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Ouran Highschool Host Club Ending: Do Tamaki and Haruhi End up Together?

ouran highschool host club ending

Bisco Hatori’s manga series Ouran High School Host Club (Japanese: Hepburn: run Kk Hosuto Kurabu) was serialised in Hakusensha’s LaLa magazine from September 2002 to November 2010.

Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student at Ouran Academy, and the other members of the popular host club are the focus of the story. The romantic comedy satirises shjo manga’s clichés and prejudices by focusing on relationships both inside and outside the Club.

A series of audio dramas, an animated television series directed by Takuya Igarashi and produced by Bones, a Japanese television drama series, a 2012 live-action film adaptation, and a visual novel by Idea Factory have all been made from the manga.


The comedy series follows Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student at the elite Ouran Academy, a fake school for wealthy children in Bunkyo, Tokyo. Haruhi is looking for a quiet study spot when she comes across the abandoned Third Music Room, where the Ouran Academy Host Club, a group of six male students, meets to entertain female “customers” with sweets and tea.

Haruhi unintentionally damages a priceless vase valued at $8,000,000 (about $80,000) during their first encounter and is forced to work as the club’s errand boy to pay off the debt.

The Hosts mistake her for a male student due to her short hair, slouching clothes, and gender-ambiguous face, but they soon realise her true gender and the fact that she’s a “natural” at entertaining girls, advancing her to full-Host rank.


NTV aired a 26-episode anime television series from April 5 to September 26, 2006. Nippon Television, VAP, Bones, and Hakusensha collaborated on the series’ production. Takuya Igarashi directed it, while Yji Enokido handled series composition and story writing, Kumiko Takahashi designed the characters, and Yoshihisa Hirano composed the music.

Maaya Sakamoto plays Haruhi Fujioka, and Mamoru Miyano plays Tamaki Suoh, in a cast that is distinct from the audio dramas.

Funimation Entertainment has the North American distribution rights to the series. The series’ ADR director is Caitlin Glass. On October 28, 2008, the first anime DVD collection featuring the first thirteen episodes was released in North America.

On January 6, 2009, a second collection comprising the final thirteen episodes was released. On April 27, 2009, the series premiered on the Funimation Channel in North America.

The series is also available for digital streaming on the Funimation app, although it was transferred to the Crunchyroll streaming service in 2022 after Sony Pictures Television, Funimation’s parent company, acquired Crunchyroll a year previously.

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Ouran High School’s Host Club Is Coming to An End

When I was planned out what to watch in the spring, I had utterly underestimated this series. However, after watching the first episode, I knew Ouran High School Host Club was going to be fantastic. And it was: this show had me hooked with a strong ensemble that included Sakamoto Maaya as Haruhi and a tonne of amusing material to work with.

I’ll admit that I favoured the lighter episodes over the darker ones, but the character development was still appreciated. The return of the Zuka Club in episode 19 was definitely my favourite episode, but Alice in Wonderland episode 13 was a close second and made me cry a little.

I’d want to thank BONES once more for the excellent job they performed with almost every area of this show. I appreciate them more more now than I did before, and I wish Ouran High School Host Club had been a lengthier series.

DEATH NOTE, by the way, will begin airing on NTV next week in this show’s time slot. More information can be found in my Fall 2006 Preview.

Is Tamaki and Haruhi Going to Be Together in The End?

Kaoru, Hikaru, and Tamaki are all stated to have feelings for Haruhi in the manga. Haruhi, on the other hand, declares her love for Tamaki in Chapter 81. The couple finally gets married, as revealed in an omake (extra).

There are significant discrepancies between the anime adaptation and the manga, in case you didn’t know. Some things that happened in the anime didn’t happen in the manga. So, if you only watch anime, I strongly advise you to read the manga from the beginning if you want to see the differences between the anime and the manga.

Aside from that, the anime lasts till Volume 8. (Chapters 32-36). If you wish to start reading the manga from the last episode, start with Chapter 37.

For the time being, we can only hope for a second season of Ouran High School Host Club, which means it’s probably time for some of us to start reading the manga. Fans of Haruhi and Tamaki will be able to see how their romance develops in the manga, in addition to learning what else happens to our beloved Host Club of Music Room #3.

It’s time to kiss, kiss, and fall in love all over again!

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