Delirium Movie Explained: My Take on The Movie with Spoilers!

delirium movie explained

Dennis Iliadis and Adam Alleca are the directors and writers of the 2018 American psychological horror film Delirium. Callan Mulvey and Genesis Rodriguez are among of the show’s stars.

A joint venture between Blumhouse Productions and Appian Way Productions, which was headed up by Jason Blum and Leonardo DiCaprio, produced the picture. A video on demand and DVD release dates of May 22 and June 5 was announced by Universal Pictures.


Tom Walker, played by Topher Grace,
In the Role of Braden Fitzgerald, a Teenager Theodore “Tom” Walker
Brendan (Brody) Clarkson, Patricia
Alex Walker (Callan Mulvey) and Young (Cody Sullivan) When it comes to Alex Walker, there’s no
In the role of Lynn, played by Genesis Rodriguez,
Efren Walker was played by Robin Thomas.
Mrs. Walker played by Daisy McCrackin
Marty Eli Schwartz portrays Frank in the film.
Psychiatrist Harry Groener

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What Happens at The End (spoiler Alert!)

delirium movie explained

What is real and what is in Tom’s head are the main focuses of the film. As you can see, there’s a lot going on here that isn’t actually happening. If the psychiatric hospital stay was meant to be a true experience, then I believe all of Tom’s past traumas are real.

In the end, it’s hard to tell if Tom has genuinely moved into his father’s mansion, or if it’s only an expression of his feelings of imprisonment.

When a person struggles with mental illness, they often find themselves reliving events from their past that they haven’t reconciled with the present. Moving into his father’s estate forced him to confront traumatic memories from his youth.

We watch as he attempts to mend the shattered bonds he has with his biological parents. As well as their strained relationship and the murder of an innocent girl. He even recreates the murder he witnessed, but was unable to stop, in the last scene.

Even more remarkable is the fact that this time he is able to save the girl, who then saves him from drowning at the hands of his brother.

“Is this your house?” is all the police say when they show up at the end of the film. “It is now,” he responds. The house has served as a metaphor for his thoughts and the demons he has been fighting throughout the duration of the film.

Until he had come to terms with his past and reimagined the horrible murder, he was unable to move on. His countdown to freedom is also shown by him removing the calendar from the door, which indicates that he no longer needs it.

There is now an end to the psychological battle, and he has finally conquered the house (his own mind). In the end, the story revolves around Tom’s struggle to come to terms with his troubled past and move on with his life.

If we assume that the events described in this film are actually taking place, it is impossible to understand the plot of the film. Mental illness is often characterized by the tendency to hold on to unfounded beliefs. The definition of delusion is illogical, irrational, and often frightening.

The Delirium Storyline

delirium movie explained

Tom is first introduced to us after he is released from the asylum and placed under a month of home detention. He is also told that his father committed suicide just a few days before he was due to be released, supposedly because he didn’t want Tom to return.

Tom returns to his opulent estate, where he is escorted by a parole officer to a swimming pool indoors.

What does he do with a huge empty mansion at his disposal? In the event that he runs out of his favorite cereal, Lynn, the delivery girl from the store, becomes his new best buddy.

As a result of his mental troubles, Tom begins to experience a series of bizarre incidents, which he attributes to hallucinations.

The parole officer takes away his medicine after he refuses to make a move on her when she approaches. He now feels strange and disrespectful.

He begins to wonder if he has relapsed after seeing a black dog and his father’s half-eaten face.

After seeing his brother Alex, who is meant to be in prison, he discovers that he’s lost his way.

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