Interceptor Ending Explained: Does Jj Stop the Missles? Everything You Need to Know!

Interceptor ending explained: Does JJ stop the missles?

This article is about the British drama television miniseries of the same name. Interceptor is a British game show TV series (TV series). See Interceptor for more information (disambiguation).

The Interceptor is a British drama television series that premiered on BBC One on June 10, 2015, and ran through July 29, 2015. Tony Saint wrote the eight-part series, which was produced by BBC Drama Productions. After one season, the show was cancelled. According to OT Fagbenle, who plays agent Ash, the show was cancelled due to a BBC management shift.

The show follows a new law enforcement team tasked with apprehending some of the UK’s most wanted criminals. The series is based on Kris Hollington’s co-written book of the same name, which chronicles the career of former customs agent Cameron Addicott.


In an operation at London Waterloo station, Special Agent Marcus “Ash” Ashton (Fagbenle), an HM Revenue and Customs agent, and his partner Tommy (Lonsdale) apprehend a drugs shipper. While his boss is satisfied with a conviction for 3 kg of cocaine, Ash is looking for a more serious criminal.

Tommy is severely injured in a car accident as a result of the subsequent procedure, and Ash is suspended. Following that, Cartwright (Stewart), the head of top-secret UNIT (Undercover Narcotics Investigation Team), approaches him in a pub, and upon entering UNIT’s headquarters, he sees a familiar face, his Customs training officer Valerie (Ashbourne).


Interceptor ending explained: Does JJ stop the missles?

  • Special Agent Marcus “Ash” Ashton, a UK Customs agent, is played by O. T. Fagbenle.
  • Lorna Ashton, Ash’s wife, is played by Jo Joyner.
  • Tommy, Ash’s UK Customs partner and friend, is played by Robert Lonsdale.
  • Jack Cartwright, the UNIT team’s leader, is played by Ewan Stewart.
  • Valerie, an ex-UK Customs agent and part of the UNIT unit, is played by Lorraine Ashbourne.
  • Kim, an ex-Met Police Flying Squad member and part of the UNIT team, is played by Anna Skellern.
  • Martin, an ex-MI6 member of the UNIT unit, is played by Charlie De Melo.
  • Sonia the Spanish Interpreter is played by Valeria Vereau.
  • As Detective Inspector Gemmill of the Metropolitan Police, Jeany Spark plays Ash’s pal.
  • Trevor Eve stars as Roach, the proprietor of a legal scaffolding company and a well-respected member of society. Head of a drug-distribution and-sale criminal organisation
  • Docker is played by Gary Beadle, who appears to be the proprietor of an electrical contracting company and a crook. The right-hand guy of Roach
  • Lee Boardman plays Michael “Xavier” Duffy, a criminal and the apparent proprietor of a dry cleaning service. Manages the drug distribution system on the streets.
  • Neal Barry plays “Smoke,” a criminal who serves as an informant for Ash.
  • James Gordon “Jago” Dalkin, played by Paul Kaye, is a criminal and enforcer.
  • Wark, played by Michael Lindall, is a crook.
  • Chief Inspector Stannard is played by Simon Armstrong. Cartwright’s former colleague/now nemesis, Gemmill’s boss
  • “Scooter” is played by Dexter Fletcher, a pill maker and dealer.
  • Ralph Ineson, often known as “Yorkie,” is a former criminal from Leeds who retired from armed robbery.
  • Ralf Little plays Alex, Ash’s former best friend in high school who is now a small career criminal.
  • Casby is played by Jack Roth, a former criminal who has become a ruthless enforcer.
  • Dean Roberts as the role of Ash’s father

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Does Jj Stop Nuclear Missiles, as The Interceptor Finale Explains?

Interceptor ending explained: Does JJ stop the missles?

Yes, JJ is able to launch the interceptors and destroy the missiles before they reach their destination. JJ is forced to improvise as Alexander pours acid on the command centre desk. To launch the interceptors, she has carry a laptop outside the base to another power source, but she manages to do so on time.

What Happens to Alexander Kessel After the Interceptor Ends?

When JJ thwarts his plans, a Russian submarine emerges out of nowhere, and Alexander figures it’s his ride to safety. The Russians, on the other hand, shoot him and leave JJ alive. It is never explained why this is the case. Perhaps he failed his assignment, or perhaps he turned rogue? It’s possible that I’ve overlooked something.

The Plot: Interceptor

Captain JJ Collins, stationed at a lone missile interceptor base, is tasked with dealing with a simultaneous attack of sixteen nuclear missiles being launched at the United States, as well as an attack by Alexander Kessel, played by Luke Bracey, a former US military intelligence officer determined to carry out an unthinkable mission.

Collins must race against time, leveraging her years of training and experience, to stop Kessel and his squad, despite her preference to work at the Pentagon.

Australian director Matthew Reilly, who is making his directorial debut with Interceptor, says about the film’s gripping, action-packed, fast-paced narrative:

Reilly is well-known as a page-turning novelist whose books are packed with adrenaline, high stakes, danger, and explosions.

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