Serial Experiments Lain Explained: A Brief Intro to The Anime Series!

serial experiments lain explained

It was created by Yasuyuki Ueda and directed by Ryutaro Nakamura, with storyboards by Chiaki J. Konaka and character designs by Yasuyuki Ueda. From July to September 1998, TV Tokyo aired a thirteen-episode animated series using original character designs by Yoshitoshi ABe and animated by Triangle Staff.

An adolescent Japanese girl named Lain Iwakura is the focus of the show, which explores her relationship with the Wired, a global communication network that functions in a similar way to the internet. the

Artworks by Lain incorporate bizarre and avant-garde imagery and often address philosophical questions such as the nature of reality and identity. Computer history, cyberpunk, and conspiracy theory all play a role in the series.

It has been lauded by critics and fans alike for its innovative aesthetics; its grim picture of a world rife with paranoia, social isolation, and dependency on technology has been deemed insightful into 21st-century living. At the 1998 Japan Media Arts Festival, it was awarded the Excellence Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Media.


L. A. Iwaura
Masami Eiri\sYasuo Miho Iwakura
The Alice Mizuki
Mika Iwakura Taro


  • Weird
  • Girls
  • Psyche
  • Religion
  • Distortion
  • Kids
  • Society
  • Rumors
  • Protocol
  • Love
  • Infornography
  • Landscape
  • Ego

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Explained the Serial Experiments

serial experiments lain explained

Spoiler Land Is Upon Us.

This is one of those shows that is ambiguous, to begin with, but just grows more mysterious as it goes on. Similar to Evangelion, the plot and resolution has been hotly disputed for years. This is going to be as straightforward as we can make it.

In ‘The Wired,’ a young girl, Lain, receives emails from a deceased classmate who claims to still be alive. It’s as if Lain’s obsession with The Wired is a metaphor for her growing attachment to the internet.

The Cyberia Club, where a narcotic called ‘Accela’ can be purchased provided you know the right people, is a cool techno club where a group of girls claims to have seen Lain.

Lain had no recall of ever visiting the location. After going to investigate, she finds herself in the middle of a shooting that is being carried out by a man who has taken the drug.

A few times later, she receives an enigmatic computer chip in the mail and decides to inquire more with the other kids she met at the Cyberia Club. One person claims to have seen Lain in The Wired, although she was far more annoying there than she is in person.

Nothing comes to mind. She discovers a gang named Knights of the Eastern Calculus, which appears to be responsible for a spate of wired-related suicides, as she digs deeper into The Wired and upgrades her PC. In the actual world, agents begin to keep tabs on her.

The Wired begins to appear in Lain’s dreams, and she’s not the only one experiencing it. She comes in the sky at one point, and the children can see her. When a component of Lain’s computer explodes, the agents determine that the Knights have begun to target her.

In the next scene, we see Lain’s personality change in real life when she talks to the agents, confirming that the regular and wild Lain are the same person. Her awareness of her ability to alter reality has grown at this point, and now she understands how deeply ingrained she is in it.

By modifying the memories of her classmates, who believe that Lain spread rumors about her only real friend Alice, she begins the process of changing their perceptions.

An explanation for why researcher Masami Eiri took his own life after discovering that consciousness might be transmitted via computer networks. One of the kids at Cyberia’s club, Taro, confesses to Lain that the microchip she received contains a code created by the Knights in order to screw with people’s memories.

When Lain encounters Eiri in the Wired, he learns that she no longer requires a physical body to exist, since she already exists there.

As a deity of the Wired, Eiri is revered and feared by the Knights, but Lain’s meeting with him causes her to leak the names of the Knights’ members, who are then assassinated by the agents. Everyone concerned has reached their breaking point.

With the Navi OS properly installed, Lain can now watch as the border between the actual world and The Wired blurs in front of her eyes while she goes about her daily routine.

When the agents attempt to flee, a picture of Lain projected directly into their eyes causes them to pass out and die instantly. When Alice intervenes, Lain assumes the task of removing the barrier between the net and reality.

The Wired has convinced Lain that humans no longer require physical bodies, but Alice’s heartbeat persuades her otherwise. The last showdown with Eiri about who will be The Wired’s true God leaves Lain with no choice but to erase herself from everyone’s memories so that Alice will not be injured.

Everything starts over for Lain as the genuine god of The Wired, who has the power to descend into reality whenever she pleases.

A Synopsis of The Plot of Lain’s Serial Experiments

serial experiments lain explained

Chisa’s classmates start receiving emails from her a week after she committed suicide.

Rumors at school led Lain to turn on her computer for the first time that day, and she had a conversation with the deceased girl.

After ki**ing herself because she no longer needed her body, Chisa has manifested in The Wired.

“Because God is here” is the answer Lain gets when she inquires as to why someone would do such a thing.

Brief Synopsis of Story: Lain, a reclusive young woman, becomes captivated with the interconnected virtual world known as “The Wired,” and strange things start happening.

The Anime’s Tagline: It’s now or never! There’s a lot of laughing going on here.

featuring the voices of Kaori Shimizu, Bridget Hoffman, Dan Lorge, Randy McPherson and Ali Moriizumi

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