It Follows Ending Explained: What Happens to Jay and Paul?

it follows ending explained

Director David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows is a supernatural psychological horror-thriller from 2014. After a sexual encounter, Maika Monroe’s character is chased by a supernatural entity and must have sex with another person to avoid its consequences.

Lili Sepe and Olivia Luccardi lead the supporting cast. Keir Gilchrist and Daniel Zovatto round out the cast.

RADiUS-TWC acquired the rights to distribute It Follows after its world premiere at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. The film received a wide release on March 27, 2015, following a successful limited release on March 13, 2015.

Critics lauded the film’s inventiveness and Monroe’s performance in particular. To put that in perspective, it cost $1.3 million to produce.


  • Young Jaime “Jay” Height, played by Maika Monroe, is the target of an unknown force.
  • As Paul Bolduan, a longtime friend of Jay, Kelly, and Yara, Keir Gilchrist portrays
  • As Kelly’s best friend, Olivia Luccardi portrays Yara Davis.
  • Lili Sepe in the role of Jaime’s sister Kelly Height
  • starring Daniel Zovatto as Jay and Kelly’s neighbour Greg Hannigan, in the role of
  • Jaime’s ex-boyfriend Hugh / Jeff Redmond (Jake Weary) is a target of the creature.
  • Annie Marshall, played by Bailey Spry, is a victim of the entity.
  • Jaime and Kelly’s maternal grandmother, Mrs. Height, is played by Debbie Williams.
  • Ruby Harris as Jeff’s mother, Mrs. Redmond

Ingrid Mortimer, Alexyss Spradlin, Mike Lanier, and Don Hails are all incarnations of the entity. Greg’s mother, Ruby Harris, and Jay’s father, Ele Bardha both embody the entity in their respective roles.

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Where Does It Follows Take Place?

it follows ending explained

The movie begins with Jay and her new lover making their first journey together. As if that weren’t enough of an adrenaline rush, her man Hugh then informs her that he has given her a thoughtful gift.

To show Jay how much he cares, Hugh goes to great pains to clarify the rules. Most of the time, the narrative for It Follows ties in perfectly with the mythology presented in the film.

He explains that as she begins to feel the effects of the curse, she must also spread it to others. As a result, she’ll need to have sex with another person. Exactly what you need after a nice heave, ho with your new flame.

Eventually, the It Follows monster will assume the guise of anything it wants, generally other people, and you will die if it manages to catch up with you. Horribly.

It Is Described in The Ending

In the film’s conclusion, Jay and her companions devise a strategy to eliminate the monster for good. Jay makes his way to the center of a public indoor pool. In an attempt to electrocute and kill the creature, her pals set up various electrical appliances like hairdryers, televisions, stoves, and so on around the pool.

Things don’t go as planned when the creature that is pursuing Jay shows up. Instead of entering the pool, the creature begins to hurl those gadgets toward Jay. Paul shoots where he thinks the thing is, but accidentally injures Yara in the process.

Paul is able to shoot the creature in the head when Kelly manages to cover it with a sheet. The creature is thrown into the water, where it drowns. The creature grabs Jay and pulls her underwater as she struggles to get out of the pool.

The beast appears to be dead after Paul shot it in the head. After the beast is defeated, Jay and Paul have sex. That all changes as they’re walking hand-in-hand along a street in It Follow when a mysterious man slowly walks up behind and approaches them.

In an interview with Vulture, director David Robert Mitchell discussed his thoughts on the film’s conclusion. It was agreed upon that the person would approach them, but not too close. To let the audience make up their own minds regarding the film’s ending, this was done.

As a result, one can infer that the beast had been killed, but the curse remained. It appears that the curse will continue to spread between Jay and Paul as long as they are in close proximity.

According to a Reddit user, the figure at It Follows’ conclusion might not be the creature at all. It’s an interesting theory. The conclusion to It Follows, as told by him, can be seen here.

The Plot Summary Is as Follows:

it follows ending explained

College student Jay begins a relationship with Hugh, a sweet but weird young man she meets on campus. Hugh vanishes from her life after they had sex for the first time. Prior to his departure, he tells her about the curse he’s leaving behind for her.

In the wake of Hugh’s hysterical rants, Jay has concluded that he is now being stalked by a monstrous monster that can take the form of anyone, whether they are a close friend or an unknown stranger. Because Jay can see it in any form, the only one who can is him. The “It” of “It Follows” will murder her if it ever catches her.

Doesn’t that sound like a mix of the simple and the ridiculous? Why, therefore, do the moviegoers’ perceptions of what they see onscreen differ so widely? It turns out that the filmmaker may have wanted all of that to happen.

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What Happens to Jay and Paul?

In the film’s final scene, Jay and Paul are shown going down the street holding hands. This suggests that the two have a happy ending to the story. While romance is a major component, there are also nefarious forces at play that have brought them together.

In spite of Paul’s obvious lust for Jay, the latter is unwilling to date her childhood friend, who is the antithesis of the hot boys she appears to date. When Paul offers to pass on the curse to Jay, she eventually accepts, and the two have sex together.

Because of this, it is most likely that the two have formed a partnership in order to avoid having to deal with the corporation on their own. Paul and Jay are able to see the creature since everyone who has been cursed can see it.

They appear to have agreed to work together to survive the curse. As a result, their bond is less one of love and more one of survival.


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