Metroid Dread Ending Explained: Is Raven Beak Samus’ father?

metroid dread ending explained

MercurySteam and Nintendo EPD’s Metroid Dread is an action-adventure game for the Nintendo Switch that will be released on October 8, 2021. After the events of Metroid Fusion (2002), Samus Aran, a bounty hunter, investigates the source of a mystery transmission on the planet ZDR.

There are stealth aspects mixed along with the side-scrolling gameplay of previous 2D Metroid games.

Originally intended for the Nintendo DS, Dread was conceptualized by Metroid developer Yoshio Sakamoto in the mid-2000s, but development was halted owing to technological issues.

A new 2D Metroid game has piqued the eye of industry observers, and Dread has been added to their “most wanted” lists. Sakamoto hired MercurySteam to develop Dread, the first new Metroid side-scrolling game since Metroid Fusion, following their work on Metroid: Samus Returns in 2017. At E3 2021, Nintendo made the announcement.

It got favorable reviews upon its initial release and quickly rose to the position of fastest-selling Metroid title in Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America (USA). The Game Awards 2021 named it the Best Action/Adventure Game of the Year. It’s the best-selling Metroid game ever, with approximately 3 million copies sold.


metroid dread ending explained

When she first appears in the series, Samus employs a magnetic ability to hold onto blue walls and climb them, as well as the Phantom Cloak’s ability to momentarily become invisible. The E.M.M.I., who constantly pursue Samus throughout the game, can be countered with the latter.

Samus Returns’ Free Aim and Melee Counter elements have been carried over, however, they may now be used when Samus is moving around the screen. Aeion returns from Metroid: Samus Returns and now auto-regenerates instead of having to be replaced with Aeion Orbs.

Samus’ movement speed in Dread was characterized as faster than any prior Metroid game, however, her fastest running speed was in Metroid: Other M.

It was important to playtest the game to find the right balance between challenge and fairness so that players could adjust to the new circumstances each time they died. Otherwise, more forgiving E.M.M.I. chases could detract from “dread,” which is a key component of the game’s atmosphere and gameplay.

When Samus shoots at an enemy while they are out of their line of sight, a “alert” mode is activated. For a little period of time, they will become more agitated before returning to their normal state.

It is Adam Malkovich’s comeback as a source of gameplay advice and plot details in this game. Network Stations allow Samus to communicate with him. Unlike in Metroid: Other M and Metroid Fusion, he doesn’t give Samus any orders or goals. The Pause Screen’s Mission Log keeps a record of all the events and tutorials that have taken place.

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Finally, An Explanation for The Eerie ‘Metroid Dread’ Epilogue.

metroid dread ending explained

Samus and Raven Beak, one of the last remaining Chozos, face off in the final battle of the game (with Samus as the blueprint). With all of her Metroid abilities unlocked, Samus is eventually victorious over Raven Beak. This time, Raven Beak uses her suit’s completely evolved powers to fight the X parasite and flee.

Upon reaching her spacecraft, our protagonist learns that her Metroid Suit will deplete the ship’s power supply.

One lucky Chozo, Quiet Robe, emerges from the shadows and allows himself to be absorbed into Samus’ suit, reverting it back to an earlier form so she can safely fly away. It’s possible that Samus gains the ability to manipulate Metroids through Quiet Robe at this very moment.

Does Raven Beak Have a Son Named Samus?

The relationship between our hero and Raven Beak is one of the most baffling lore revelations in this title.

The fact that Raven Beak was one of the Chozo DNA donors that contributed to Samus’ abilities is disclosed at some point in the game, making the two of them biologically connected. Samus is referred to as “daughter” by Raven Beak in the final boss battle, however, he is not her “father.”

Despite the fact that Samus and Raven Beak share a genetic link, he’s not her real father.

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