Movie the Vault Ending: Did They Open the Vault? Everything You Need to Know!

movie the vault ending

Jaume Balagueró’s The Vault, also known as Way Down in some regions,[a] is a 2021 Spanish action thriller film. Freddie Highmore, strid Bergès-Frisbey, Sam Riley, Liam Cunningham, Luis Tosar, Axel Stein, José Coronado, and Famke Janssen are among the cast members.

Odyssey Maritime Exploration, a private marine salvage company, salvaged the Black Swan Project in 2007 and later turned it over to Spain after five years of legal struggle.


  • Freddie Highmore portrays Thom Johnson, a Cambridge University engineering student.
    A con artist and Thom’s girlfriend, Lorraine, is played by strid Bergès-Frisbey.
  • Ex-Mi6 agent James (Sam Riley) is played by the actor.
  • In the role of Walter Moreland, the owner of a salvage company, Liam Cunningham plays him.
  • Simon, a logistics expert, is played by Luis Tosar.
  • Klaus, a computer hacker, is played by Axel Stein.
  • Gustavo Medina, the head of security for the Bank of Spain, is played by José Coronado.
  • A new chairman for the Bank of Spain, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba

‘The Vault’ Ending Explained

movie the vault ending

The climax of “The Vault” is exactly what you would expect from a heist film. Each of these elements is present in the famed quadruple-cross, including a booby trap and two crosses. After a few moments of confusion, here’s what occurred at the end:

Finally, the real culprits are exposed when James shows up as a double agent. When his boss, Margaret, discovers he’s been duped, he manages to sneak away with the pricey coins.

They are fake because they betray the location of an even bigger treasure, which is simply Margaret’s favorite spot to visit because she admitted in an earlier scene that in all the times she has gone to Paris, she has never climbed the Eiffel Tower despite having been there many times before.

The Eiffel Tower was used as the model for the duplicate location. Next, we see that Walter had been certain that James was a rat all along because of his loyalty to his nation and his position as a soldier and the fact that he was an honest man.

As a result, Walter enlisted Lorraine’s expertise in pickpocketing to help him swap out counterfeit money for real ones in the vault. Now that Walter and his colleagues have the three real coins, they’re able to celebrate their achievement in a luxurious home.

In order to prove that Sir Francis Drake’s money is indeed stashed somewhere within the Bank of London, Walter uses the coin’s inscribed coordinates to triangulate the location.

As a result, the entire plot of the film was a sham designed to lead the audience to the biggest reward the world has seen. It’s reasonable to assume that “The Vault 2” will have more treasures for these smart crooks to plunder.

The final scene of “The Vault” shows Walter and his crew getting ready for their next heist at the Bank of England. The 2010 World Cup in Spain is one of the film’s major themes, and it appears to be continuing in the Bank of Spain position.

Following in the footsteps of their previous heists, the team decides to break into the next vault during the 2012 London Olympics. To carry off an even more audacious theft, they appear to be relying on the overworked police force and crowds.

If you appreciate watching heist movies and the meticulous planning that goes into committing large-scale thefts, you’ll love this one!

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Do You Know the Real Tale of The Vault?

It’s a completely made-up story. Money Heist on Netflix has a floodable vault, and it’s genuine. A heist like that which occurred in The Vault has not yet occurred.

The Vault’s Storyline Recapped.

movie the vault ending

As Walter and his crew recover Sir Francis Drake’s wealth from a Spanish galleon, the Spanish government takes advantage of them.

So Walter, his business partner James, a hacker named Klaus, and Simon, a man who can get just about anything, decide to team together to find his long-lost daughter Lorraine.

Those who kidnapped him are going to get it back. are. However, Walter runs into trouble with the treasury and, in particular, the coins he wants to keep in the Spanish bank.

Did They Open the Vault?

A quick dash through the FIFA throng ensues. When Lorraine’s sleight of hand replaced the coins with those of James, we learn. That’s where the missing coins were, and it fell to Margaret to find them.

That’s where Jacob came in. This leads to coins that direct him to the UK’s Consulate General in Madrid. Walter was not interested in the riches in the lost treasure, but rather on the three coins contained in a box.

The final resting place of Francis Drake’s body is revealed by these coins. The chance has taken Walter and his crew by surprise. The Bank of London is their next objective, and good fortune is hidden there. The following robbery will be the subject of the film’s sequel.

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