Meander Ending Explained: A grief-stricken woman is trapped in a lethal maze in this ambiguous, allegorical thriller!

meander ending explained

A Mathieu Turi-directed sci-fi film, Meander (French: Méandre) will be released in France in 2020.

Fans of the science fiction film Meander were left perplexed by the film’s convoluted premise and abrupt conclusion. Several ideas evolved regarding the movie’s central plot, its characters, and what they genuinely want.

Critics called Meander a terrible attempt to enter the horror/psychological genre, yet if the plot is properly explained, the film isn’t as horrible as they claimed. Mathieu Turi wrote and directed Meander, a French film that came out in 2020.

For those of you who had a difficult time deciphering the movie’s plot, we’re here to help. The movie’s climax and the reasons for it will be explained in the following paragraphs.

Before we get into the main story, here’s a trailer to give you a taste of what the movie is all about.


To keep things simple, the movie only features two actors: Gaia Weiss plays Lisa, and Peter Franzén portrays Adam.

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Meander: Plot

meander ending explained

The trailer is out of the way, so let’s get right down to the meat of the story. There are terrible traps in the odd tubes that Lisa, the protagonist, is confined in. She wants nothing more than to be reunited with her daughter. It’s a great start, and the script is magical.

However, as the story progresses, you begin to see that there isn’t much to the film other than shock value. She’s trapped in a maze forever and ever, and she never appears to find a way out; there are always new obstacles to overcome, and many spectators begin to wonder what the point of the film was in the first place.

The man who lifts Lisa’s car has a tattoo on his right hand at the beginning of the film. To this man, she confides in him about his daughter, who would have turned 9 today if she hadn’t been killed.

When she turns on the radio in her car, she hears the news report on the latest double homicide. It turns out that the man who gave her life is the murderer.

Meander: The Ending

While still unconscious, Lisa awakens to find herself in a sort of tunnel, attempting to escape the perilous obstacles that lie within. Now, you may have imagined Lisa’s final home planet as a sort of haven. How Lisa got there is still a mystery for many fans. Let’s go back in time.

During the last moments of the film, Lisa was impaled by a blade, and in order to escape, she crawled into the tunnel’s mouth and leaped every four seconds. Despite her exhaustion and depleted blood supply, she begins to wail hysterically. After that, her flame tube fills with flames and the ceiling collapses, revealing a view of a blue sky as she awakens.

When her daughter’s image appears before her, telling her she must “live,” it feels like she’s in a race against time. For the first time in her life, she intends to enjoy every moment of it. While she is aware that she is secure at this point and that her daughter will never be reunited with her, she persists.

Besides that, Nina reveals to her that her body has been resurrected numerous times and that each time she dies, she is reborn. What does Nina say to Lisa? “Live and live,” he advises her at the end of the story. The last view, as we have explained, shows the camera panning toward the gorgeous blue planet and reveals the beauty of the surroundings.

Where Can I Watch Meander?

meander ending explained

Does Netflix carry Meander? Yes, without a doubt. Alternatively, you may buy it on VOD and watch it on Netflix. Even though it had its world premiere at the Sitges Film Festival in 2020, it was only shown in a few theatres abroad.

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