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The Wasteland Netflix Explained: Is Lucia definitely dead, Does the creature exist?

David Casademunt, Fran Menchón, and Mart Lucas wrote the screenplay for the 2021 Spanish horror film The Wasteland (Spanish: El páramo), which was previously known as The Beast (La Bestia) during development. Inma Cuesta, Asier Flores, and Roberto Lamo feature in the film. On January 6, 2022, Netflix released it.

What Is the Plot of The Wasteland?

According to Netflix’s description, “An terrible entity that feeds on fear pays a visit to a 19th-century family living in solitude. Can Diego save his mother — and himself — from the beast?”

It is explained in the film’s exposition that in the nineteenth-century families and individuals preferred to live in isolation – without a sense of neighborhood – owing to devastating wars, which are mostly focused on Lucia and Diego’s personalities.

After that, we meet Lucia, Salvador, and Diego, who are all confined to a house with barbed-wire fences and are forbidden from leaving with their young kid. During Salvador’s trip to the store, the young boy’s surroundings take on a menacing and threatening quality.

Actors and Actresses

Luca, played by Inma Cuesta, is the main character.
Salvador is played by Roberto lamo, Diego is played by Asier Flores, Juana is played by Alejandra Howard, and the man in the boat is played by Victor Benjumea.

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Explanation of The Wasteland Epilogue

the wasteland netflix explained

“The Wasteland” explores the idea of a young boy losing his innocence through its setting of rural 19th-century Spain, where families have been pushed to secluded homesteads in remote areas to escape the chaos and murder of the modern world.

Lucia and Salvador live with their son Diego in a constant state of terror and caution, as he is carried to the outhouse by one of his parents with a shotgun, and he has only his mother’s scary hand-carved figurines to entertain him.

This has made Diego soft and entitled and an utter liability as prospective hazards move closer to home. Salvador wants the Band-Aid off fast and exposes the festering wound beneath; Lucia wants to maintain Diego’s innocence as long as possible.

Foreshadowing how the supernatural and coming-of-age themes will intertwine in my spoiler-free review flattens the ending’s effect. Particularly because the monster is so closely associated with dread, Diego had to face his own fear of growing up in a world he doesn’t comprehend and isn’t sure he’s ready for without fear.

However, the mileage may vary depending on how predictable the climax is. While Diego appears to have defeated the beast and saved Lucia, the small kid is left to fend for himself as she succumbs to her wounds. Importantly, Diego’s increased bravery allows him to see the Beast behind him, still alive and reflected in the blackness of his pupils.

So, Is Lucia Really Real?

On the other hand, it’s not clear what happened to Lucia. Aftermath portrays Lucia laying in a pool of blood and holding a knife, which is consistent with Salvator’s tale about Lucia’s suicide.

Blood loss weakens her and she becomes lifeless and still as Diego carries her out of the wreckage. Diego had given up trying to save his mother by the time they reach a river. Says farewell and lets Lucia’s corpse drift away.

Diego’s final stage of maturation was saying goodbye to his mother. Like his father before him, he has endured both physical and emotional scars by the end of the film. The closing scene depicts Diego eventually leaving the wasteland in search of a new dawn on the horizon.

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the wasteland netflix explained

Diego is a young boy who lives in a remote cabin with his parents. Mother Luca is gentle and loving, while father Salvador has a more harsh and serious demeanor. Diego’s father tells him about a monster that stalks people and feeds on their terror one night. Diego is terrified.

The family comes upon a severely injured man in a boat one day. Salvatore tries to help the injured guy heal. In the midst of the chaos, a stranger enters the hut brandishing a firearm at Diego and Luca. It can be heard and seen that someone was shot in the head, and a gunshot can be heard as well.

They come across a family portrait while sorting through his possessions. When Diego’s father comes home from work, he tells him about his sister’s encounter with the beast. Salvador, who is unable to see the beast, warns Diego that their situation would become hopeless if anyone else does. Salvador takes it upon himself to track the man’s relatives.

Each night, Luca notices something approaching the shack, but Diego doesn’t notice anything at all. Her behavior deteriorates, and she cuts her hair off. In order to get rid of Diego, she tells him the presence is outside and pushes him out, saying that the beast wants her. Diego returns to the shack and finds his mother lying on the floor, severely injured.

Suddenly, the beast appears and begins to walk toward them. Diego is now brave enough to take on the beast, so he grabs a gun and starts shooting. A fire is started inside, and his mother is extricated from the building. He places her in a wheelbarrow and sets out for the river, only to discover that she has already perished on the journey. He lets her body float downstream in the river before making his way out of sight.

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