Coming Home in The Dark Ending Explained: Trauma Leaves A Lasting Mark!

coming home in the dark ending explained

A 2021 New Zealand psychological thriller film, Coming Home in the Dark is based on Owen Marshall’s 1995 short story of the same name. Daniel Gillies, Erik Thomson, Miriama McDowell, and Matthias Luafutu star in the James Ashcroft-directed picture, which was co-written by Eli Kent and Ashcroft. In 2021, the film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, on January 31.


Some of the actors are:

Matthew McConaughey as Dr. Mandrake
Hoaggie is Erik Thomson’s alter ego.
Jill is played by Miriama McDowell.
Tubs, played by Matthias Luafutu

The Examining

In Coming Home in the Dark, there aren’t many surprises, but rather a straightforward presentation of events that keeps the film’s steady pace without losing interest in what’s to come.

Mandrake is a vicious drifter, but does he know about the family? Mandrake’s taunting indicates that his and Hoaggie’s pasts are intertwined as the night progresses. Also, beneath the blood and skin, a bone of trauma is shown.

Some viewers may find the film’s interest to be too much for them to bear. That Mandrake had been mistreated as a child is revealed in the course of the story. We also learn that Hoagie was aware of or may be involved in the incident.

Even if both of these innuendos are nasty, they’re not realized to their full extent in the film. No one knows whether Mandrake pursued Hoagie and his family until they came to the water’s edge, or if it was only fate that brought them there. Adding a little polish to this scene would have elevated the suspense level.

What Happened at The End of The Story Described

coming home in the dark ending explained

It begins with a family relaxing in the countryside, surrounded by beautiful scenery. It comes to a different conclusion. It appears as if the family has everything. Alan and Jill appear to be in a romantic relationship, with the brothers playfully teasing each other.

Two men with a plan have wrecked their world before the sun goes down, and they have no idea why. Mandrake and Tubs, two assassins out for blood, are on the prowl. In their minds, it doesn’t matter if the vengeance is warranted or who gets in the way.

Mandrake slowly exposes during the movie that this family was specifically targeted. In the aftermath of killing two boys, the kidnappers kidnap the couple and take them on a cross-country voyage of terror, where they finally kill several others.

After jumping from a high cliff into the water, Jill’s body is assumed to be missing. At the school where Alan formerly studied, the remaining three men face off once more in a rematch. However, Alan is shot in the stomach while Tubs shoots Mandrake and then wanders off.

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The Plot Summary of ‘Coming Home in The Dark’.

Their sons Jordan and Maika set out on a road trip with their parents, Alan Aka Hoggie (Erik Thomson) and Jill (Miriama McDowell) (Billy Paratene). The hike to a natural preserve and then have a picnic in the park that afternoon.

When Mandrake (Daniel Gillies) and Tubs show there, everything changes (Matthias Luafutu). In his earth-colored clothing, Mandrake appears as if he belongs in the Old West. Tubs, on the other hand, is a bit of a snob, to say the least. With his gun in hand and a sufficient vocabulary, Mandrake may stand in for Tubs.

The introduction of Mandrake gives the sense that everything will be alright if the family listens to the duo while Tubs begins to take the family’s possessions. In contrast to this, he cocks the gun, which provides a completely different tone in the plot. Two swift ceremonial gunshots, which murder the two children, make it plain that there is more to their experience.


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