Miley Cyrus Net Worth: Why Miley Cyrus Founded Happy Hippie Foundation?


Miley Cyrus Net Worth: Miley Ray Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and television personality. Her music contains aspects of various styles and genres, including pop, country pop, hip hop, experimental, and rock, and she is known for her distinctive raspy voice.

With thirteen top-five albums on the US Billboard 200, she holds the record for the most by a female artist in the twenty-first century.

How Was Miley Cyrus’s Early Life?

Miley Cyrus Net Worth

Destiny Hope Cyrus was born in Franklin, Tennessee, on November 23, 1992, to Tish Finley and country artist Billy Ray Cyrus. Cyrus was born with supraventricular tachycardia, a heart disease characterized by a fast resting heart rate.

Her parents gave her the name Destiny Hope because they expected her to do great things. Because she was always smiling as a newborn, they dubbed her “Smiley.” It was then abbreviated to “Miley.” In 2008, she legally changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus.

Cyrus and her family relocated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada when she was eight years old, to film the television series “Doc.” Following Billy Ray’s 2001 trip to attend a production of “This is what I want to do, daddy,” Cyrus clutched his arm and told him.

My ambition is to work as an actress.” At the Armstrong Acting Studio in Toronto, she began singing and acting lessons.

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How Does Miley Cyrus Live Her Life?

Cyrus lives in Hidden Hills, California, and also owns a $5.8 million mansion in Franklin, Tennessee. While Cyrus was raised as a Christian and identified as such during her infancy and early adulthood, she incorporates references to Tibetan Buddhism into the lyrics of her song “Milky Milky Milk” (2015) and is also influenced by Hindu ideas.

“I was vegan for a very long time and I’ve had to bring fish and omegas into my life because my brain wasn’t operating properly,” Cyrus said in September 2020, after admitting to no longer being a vegan for health concerns.

Cyrus now considers himself a pescatarian.

How Was Miley Cyrus’s Acting and Music Career?

Miley Cyrus Net Worth

In her father’s television series “Doc,” Cyrus made her acting debut as Kylie, a little kid. Cyrus was given credit for her role as “Young Ruthie” in Tim Burton’s “Big Fish” in 2003 under her birth name.

Miley eventually auditioned for and was cast in the main role in a new Disney program about a regular girl with a secret identity as a pop star. “Hannah Montana” became an instant hit, propelling Miley’s career as a singer and composer in addition to her acting career. In 2006, the “Hannah Montana” soundtrack soared to the top of the charts.

To release her non-“Hannah Montana” soundtrack music, Cyrus signed a four-album recording contract with Hollywood Records. In June 2007, Cyrus released the two-disc album “Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus.”

The first disc had the second Hannah Montana soundtrack, while the second disc contained Cyrus’ debut studio album. Miley’s follow-up album, “Breakout,” debuted at number one in the United States.

“Can’t Be Tamed,” Cyrus’ third studio album, established a more dance-oriented sound for her. Her fourth studio album, “Bangerz,” released in 2013, included a hip-hop element.

“Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz,” her fifth album, was released in 2015, followed by “Younger Now” in 2017 and “She Is Miley Cyrus” in 2020. “The Climb,” “Party in the USA,” “We Can’t Stop,” and “Wrecking Ball” are among her most popular tracks.

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Miley Cyrus Founded Happy Hippie Foundation

Miley Cyrus Net Worth

The Happy Hippie Foundation was founded by Cyrus to “combat injustice faced by homeless adolescents, LGBTQ youth, and other vulnerable communities.”

Since 2014, the charity has helped approximately 1,500 homeless adolescents in Los Angeles, offered gender resources to over 25,000 LGBTQ youth and their families, and provided social services to transgender persons, youth in conflict zones, and people affected by disasters.

Through awareness campaigns and fundraisers, Happy Hippie urges Cyrus’ supporters to support causes such as gender equality, LGBTQ rights, and mental health.

Happy Hippie encouraged its Instagram followers to seek out VoteRiders for help guaranteeing that their gender identity will not impair their right to vote in the 2020 presidential election.

Cyrus launched the #InstaPride campaign in cooperation with Instagram on June 15, 2015. The ad includes a series of pictures of transgender and gender-expansive people that she shared on Instagram with the hashtags “#HappyHippiePresents” and “#InstaPride.”

It was intended to promote diversity and tolerance by portraying these individuals in a positive light as role models for others who may be struggling to find themselves out, as well as a point of reference for those who didn’t know anyone in that scenario directly.

Cyrus was the photographer for the entire photo shoot, and she even interviewed her 14 subjects to learn more about them and their personal stories. She chose yellow as the dominant color because she believes it is a pleasant and non-sexualized hue.

She stated that she wanted to draw attention to and recognize those who would not ordinarily be the stars of a photoshoot or appear on the cover of a magazine.

After losing their Malibu home in the Woolsey Fire, Cyrus and Hemsworth teamed up with their community to form the Malibu Foundation to aid in relief efforts following the 2018 California wildfires.

Cyrus and Hemsworth contributed $500,000 to the Malibu Foundation through their Happy Hippie Foundation.

Miley Cyrus’s Net Worth

Miley Cyrus has a net worth of $160 million and is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and philanthropist. Her music has included pop, country pop, and hip hop, among other genres.

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In 2022, Miley Cyrus‘ net worth is expected to be $160 million. Miley Cyrus is a singer, songwriter, and actor from Tennessee.

She made her teen idol debut in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana as Miley Stewart in 2006. Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, participated in the series, which ran for four seasons till 2011. She is now considered one of the world’s most successful female artists.


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