rebecca’s residence, and thus begins a series of rash decisions to keep their daughter out of trouble. “The issue that drove the whole movie was that the parents believed that their child could be someone who was so tormented that they would do something really horrific because of their own parenting,” Sarsgaard remarked.

“I’m quite sure I flung the script across the room.” That’s what I’m pretty sure I did. ‘What?!’ I remember thinking when I got to that part. We learned from Sarsgaard.

“You know, I might have even stopped and reread it at that point.” ‘Did I miss something?’ I wondered. Please wait a moment.'”

King’s reaction was also explosive. “I was looking at it. I just dropped my computer when I got to that part. I didn’t actually drop it, but I did seal it and close the front. I still hadn’t finished the script. I literally gasped.

“It was totally ridiculous.” It’s really unbelievable.”

When her parents confront her, Kayla admits that she made it up to protect Brittany, but that when her parents began cooperating to help her, she decided to keep up the pretense in the hopes of rekindling their passion. The film concludes with the three hugging as sirens approach.

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white lie movie ending explained

Katie Arneson, a college student, has been faking a cancer diagnosis for ten months. To appear more unwell to those watching, she takes placebos, shaves her head, and fasts. Katie, a small celebrity on campus, exploits her fake condition for emotional and financial advantage, gathering funds through crowdfunding initiatives and enlisting the help of friends, supporters, and an unwitting lover, Jennifer Ellis.

Katie discovers that her academic bursary is in peril unless she can give medical records of her condition before the end of the week.

She enlists the assistance of a medical resident to falsify the documents, but she has trouble producing the $2,000 he demands without arousing suspicion. Katie, desperate, goes to her estranged father and asks for the money, explaining that she will use it to pay for special treatment at a facility.

Her father, on the other hand, detects the deception and refuses to give her the money, accusing her of lying about cancer. Katie also pretended to be ill in high school before being discovered. Her father begs her to tell the truth in public, but she refuses and continues to lie.


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