Wrath of Man Ending: Who Was Patrick Hill? The Secret Life of Jason Statham’s H!

wrath of man ending

Heist thriller Wrath of Man is based on Nicolas Boukhrief’s 2004 French film Cash Truck. Guy Ritchie directed the picture from a script he co-wrote with Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies. Ritchie’s fourth directorial collaboration with Jason Statham, and first since Revolver (2005).

There are questions about Statham’s abilities with guns and his strange past as his role as new cash truck driver H in Los Angeles is cast in doubt. Scott Eastwood, Jeffrey Donovan and Holt McCallany are among the film’s supporting players.

The film also stars Laz Alonso and Josh Hartnett, as well as the voices of Raul Castillo, DeObia Oparei, Eddie Marsan, and Chris Reilly.

Several countries, including the United States, released Wrath of Man on April 22, 2021. On May 7, the United States released Wrath of Man. At its initial release, critics appreciated the action sequences but faulted the plot, earning the movie $104 million worldwide in box office revenue.


  • Jason Statham as Mason Hargreaves/Patrick “H” Hill
  • Holt McCallany plays Fortico guard Haiden “Bullet” Blaire.
  • actor Josh Hartnett takes on the role of Fortico guard “Boy Sweat” Dave Hancock in the film
  • Jackson Ainsley, a former platoon sergeant, is played by Jeffrey Donovan.
  • A former military platoon led by Jackson (Scott Eastwood)
  • Former military unit led by Jackson, Laz Alonso in the role of Carlos.
  • Sam, a former military squad lead by Jackson, is played by Ral Castillo.
  • Reilly plays Tom, a former platoon leader in Jackson’s battalion.
  • starring Eddie Marsan in the role of Terry Rossi, manager of Fortico
  • Dana Curtis, a Fortico guard, is played by Niamh Algar.
  • Actor Tadhg Murphy portrays Fortico security officer Shirley
  • Forico guard Stuart is played by Alessandro Babalola.
  • Darrell D’Silva is the name of the person. as Hargreaves’ stooge, Michael
  • In the role of Moggy, Hargreaves’ henchman, Babs Olusanmokun
  • Braden Hargreaves’ henchman, played by Cameron Jack
  • “Hollow” Bob Martin, a Fortico guard played by Rocci Williams
  • In the role of Mark Arnold,
  • Agent Hubbard (Josh Cowdery) of the FBI
  • As an FBI Agent, Jason Wong Okey
  • Blake Halls, Fortico’s employer, is played by Rob Delaney.
  • Eli Brown as Dougie, Hargreaves’ son
  • Hargreaves’ thugs abuse Jerome, played by Thomas Dominique.
  • Alex Ferns takes on the role of Fortico security guard Sticky John.
  • In the role of Kirsty, Hargreaves’ aide, Lyne Renée
  • Eve Macklin portrays Jane Hargreaves, Hargreaves’ ex-wife, in this film.
  • “Austin Post” as a Robber (credited as Post Malone)

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The Ending of Wrath of Man Is Described

wrath of man ending

The corrupt marines break into the truck depot and plunder it in a dramatic action sequence. H is shot when he tries to stop them. Collateral damage is also incurred by Jackson’s team. Jackson was bleeding excessively and just three of them were able to escape.

Jan’s flamboyant style and fast temper made Jackson and his colleagues nervous. It was decided that Jan would kill the man off after the job, but he did so and grabbed all of the cash.

H eventually locates Jan in the final chapter, “Liver, Lungs, Spleen & Heart.” After reading Dougie’s autopsy report, Jan is compelled to read that he was first shot eight times.

During the shooting, two bullets entered his lungs, two went through the heart wall, two went through the liver, and two went through the spleen. H finishes his cycle of revenge by shooting Jan in the same order and at the exact same places.

Hubbard, an FBI agent tasked with providing intelligence to H., meets him as he is leaving Jan’s residence. In return, he cleared the FBI’s wanted list of thieves and assassins.

It’s Guy Ritchie’s fourth time working with Jason Statham on a film, and each time he’s been lucky. It’s a new action flick with a lot of thrills and chills. Please feel free to ask any further questions about the movie in the space provided below.

Exactly Who Was Patrick Hill?

Portico Security employs Patrick Hill (Jason Statham) at the beginning of the film as a security guard.. In contrast, he was not there to make money.

A thief was stealing truck routes from inside the company, leading to armed robberies. He joined the company to find out about the leaker. Is he a cop?

Hargraves (short H) was the boss of a crime syndicate in America that carried out violent robberies. In contrast to small criminals, he adhered to a rigid code of conduct.

His subordinate asked him to supply information about an armored truck that was leaving the depot on an unpleasant day. His son, Dougie, was shot and killed by a group of unidentified armed robbers as he nervously attempted to accompany him to the crime scene. Hargraves was also injured in the attack.

After the loss of his kid, H went on a rampage, but he was unable to find the killers of his son. That’s what led him to seek out his friend’s help: to get an entirely new identity and “white-wash” personality so he could get into Fortico Security.

To avenge the murders of his family, he set out to track down the rat that would lead him to the perpetrators.

The Extraordinary Life of H.R.M.S.’s H

wrath of man ending

Working with Fortico Security as an armored-car guard, H goes by the name Patrick Hill. People merely nickname him “H” and agree that something is strange about him.

And even Bullet (Holt McCallany), one of the hippest clients in town, suspect him of concealing some sort of dark secret because he is so cool and collected. As your new best friend isn’t who he claims to be, Bullet, you’re on the money.

H’s real last name is Hargreaves, while Patrick Hill is an alias. Apparently, he’s the boss of a criminal business that handles armored truck jobs, and that’s not all he’s hiding. “The King,” an FBI agent known as “The King” (Andy Garcia), gives him the knowledge he needs to begin killing his way to the identities of his son’s killers in Wrath of Man.

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