Purity Museo Quits: Tv Journalist Leaves KBC After Three Years!

purity museo quits

Tseikuru, a village in Mwingi, is where the journalist was born. This girl went to Musavani Primary School. She had a long-term goal of watching the news on television one day. When Purity was through with the Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations, she asked her mother if she may begin studying journalism right away (KCPE). Zain Asher’s appearance on CNN has fueled this desire even more.

She attended Moi University, Eldoret, after completing her high school education. She was the head of the Third Eye scribes group while she was still in school. She earned her degree in 2016 and is now an accomplished professional.


Purity’s parents were killed in a car accident many years ago. She shared an apartment in Nairobi with her identical twin brother as she looked for work.

After Three Years at Kbc, Purity Museo Is Leaving.

purity museo quits

Purity Museo, a longtime anchor at KBC, has announced her departure (KBC).

Her departure from KBC was revealed on Tuesday night, May 17, after anchoring the bullet with Tom Mboya.

According to KBC’s official Twitter account, the anchor also thanked God for the opportunity to be on-air and for becoming an authoritative voice in Kenyan media for millions of people.

Museo also thanked Tom Mboya, a veteran in the profession, for working with her and helping her learn the ropes.

“Everyone and everything has a time and a place under the heavens. Working for KBC Channel 1 for the past three and a half years has been an incredible privilege. For me, it’s the start of a new year. Glorious praises to the Lord. I’d want to thank both my reader and KBC for their support “She put pen to paper.

One of Kenya’s leading media outlets, Kenyans.co.ke, has learned that Museo would be joining the Standard Media Group-owned Kenya Television Network (KTN).

Among her new responsibilities at KBC are serving as an anchor for the network’s evening newscasts and producing and reporting on health-related programming.

The 9pm bulletin was co-anchored by Museo and Tom Mboya, who returned to the national broadcaster a year ago after a rebranding of the organization.

On Kenyans.co.ke she talked about her beginnings and how she rose to become a popular figure because of her confidence in interviews.

Kalonzo Musyoka’s former home village of Tseikuru is where her story began.

At Musavani Primary School, a school I’m sure you’ve never heard of, she said, “I knew that I wanted to read news on television from the time that I was a child.”

“I used to ask my mother if there was a way I could instantly enroll in journalism school after completing my KCPE exams. I got even more enthused about journalism after seeing Zain Asher on CNN “She went on.

Hard work and a drive to finish what she started are the main factors in her success, she said.

“That’s why I worked hard and made my way to Ebru TV, which was looking for a volunteer even if it was just for a few hours a week. My dreams were shattered at the gate if I told the gate guards that I was seeking for a job “she told the story as she saw it.

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purity museo quits

Soon after graduating from college, she set out to get a job because she was aware that one would not appear on her doorstep. She arrived at Ebru TV’s headquarters and started conversing with the soldier there.

Informed of the large number of job-seekers swarming the station, Museo informed the soldier she had come to hunt for a volunteer opportunity. How she ended up working at Ebru TV on the weekends is explained in this way: She then launched a health feature that went quite well.

When her work ethic was noticed, Museo was asked to volunteer Monday through Saturday. She then started taking home a salary of Ksh5,000 a month after that.

On the 31st of December of last year, she finally received the chance she’d been hoping for. The 9 p.m. news was interrupted by a sick anchor who had to step in and read the script. Despite her nervousness, she performed admirably and ended up reading the news for the remainder of the week. She signed a contract and began receiving Ksh20,000 per month in addition to occasional bonuses.

She relocated to KBC in 2018 and has been a news anchor there since.

Her path hasn’t been a piece of cake. As a result, she was demoted from anchor to field reporter.

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