Premonition Ending Explained: Is Linda Mentally Ill, Is She Pregnant?

premonition ending explained

An American supernatural thriller directed by Mennan Yapo, Premonition stars Sandra Bullock as the protagonist alongside Julian McMahon and Nia Long. As the days leading up to her husband’s death unfold in a non-chronological order, a housewife named Linda tries to save him from his coming tragedy.


  • Linda Hanson is played by Sandra Bullock.
  • James “Jim” Hanson is played by Julian McMahon.
  • Bridgette Hanson is played by Courtney Taylor Burness.
  • Megan Hanson is played by Shyann McClure.
  • Claire Francis, played by Amber Valletta
  • Nia Long in the title role of Annie
  • Kate Nelligan portrays Joanne in this film.
  • Sheriff Reilly, played by Marc Macaulay, is a sympathetic character.
  • Father Kennedy, played by Jude Ciccolella, was a controversial figure.
  • Dr. Norman Roth is played by Peter Stormare in the film.
  • Simon Hanson is played by Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick.
  • Doug Caruthers was Mark Famiglietti.
  • starring Marcus Lyle Brown as Bob
  • In the role of model home salesman, E.J. Stapleton
  • As a young priest, Matt Moore
  • Mrs. Quinn is played by Irene Zeigler.
  • A school assistant, Laurel Whitsett
  • In the role of front desk receptionist, Kristin Ketterer
  • As an emergency department physician, Dr. Jason Douglas
  • Doctor’s helper Lonnie Magargle
  • Floriana Tullio is a nurse.

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Synopsis of The Premonition Plot

premonition ending explained

Prologue: Jim and Linda move into their new two-story house and intend to have children. Aside from establishing the characters and setting the stage for the story, this prologue would serve no narrative purpose.

However, following the birth of two daughters, Megan and Bridgette, the relationship appears to be deteriorating. Linda gets up and sends her kids to school as usual.

Sheriff Reilly informs her of her husband’s death as soon as she arrives home. Her mother, Joanne, comes over to take care of the children while she deals with her own problems.

Linda and Joanne discuss funeral plans before they go to bed, but the next morning, Linda discovers Jim still alive and even smiling. Reality and fiction become increasingly muddled as she continues down the non-linear rabbit hole.

The Meaning of A Premonition

We witnessed Linda’s renewed commitment to her marriage. So she decided to write a letter to her husband Jim, expressing her sentiments and affection for him.

The incident prompted Jim to end his alleged liaison with Claire and mend fences with Linda as a result. This is how Linda saved her marriage to her husband and kept him from having an affair again.

But there’s more to the tale. After Jim’s death, Linda was unable to move on from the nightmare. She warned him to avoid a collision by driving him to the scene of the accident.

He followed Linda’s instructions exactly. But a tanker vehicle slammed into him and exploded, causing him to lose consciousness. Jim perished, and his remains were scattered across the highway.

In this twist lies the sleight of hand. She wouldn’t have been able to save Jim and her relationship if Linda hadn’t had premonitions. The entire story revolves around the idea that there are some things in life that are both unavoidable and inescapable.

Neither is it possible to foretell death in advance nor is it possible to disregard death altogether. Nonetheless, our behaviors can only be controlled by ourselves. It’s the decision we make when it comes to how we interact with others.

Also, it would be incorrect to omit the fact that even if we are unable to save our loved ones, fighting for them is worth it.

Linda’s Mental Health Is a Question that Needs to Be Answered. Does She Have a Baby?

premonition ending explained

Although the wounds on Bridgette’s face originally appear to be a fabrication of Linda’s imagination, the wounds turn out to be quite real. Megan’s denial causes the audience to suspend their skepticism early on.

Linda’s dismissal of Bridgette’s face marks her as an unreliable storyteller. Joanne and Annie both see Linda’s face and accuse her of injuring her child, causing the denial to fade.

As expected, the Sheriff shows up with Dr. Norman Roth. Linda is taken to a hospital by the group, where a doctor appears to give her medication to put her to sleep. It appears that everything has returned to normal for her when she awakens to find Jim.

However non-linear the story, Linda’s memory registers everything linearly, and she strives to locate a causal link in the narrative. The film can’t get past this paradox, and the spectator is just as perplexed as Linda is. In a matter of seconds, we learn the answer to our question.

Sunday morning brings Linda back to church after a lengthy absence. After a brief explanation, the father explains to Linda that she is suffering from “Blasphemare absence fides,” which translates to “the dangers of the faithless” in Latin. Linda is suffocating in her repetitive marriage. She also had a premonition that Jim will have an affair on Sunday.

They return inside as the bird is electrocuted, and Linda confronts Jim outside. Even if you’re just a little overly superstitious, you could be responsible for Linda’s time anomaly if you see a dead bird.

Lithium may be making things much worse for her since she is astonished by the succession of incidents. We are given a glimmer of hope, though, as we are reminded by the father that it is never too late to start over.

Finally, Linda’s pregnancy may be seen in the final image. We witness Linda and Jim having sex on the night before Jim’s death in the flashback. According to legend, the baby is the sign that the Priest was referring to.

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