Joey Buttafuoco Net Worth: A Closer Look Into [Profession] Life, Career, & Lifestyle!

Joey Buttafuoco Net Worth

On March 11, 1956, at the age of 66, he was born in Long Island, New York. He’s a famous actor. In addition to being Italian, he is an American citizen. Forrest Gump’s greatest works are Finding Forrester (2000), The Underground Comedy… (1999), Celebrity (1998), The Godson (1998), and Operation Repo: The Movie.

Massapequa High School’s Main Campus was his high school of choice. Jessica Buttafuoco and Paul Buttafuoco were his two children. Ivanka Franjko, his wife since 2005, and Mary Jo Buttafuoco, his wife from 1977 to 2003, are his spouses.

In Chatsworth, California, he runs an auto body company. It isn’t just acting that he does. He has a couple of feature films to his name. Finding Forrester, The Godson, and The Underground Comedy Movie are some of the films he has worked on.

In addition, he has appeared in numerous television shows, including the reality show “Celebrity Boxing,” which pits infamous celebrities against each other in a boxing ring, as well as in a number of comedy events.

Relationships Between Couples and Divorce

Mary and Joey exchanged vows on the 4th of September in 1977. Even after the shooting, they continued to live together for another 26 years. On the 3rd of February, 2003, they announced their separation.

When Joey and Amy finished their penalties, they were still in a relationship. Their public appearance in 2006 was later brushed aside as a promotional stunt for a reality show.

On March 5, 2007, Joey married Ivanka. Claiming irreconcilable differences, Ivanka filed a divorce petition on May 4, 2007.

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What Is Joey Buttafuoco’s Net Worth?

Joey Buttafuoco Net Worthin the neighborhood of twenty thousand dollars.

Auto body company owner Joey Buttafuoco has a net worth of $20 thousand. He began an affair with 16-year-old Amy Fisher while running his auto body shop in Nassau County, New York. Fisher shot his wife Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the face with a semiautomatic pistol in 1992, a year after the affair began.

The investigation and trial of Amy Fisher were extensively covered by the media, earning her the moniker “Long Island Lolita.” On top of that, Joey Buttafuoco was sentenced to four months and nine days in prison for sodomy, statutory rape, and endangering the welfare of children.

Since his release and divorce, he has been on various reality shows and has served further time in prison for insurance fraud and illegal ammunition possession.

The Reason for Joey Buttafuoco’s Notoriety

When an incident involving Mary Buttafuoco and Joey Buttafuoco’s 17-year-old mistress Amy Fisher occurred on May 19, 1992, Joey Buttafuoco became well-known. A semi-automatic pistol was discharged into Mary’s face as Fisher reached her door, but she lived. It was Joey Buttafuoco’s fault.

At the time Joey first met Amy Fisher, she was a high school student. When Fisher and Joey first met at Joey’s auto body shop, Fisher was 16 and Joey was 37.

For the first time since July 1991, Fisher had a sexual interaction with him, and she rapidly got infatuated with him and became resentful of his then-wife, Mary, for whom she concocted a murder scheme. Mary was saved, although she was largely deaf and paralyzed on half of her face due to the attack. “Long Island Lolita” was how tabloids referred to Amy at the time.

From the beginning, the investigation gained widespread interest due to the media’s focus on the tense love triangle at the center of it. They all became famous and well-known as a result of the real-life incident. When asked by ABC News on November 8, 2019, Joey stated that his relationship with Fisher was improper.

Joey Buttafuoco’s Career Highlights:

Joey Buttafuoco Net Worth

After Fisher was found guilty of assault, Buttafuoco was arrested and charged with 19 charges of statutory rape, sodomy, and endangering the welfare of a minor. He received a six-month prison sentence, which he completed after serving four months and nine days.

Upon his release from prison, Buttafuoco and his wife Mary appeared on numerous television series, including “Larry King Life,” “Lingerie Bowl” and “Judge Pirro,” among others.

In addition to his roles in such films and television shows as “False Reality,” “Operation Repo: The Movie,” “Mafia Movie Madness,” “Son of the Beach,” and “The Underground Comedy Movie,” Joey Buttafuoco gained notoriety as an actor after appearing in roles in films and television shows such as “Howard Stern’s The Godson,” “Operation Repo: The Movie,” and “Mafia Movie Madness.” Buttafuoco has been in 12 films so far.

Buttafuoco appeared in Celebrity Boxing in 2002, winning the match by a majority decision. On David Letterman’s show “Late Night with David Letterman,” his moniker Buttafuoco served as the punchline for numerous jokes.

A fight between Joey and Amy’s husbands made headlines in 2017. A new film about Joey’s childhood is in the works.

Buttafuoco is a self-made businessman who owns and operates a collision repair shop. His wife was shot in the face by her secret boyfriend, and the resultant terrible injuries made him famous.

It was later revealed that the young man who had been romantically involved with Buttafuoco since she was 16 years old, who went by the name “Fisher,” made a number of allegations against her. That’s when the media started paying attention to him, and he began appearing on shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The View.


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