Revolutionary Road Ending: Was April Trying to Commit Suicide?

revolutionary road ending

Sam Mendes directed the love drama Revolutionary Road in 2008. Adapted from the 1961 novel by Richard Yates, Justin Haythe wrote the screenplay. Michael Shannon, Kathryn Hahn, David Harbour, and Kathy Bates round out the cast, which includes Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

DiCaprio and Winslet play Frank and April Wheeler, a married couple in the 1950s who are dealing with personal problems and the subsequent breakdown of their relationship.

Titanic co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and John Bates have teamed up again for Revolutionary Road, their second film together.

In 1961, the film adaptation’s development began. However, the project was put on hold until the early 2000s because of a lack of commercial potential and conflicts about the screenplay.

Haythe adapted the screenplay when BBC Films bought the film rights to the novel. Frank DiCaprio was cast as Frank after Winslet read the script. Her then-husband Mendes directed the film.

On location in Darien, Connecticut, principal photography began in 2007. It was Thomas Newman’s fourth time working with director Sam Mendes on the soundtrack.


  • Frank Wheeler, played by Leonardo DiCaprio
  • April Wheeler is played by Kate Winslet.
  • Michael Shannon plays John Givings, Jr., a character from a historical novel.
  • Milly Campbell (Kathryn Hahn)
  • Shep Campbell is played by David Harbour.
  • Helen Givings (Kathy Bates) in the role
  • In the role of Michael Wheeler, Ty Simpkins shines.
  • Howard Givings is played by Richard Easton.
  • Jennifer Wheeler (Ryan Simpkins) is portrayed by Ryan Simpkins.
  • Jack Ordway (Dylan Baker)
  • Maureen Grube is played by Zoe Kazan.
  • Played by Max Casella, Ed Small
  • Bart Pollock (Jay O. Sanders) in the role

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The Ending of Revolutionary Road – Explanation

revolutionary road ending

In the near future, April joins Shep Campbell in a car and does not regret it, despite rejecting Shep’s promise of love. Now, we see Frank regaining his composure and admitting to April that he had cheated on her, but he still intends to remain devoted to her.

Despite this, we can sympathise with April when she tells him that she no longer has feelings for him. When April chooses to perform an abortion on herself at home while Frank is at work, a tragic accident ensues. She begins to bleed profusely as a result of the procedure going tragically wrong.

To get her admitted to the hospital, April phones an ambulance. Frank, on the other hand, arrives at the institution after his wife has already died. Taken by the sadness, he comes to the city and starts selling computers. Frank spends his free time caring for his two children. Braces buy their old home and move in afterwards.

In the midst of Milly’s account about the previous owners, Shep breaks down in tears and begs that no further mention be made of the Wheelers. The Wheelers are a bad fit for the house, and Helen has even started talking about it, saying that Braces are better.

Plot Summary for Revolutionary Road

revolutionary road ending

In contrast, even Frank despises his job, which requires him to participate in the drudgery of his duties. Frank persuaded a young assistant to drink and celebrate his 30th birthday with him, and the two ended up having sex.

April is invited to see John in the Asylum by Helen, who believes that a younger couple might better understand and heal him.

As a result of the situation Frank and her life have found themselves in, April is clearly distraught. As a result, she offers to her husband that they leave their current situation and relocate to Paris to start a new one.

Frank initially believes his wife is ridiculous for even mentioning it, but eventually relents and agrees to it. When April gets pregnant, Frank decides to rethink the situation. He also accepts his promotion and goes on with his life as usual.

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