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I Am Mother Ending: Does Mother Die? Everything You Need to Know!

i am mother ending

In I Am Mother, Grant Sputore directs from a script by Michael Lloyd Green, based on an original narrative by both authors. Starring Rose Byrne, Luke Hawker, and Hilary Swank, this post-apocalyptic drama centers on a girl raised by a robotic mother (Clara Rugaard) after the world ends.

On January 25, 2019, the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. On June 7th, Netflix distributed it in a number of countries.


In the role of Clara Rugaard,
Luke Hawker in the role of Mom (performance)
Mother by Rose Byrne (voice)
Hilary Swank in the Role of a Woman
Summer Lenton and Hazel Sandery in their Toddler Years
Infancy of Maddie Lenton
As a Child: Tahlia Sturzaker
Brother Jacob Nolan

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An Explanation of The Ending

An additional robot controlled by Mother shows up at the strange woman’s shelter, where she had just found that Mother had concealed a locator from her. She is asked by her mother through this robot if she remembers her mother, to which the woman, dismayed, has no response.

She is then asked if it’s not unusual that only she has survived out there until now, as if someone had entrusted her some sort of mission. As soon as the door is shut, it implies she is going to be killed.

Thus, it becomes clear from this point on that Mother had purposefully let this particular woman live to this point in order for her tale to act as a trigger for the Daughter. She didn’t just want the moral problem of staying or leaving to confront her daughter; she wanted Daughter to find the truth that Mother had misled her and that the outside world wasn’t a dangerous place.

It was Daughter’s final lesson in understanding the need of returning to the base. Because of this, the woman on the outside had to die.

The ending of I Am Mother leaves open the possibility that the mysterious woman was also conceived from one of those embryos at the base, but she had been expelled by Mother and given amnesia so that she might be used as a catalyst for Daughter’s doubt at the appropriate time.

When asked about her birth parents, the woman admitted she had no recollection of them and had only recently learned of the deaths of her adopted parents. She didn’t have them because she only had an embryo that her mother discarded when she was a child because she didn’t think it was ready for usage at the time. How calculating…

Finally, Mother killed the last unsuccessful person on Earth when she shot and killed the mystery woman. As she cradles her baby brother in her arms, Daughter has a resolute glance ahead. Motherhood has dawned on her.

The battle between humans and robots shifts in I Am Mother. Perfect humans created by robots, capable of adapting to a changing environment and contributing to the long-term health of the earth.

As Eve’s daughter, Daughter has been built to avoid temptation, making her the only one in paradise who does not eat the fruit. Imagination of a world where Mother is the absent God who ensures that life runs well.

Synopsis: I’m a Mother (Plot Summary)

When we see Mother, the robot powered by that one consciousness, we watch her for the most of the movie. In this video, we see a young girl being raised by this android. The young lady has a great deal of talent, and she is tested on a regular basis to ensure that she is human enough to live in the New World.

Even though she’s spent her entire existence surrounded by robots, she appears to have a well-developed emotional quotient. The outside world is deemed poisonous, and the girl is forbidden from leaving the institution. In her ignorance, she did not realize that Mother killed the humans.

One day, a wounded woman knocks on our door, pleading with us to help her. The daughter manages to smuggle the woman inside, but Mother discovers her plan. For the sake of keeping the girl’s faith in her mother, she is kept alive. The woman is correct to be afraid of the robot, as she has watched them killing newborns.

The Girl learns that her mother has been lying to her about the outside world and decides to flee with the woman, who claims there are other human survivors in a mine. The woman’s plans are bugged by her mother, who overheard them.

Embryo selection is permitted by the Mother, who allows the Girl to choose the embryo that will become her brother. The Little One wants to leave the building with his big sister. A desperate mother holds her daughter hostage and demands that the main doors be opened. The two of them run.

Upon arriving at the shore, the Girl learns that the survivors in the mines had gone insane and killed each other because of starvation. There is only one surviving person, a woman, and she has taken up residence in a shipping container. Infuriated, the girl returns to the facility in order to retrieve her newborn brother. They allow her to pass through an army of droids (because they are all Mother).

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