The Endless Ending Explained: What Is the Monster in The Endless?

the endless ending explained

When Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead teamed up to make The Endless in 2017, it became one of the most talked-about films of the year. In addition to directing and writing, Benson and Moorhead served as the film’s cinematographer and cinematographer, respectively.

Before it was distributed to theatres across the country on April 6, 2018, the film had its world premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 21, 2017.

It’s a film about two brothers (Benson and Moorhead) who go back to the supposed cult they once belonged to, with Callie Hernandez, Tate Ellington, Lew Temple, and James Jordan co-starring.

Due to its shared universe and characters, The Endless has the potential to serve as a sort of sequel to Benson and Moorhead’s 2012 film Resolution.

Critics were impressed, and it won high marks for that.


  • Justin Smith, played by Justin Benson,
  • Aaron Smith, portrayed by Aaron Moorhead, is a fictional character.
  • Callie Hernandez portrays Anna in this film.
  • Hal, played by Tate Ellington
  • Actor Lew Temple as Tim
  • Shitty Carl, James Jordan
  • Shane Brady as Shane Williams.
  • Lizzy is played by Kira Powell.
  • Smiling Dave, David Lawson Jr.
  • In the role of Jennifer Danube, Emily Montague
  • Michael Danube is played by Peter Cilella.
  • As Chris Daniels, Vinny Curran takes the role.
  • Glen Roberts portraying Woods

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It’s All Explained in The Endless – What Happened?

the endless ending explained

Immediately following his brother Justin’s successful escape from a commune that Justin had publicly decried as a “UFO death cult,” Aaron receives an odd film from an unknown source.

Anna (Callie Hernandez) is still visible on the video, and Aaron is stunned. Despite what Justin tells him, the group was planning to commit mass suicide.

After becoming dissatisfied with his current situation, Aaron begs Justin to return to Arcadia, where he had previously lived a life of comfort and security. In the end, he grudgingly agrees to return for a day after talking with his therapist.

Their first encounter is with Lizzy (Kira Powell), an artist from a nearby mental facility who works in the camp’s art studio, Tim (Lew Temple), a craft beer producer, Shane (David Lawson Jr.), and Anna.

Carl (James Jordan) is pacing furiously when Justin goes for a run and doesn’t spot him. The weird pylons that surround the camp are also mentioned by Justin. The two heroes spend the night with the cult members, sipping Tim’s beer, and talking with them.

Hal tries to explain an equation on the board to Justin at one point. During this time, his younger brother is smitten with Anna. Shane encourages Justin to see a magic act in which he throws a ball in the sky, which lands back in Justin’s hand in a split second.

The gang then participates in “The Struggle,” Hal’s version of a tug-of-war challenge. While Justin tells Aaron that he thinks it’s just Dave smirking on a ladder, one end of the rope lifts into the air in the distant darkness.

Aaron wins the competition because the rope is tied around his torso. Just as he’s about to be pulled to the ground, the rope catches on the hand of Justin, who’s watching. The next day, Aaron begs Justin for permission to extend their stay.

While expecting Aaron will notice the strangeness of camp after seeing his brother’s favorable reaction, Justin accepts. Tim, who appears to be guarding a shed, is observed soon after.

Infinite Movie Plot & Synopsis

the endless ending explained

Directors Moorhead and Benson are back with another mind-bending thriller following two brothers who receive a mysterious video message that prompts them to reevaluate their escape from the UFO death cult 10 years previously.

Because of the mysterious happenings that surround the camp, they are compelled to reevaluate their faith in the cult’s doctrines. A mystery event is imminent, and the brothers are racing to uncover the truth before their lives are forever entwined in the cult’s mysteries.

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