Silent Sea Ending: Did Gong Yoo Actually Die? Everything You Need to Know!

silent sea ending

It is a 2021 South Korean streaming television series starring Bae Doona, Gong Yoo, and Lee Joon called The Silent Sea (Korean: RR: Goyo-eui bada). The eight-episode series was produced by director Choi Hang-yong and writer Park Eun-kyo as an adaptation of his 2014 short film, The Sea of Tranquility.

On December 24, 2021, it will be available on Netflix. The Moon’s Sea of Tranquility serves as the inspiration for the title of The Silent Sea, which depicts a crewed voyage to gather lunar materials. It’s a mix of science fiction, thriller, and mystery. It was well welcomed by both critics and viewers.

The Following Actors Are Slated to Appear in The Silent Sea:

Dr. Song Ji-an, Captain Ryoo Tae-seok, and Feodor Chin are all cast in the movie.
His character is Lee Gi-su, while Heo Sung-tae is Kim Jae-sun, played by Harrison Xu
This original series will star Squid Game actor Gong Yoo as Han Yoo-jae, the protagonist.

Take a look at Gong Yoo and his fellow 2021 cast members in the official teaser below.
Having learned all that you need to know about The Silent Sea, click over to Netflix and watch the entire series. It’s going to be a wild journey, for sure.

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How Many Episodes Are There?

silent sea ending

For The Silent Sea, there will be eight episodes in total. We don’t know how long each episode will be, but we can expect it to be around 45 minutes long.

How the Ending of The Silent Sea Is Explained

Luna 073 bit Dr. Song’s hand during a pursuit action and, in exchange, imparted her immunity. It was the only thing that saved her life when she came into contact with the Lunar Water.

In the opinion of Dr. Song, Lunar Water and Luna could preserve humanity. She felt it belonged to all of humanity, not just one nation.

This led her to determine that she would transport Luna to IISB using Mr. Kim’s rescue spacecraft (The International Institute of Space Biology). In Dr. Song’s view, Luna should be allowed to lead a regular life like any other teenage girl in a neutral area.

Captain Han chose to leave the Balhae Station via Gate 7 since Lieutenant Ryoo Tae-seok was waiting for the RX space shuttle there. Towards the end of The Silent Sea, Ryoo became a strong protagonist who believed that humans were not deserving of Lunar Water.

For the past five years, he had blamed himself and SAA for the killing of Balhae Station scientists. He sacrificed his own life in order to rescue the lives of his fellow officers.

Gate number 7 had to be manually opened by Han and his remaining survivors, including Dr. Hong, Luna and Luna’s mother, Dr. Song. He gave his life to ensure the survival of humanity’s last hope. His daughter’s life depended on a water upgrade; Han was willing to sacrifice himself to save hers. He only went on the expedition because she begged him to.

Luna stepped out of her spacesuit and vanished as the doors opened. In a split second, Dr. Song thought Luna was going to die because of a lack of air. The oxygen-depleted environment, however, was not a problem for Luna because of her genetic modification or Lunar Water talents.

When Dr. Song observed Captain Han and Luna on the moon’s surface, she tried to locate Luna. There are two possibilities: either the water pressure blew Captain Han’s body out of the station, or Luna saved him using her extraordinary talents.

Han saw Luna standing in front of him before his space suit powered off as she reminded him of his daughter.

Doc Hong, Luna, and Dr. Song arrived to the Moon on a rescue shuttle at the end of The Silent Sea. The shuttle’s crew was able to safely board and secure the lunar water samples. Because Han’s fate wasn’t disclosed at the conclusion, it’s possible that he boarded the rescue shuttle and lived.

Dr. Song is likely to come up with an antidote for lunar water. Earth would never again confront water scarcity because to this game-changing discovery: the ability of lunar water to proliferate. Season 2 may offer fresh tensions and obstacles if it wasn’t the happy ending.

In the year 2021, Choi Hang-yong will direct a South Korean science fiction series titled The Silent Sea. In the Sea of Tranquility, he made a short film.

Is It True that Gong Yoo Has Passed Away?

silent sea ending

Gong Yoo’s Han Yoon-jae may have perished on the moon unless a miracle occurs in Season 2. With only four survivors left, Han understands that the decompression chamber can’t be activated from within the engulfed facility.

So, he decides to give up his life so that the remaining three ladies can have the opportunity of surviving and preserving their planet and, ultimately, his own daughter.

As the station is flooded, Han is thrown across the terrain and lands on the ground after coming into touch with the frozen lunar water. While he’s distracted with Luna 073, he’s approached by his daughter’s badge, which she had decorated.

At this time, he may be seen still breathing, but he refuses to accept the badge and his future is undetermined.

If he died, it’s still unclear. Earlier, it was demonstrated that Luna 073 can save someone who comes into contact with the lunar water, but Han came into contact with it. It’s possible he’ll return in season two with the tattoo on his neck.

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