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Gehenna Where Death Lives: The Ending of Gehenna Explained!

An American-Japanese horror film called Gehenna: Where Death Lives was written and directed by Hiroshi Katagiri in 2016. Starring: Patrick Gorman; Justin Gordon; Eva Swan; Simon Phillips; Doug Jones. On May 4th, 2018, it was released after being acquired by Uncork’d Entertainment. On June 30, 2018, the Saipan Regal Cinemas had an early screening of the film.


While surveying a prospective resort location on the distant island of Saipan, a party of five people finds themselves stranded in a WWII bunker. The squad comes across strangely clothed mummified bodies, a living corpse, and a Japanese guy still in his military outfit.

As they piece together the curse that has been placed on the area, they also have to deal with supernatural and psychological attacks from the location.

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gehenna: where death lives

  • An Old Man Who Is Afraid Of The Dark
  • Morgan, played by Lance Henriksen
  • Don Rodrigogiobb is played by Patrick Gorman.
  • In the role of Alan, Simon Phillips makes a strong impression.
  • Sean as Pepe, a hulking brute
  • Paulina is played by Eva Swan.
  • Playing Claire: Katherine Wallace
  • Tyler, played by Justin Gordon
  • Dave is played by Matthew Edward Hegstrom.

The Ending of Gehenna Explained

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Review: Gehenna: Where Death Lives (film) (2018)

gehenna: where death lives

Punishment, on the other hand, is an act of restitution.

In the Abrahamic religions, the term Gehenna is used in a variety of contexts, including hell. According to Jewish tradition, the Temple Mount serves as an atonement site for sin. Christian theology uses it as an antidote to the Kingdom of God’s rule. And in Islam, it’s a place of eternal damnation.

Is there any connection between this word and Saipan? As a character in its own right, the island is a big part of this movie, and I appreciate that it doesn’t have to resort to extended monologues or text drops to convey the island’s history and culture. In order for the picture to have its full impact, the viewer must be able to pick up on these sometimes-subtle tidbits.

GEHENNA, on the other hand, doesn’t quite live up to the promise of its premise when it comes to thrills and chills.

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The psychological trauma of this film is absolutely chilling. As eerie as the characters’ demons are, they aren’t used solely for jump scares in this horror flick. When the protagonists are confronted with their own guilt, they’re often depicted through the utilization of these images.

Ultimately, what is more frightening? What scares you more: a ghost bursting out of a dark corner, or the realization that your misdeeds have cut you off from everything you cherish?

Overall, I’d say director Hiroshi Katagiri had an excellent debut with this film. Makeup FX, sculpture, and puppeteering have given him a wealth of experience that he can draw on to produce stunning visuals, even on a limited Kickstarter budget. This film’s make-up effects are of the highest caliber, and they aren’t overused. When it comes to history, religion, and terror, you’ll enjoy this film.

I’ll forgive Doug Jones and Lance Henriksen for their brief appearances in the film due of the amazing post-credits stinger that Henriksen provides. I had no idea what to anticipate!

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