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Synchronic Ending: Does The Synchronic Ending Have Any Significance?

Justin Benson, who also directed and produced the picture with Aaron Moorhead, wrote and directed the sci-fi horror film Synchronic in 2019. As part of the Red Flower series, this film follows The Endless and Resolved in that order.
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As paramedics, Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan play detectives trying to figure out how a new synthetic medicine is linked to a string of mysterious deaths.

It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in February 2019. It was released by Well GO USA Entertainment on October 23, 2020.


  • Steve Denube is played by Anthony Mackie.
  • Sean Connery as Dennis Dannelly, portrayed by Jamie Dornan
  • Brianna Dannelly is played by Ally Ioannides.
  • Tara Dannelly is played by Katie Aselton.
  • The Looter, played by Bill Oberst Jr.
  • As Christina, Natasha Tina Liu portrays
  • As Bob, Martin Bats Bradford
  • Kyle T. Wentworth III, Kyle J. Yeend
  • Actress Devyn A. Tyler portrays Danika
  • Played by Betsy Holt
  • In the movie Travis, Shane Brady portrays the character.

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What’s the Deal with Synchronic?

synchronic ending

Despite having only two Synchronic pills left, Steve does not know where Brianna was when she went missing. Dennis joins forces with Steve to search for her after he shows him the recordings he’s been making.

When Steve and Dennis see the engraving on a rock near the river that says “Allways,” they realize that Brianna has left them a message in the past, pointing them in the right direction. Dennis’ final words to Brianna were “always,” he claims.

While sitting on that rock, Steve takes the medication. He finds himself in the middle of a war zone, complete with blazing fires and exploding canons, most likely during the American Civil War era.
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he discovers Brianna in a graveyard full of corpses She has no idea how Steve managed to track her down—she hasn’t received any messages.

The last Synchronic pill is given to Brianna by Steve to bring her back to the present. As a last-minute deterrent, he is accosted by a confederate soldier and cannot return with her. However, Steve loses the opportunity to return to the past, and he finds himself unable to go forward.

Like Hawking, Steve arrives as a flicker and shakes Dennis’ hand to bid him farewell before disappearing.

Does the Synchronic Ending Have Any Significance? a Synchronic Ending Is Explained as Follows:

The Synchronic ending makes me think that Steve, like his dog, is stuck in the past. The only way Steve could have returned to the future as if he was standing exactly where he had been when he left was. Brianna wasn’t the person who scrawled the message on the rock, as previously thought.
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It’s possible that Steve left the message on the answering machine.

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead left a small hope that Steve may return to the present with their handshake at the end of their film When Steve is attacked by an old man from the 1800s, the man passes right through him, something he couldn’t do before.

It is possible that Steve will return to the current day after all, based on Dennis’ firm handshake with Steve in this scene. The typo could be due to a random person carving “Always” into the rock. (Perhaps “always” was formerly spelled “always”? What do you mean I’m not an expert in languages?

You and your pals will have a lot of fun arguing Synchronic’s finale because it’s purposefully vague. So, call a friend and watch the movie again. What’s the harm in giving it a try?


synchronic ending

Dennis, a married father, and Steve, a ladies’ man, are paramedics in New Orleans, Louisiana. They work together. In a series of cases, they are dispatched to investigate the deaths of people whose stories are either contradictory or bizarre. Synchronic, a new designer drug, has been linked to the cases.

A stabbing victim and an ancient sword are found embedded in the wall during a domestic violence incident. Steve is pricked by a dirty needle while tending to a wounded patient. He was diagnosed with cancer in his undeveloped and non-calcified pineal gland after being checked for potential illnesses.

An entire burn victim’s body was found on the second call. A bite from a venomous snake that is no longer found in the region is the cause of the third call.

At a pub, Steve and Dennis engage in conversation. It’s no surprise to Dennis, who has taken his life for granted, that he thinks he’s headed for divorce. When Steve tells Dennis that he has cancer, they both come to terms with the situation.

Tom, their chauffeur, had been swindling them out of their morphine. When Steve takes Dennis to the graveyard of his ancestors, the two speculate that Brianna may have left a message for them to find in the park in the form of a video message. From there, Steve travels back in time to the War of 1812, where he finds himself on the battlefield.

The search for Brianna results in him being shot in the leg. He gives her his final medicine when he comes across her in a trench. There are conflicting reports on whether or not she used Steve’s proposal to mark a boulder.

A looter, assuming Steve to be an escaped slave, threatens to kill them both when they get at the boulder. As Brianna makes her way back to the present, Steve manages to divert the looter’s attention. Steve appears as a ghost in the present and shakes Dennis’ hand as Dennis cuddles, Brianna.

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