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meet joe black ending

Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, and Claire Forlani star in the 1998 American romantic fantasy film, Meet Joe Black. Adapted on Alberto Casella’s 1924 play La Morte in Vacanza, Death Takes a Holiday is partially based on Bo Goldman, Kevin Wade, Ron Osborn, and Jeff Reno’s script.

It was Hopkins and Pitt’s second collaboration following 1994’s Legends of the Fall.


  • Brad Pitt as Death / Joe Black / Young Man in a Coffee Shop / Death
  • Bill Parrish, portrayed by Anthony Hopkins
  • Susan Parrish (Claire Forlani)
  • Drew Weber is played by Jake Weber.
  • Allison Parrish (Marcia Gay Harden)
  • Quince, Allison Parrish’s husband, is played by Jeffrey Tambor.
  • Eddie Sloane was played by David S. Howard.
  • As a Jamaican woman, Lois Kelly Miller
  • Lillian played by Marylouise Burke
  • Actress June Squibb in the role of Helen

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Let Me Introduce You to Joe Black.

meet joe black ending

Perrish’s house is visited by Death, who proclaims to the owner that she has had enough of the never-ending toil. Rest and fun were her goals for the day. After interviewing a number of potential candidates, Bill was selected as a human delights tour guide.

There are no doubts about his suitability for this post, given his experience and knowledge about life. Susan’s morning acquaintance, Death, utter all of this. The thing that opted to taste, color, and smell the world made a temporary home in his body.

Perrish’s existence will come to an end as soon as Death grows tired of his “business trip” to Earth. Joe Black is the name she takes with her from that point on. After a while, Perrish can’t live without Joe’s company, at both home and work.

Bill’s friends and family are bewildered by the sudden emergence of a stranger in the midst of them all. Joe’s behavior resembles that of a child who has just experienced something for the first time: the taste of peanut butter, the softness of the mattress.

In the beginning, Death is enchanted by the simple pleasures of life until it discovers the true meaning of human existence—love. Susan has been infatuated with Joe ever since they met in the cafe.

As a result of his overwhelming attraction to her tenderness and femininity, he experiences the whole range of emotions that come with being in a meaningful relationship for the first time. It is vulnerable to new sensations, which stimulate feelings that it is devoid of in nature.

Introduction to Joe Black [Everything You Need to Know]

meet joe black ending

Even if you care about the implications, they’re gone in this film.

Because he’s the one for whom the body Death has used it all, Joe heads back across the bridge.

When he and Susan run into each other again, they simply go back to the party holding hands. We are in the throes of a tender yet aching romance. The finale was a pleasant surprise for me.

But hold on a second. Humans die where they are, and their bodies are where Death has gone, and we’ve seen it before. As a result, Bill’s body is laying there. Beyond the bridge, where no one can see you.

Even if Susan doesn’t pause to think about the fact that her father was fine after he walked over Joe’s bridge and returned to his witnesses with brief amnesia and a new name from them, it’s hard to imagine how it would appear to others.

What will the coroner or the police say? “Joe” might end himself in a rehabilitation facility with other suspects who were delusional about Bill’s death as a result of this.

Would Susan be able to gaze into Joe’s eyes without fear, despite the fact that Joe is a psychopath who murdered her father after causing a heart attack?

As you can see, I’m a huge fan of the show. “And they all lived happily ever after” is a message I can get behind, so I’m going to see it. The director indicates this, but I’ll go along with it.

However, I’ll be honest with you; my ideas in the end have at least temporarily affected this alternative position.

But if you make any blunders, she won’t fall in love with him the way she looks to have done the Death. And, of course, she’ll wed stupid. Will was wrong all along. Because she had been fooled in the coffee shop, she fell in love with Death.

Death, on the other hand, had a thing for her. Why did he let her go? I suspect she’s aware of it already. We sincerely hope you enjoyed our Meet Joe Black Finale Explanation.

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