Take Shelter Ending: Is a Storm Really Coming? What Are Your Thoughts on The Ending of The Movie

take shelter ending

Take Shelter is a 2011 American psychological thriller film starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain, written and directed by Jeff Nichols. The story follows a young husband and father (Shannon) who is haunted by a series of apocalyptic visions and must decide whether to protect his family from a looming storm or from himself and his growing concerns about having paranoid schizophrenia.

The film received two Saturn Awards, for Best Writing and Best Actor, for Nichols and Shannon, and was nominated for two more, for Best Horror or Thriller Film and Best Actress for Chastain. It delves into issues of masculinity, mental illness, and the lengths to which people will go to protect those they care about.


  • Curtis is played by Michael Shannon.
  • Samantha is played by Jessica Chastain.
  • Dewart is played by Shea Whigham.
  • Nat is played by Katy Mixon.
  • Kyle is played by Ray McKinnon.
  • Kendra is played by Lisa Gay Hamilton.
  • Jim is played by Robert Longstreet.
  • Sarah is played by Kathy Baker.

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Ake Shelter: The Conclusion

take shelter ending

Curtis, Samantha, and Hannah are on vacation at the beach in the final scene. Hannah exhibits a storm symbol and points to the sea. Samantha steps outdoors and looks out over the water. The three of them saw a massive storm approaching from the sea. Samantha feels the rain and the engine grease as it begins to drizzle. “All right,” she says, looking at Curtis.

Curtis was correct all along, according to the literal reading. The visions he had were not hallucinations. As he predicted in his nightmares, the approaching storm is real, and they are all doomed. This would be a Night Shyamalan-esque conclusion. That is not the subject of the film. It is mostly about a person who is dealing with a mental condition that is becoming increasingly severe. He wants to support his family, and they want to support him.

The second possibility is that his paranoia has infected his wife and child. They can now see the storm and feel the oily rain as well. This justification is absurd. Schizophrenia does not spread like a typical cold does. As a result, this can be overlooked.

Let’s go through some of the most important events in the film thus far:

– Curtis is the only one who sees catastrophic tornadoes in his nightmares.

– Storms and torrential rains appear in all of his nightmares.

– There is a storm in reality, but it is not as powerful as the ones in his dreams.

— When Curtis was a child, his mother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

– Curtis fights his condition alone at first.

— Curtis will need to be admitted to be treated, according to the psychiatrist.

– Samantha demonstrates her support by devising a strategy for funding the refuge and their future.

The third possibility is that the final scene is fictitious. It’s a fantasy. Dream 8. They don’t have the funds to go on that trip, remember. Curtis is now unemployed. They have to pay back the storm shelter loan. While the psych proposes that they go on their trip, they are unlikely to be able to due to financial constraints.

So, if the final scene is also a dream, what does that mean? It suggests that the storm has grown in size in comparison to previous dreams, indicating that his mental illness is progressing, just as the psychiatrist predicted. This dream, however, is not violent. Both his wife and child can see the storm and feel the engine oil in this dream, just like he can.

He is aware that he is not alone. Samantha, he knows, is supportive of him. He can now see Samantha seeing the storm and comprehending what Curtis is going through in his dream. While his sickness has worsened, he is encouraged by his family’s support in his fight. This perspective, in my opinion, gives the film more weight than a Shyamalan-esque conclusion.

Plot Summary for Taking Shelter

take shelter ending

The issue is that Curtis has been having nightmares about a storm that includes raining motor oil. In his dreams, he is also attacked by the people he knows and loves. Curtis knows these aren’t just nightmares because when he wakes up, he feels the pain from the dream in real life.

The film follows one family as they battle to cope with their dreams and the impact they are having on their reality. It’s a well-made film that seems to have vanished into obscurity, especially among Asian audiences. Find it and watch it — it’s intriguing, although it’s a little slow.

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Take Shelter Is Available on Netflix.

No, you won’t be able to watch ‘Take Shelter’ on Netflix. Other psychological thrillers available to Netflix customers include ‘Deadly Illusions’ and ‘The Woman in the Window.’


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