Which Top 7 Crime Documentaries on Amazon Prime You Can Watch in 2022?

Top Crime Documentaries on Amazon Prime 2022

Top 7 Crime Documentaries on Amazon Prime 2022: Do you get that feeling when you see the words “Based on a True Story” immediately before the credits roll at the end of a horror movie?

These true crime documentaries will give you the chills and give you goosebumps all the way through.

True crime is no longer a genre for leisurely Sunday afternoons because it’s safe to say that if you try to watch these films in the background or while trying to sleep, you’ll end up on the edge of your seat with your eyes peeled instead.

Looking for a film about which you’ll be speculating and texting for weeks? Here are the Top true crime documentaries available on Amazon Prime Video right now.

1. The House of Suh

The House of Suh explores the dark secrets of a Midwestern Korean-immigrant family and a murder that resulted in a 100-year prison sentence in an intriguing saga of deceit and murder. What drove Andrew Suh, their perfect kid, to shoot and kill his sister’s fiancee?

In this disturbing documentary, the intricate puzzle pieces fit together in a devastating way.

“The House of Suh” is a disturbing true-crime narrative of manipulation and murder. The significance of fierce, abused loyalty within a Midwestern Korean-immigrant family whose case gained national publicity in the early 1990s is highlighted in Iris K.

Shim’s first feature documentary. It’s a tube natural that was sold to MSNBC Films for airing later this year (in a much shorter length).

Robert O’Dubaine was shot and killed in the garage of the suburban Chicago home he shared with his fiancee and business partner Catherine Suh in 1993. Suh was charged with murder conspiracy and her 19-year-old younger brother, Andrew, with the actual crime within days.

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2. The Murder of Meredith Kercher

The murder of British study abroad student Meredith Kercher took six years of trials to get a definitive judgment. This film tells her entire life, from the day she was cruelly murdered in her Perugia flat until her American roommate Amanda Knox’s indictment.

Meredith Susanna Cara Kercher (28 December 1985 – 1 November 2007) was a British exchange student from Leeds University who was murdered in Perugia, Italy, at the age of 21.

Kercher was discovered dead on her bedroom floor. Kercher’s American roommate, Amanda Knox, and Knox’s Italian lover, Raffaele Sollecito, had already been charged when the bloodstained fingerprints at the scene were identified as belonging to Rudy Guede.

The ensuing trials of Knox and Sollecito drew international attention, with forensic specialists and jurists questioning the evidence that supported the initial guilty judgments.

3. You Belong To Me: Sex, Race, And Murder in The South

This film transports us to Live Oak, Florida in 1952, when Ruby McCollum, a Black woman, murdered her white physician, Dr. Clifford Leroy, following years of sexual assault.

Ruby McCollum’s conviction and jail, which plagued jurors and even prosecutors, throws light on the Jim Crow era’s institutional racism and Paramour Rights.

You Belong to Me: Sex, Race, and Murder in the South is a 2014 American documentary film directed by John Cork and produced by Hilary Saltzman, Kitty Potapow, and Jude Hagin.

The film attempts to discover the hidden details surrounding the 1952 Ruby McCollum case. McCollum, the wealthiest African-American woman in Florida’s Suwannee County, used her handgun to kill White physician and politician Clifford Leroy Adams four times.

4. Lorena

Lorena Bobbitt, who hacked off her husband’s penis in 1993 after years of domestic abuse, is the subject of this four-part documentary from executive producer Jordan Peele.

Lorena is a re-investigation of the sexual assault and moral issues that were mostly neglected by the media’s coverage of the case in light of the controversy being turned into a national joke.

Lorena is a 2019 American true-crime docuseries about John and Lorena Bobbitt’s 1993 assault and ensuing court case.

The four-part series launched on Amazon Prime Video on February 15, 2019. Joshua Rofé directed the film, which he also co-produced with Jordan Peele, Win Rosenfeld, Steven J. Berger, Jenna Santoianni, and Tom Lesinski.

5. Conviction

Angela Correa, then 15, went out on November 15, 1989, to capture images for a class project. Her body was discovered two days later, and Jeffrey Deskovic, a 16-year-old student, was named as the major suspect.

Jeffrey Deskovic’s narrative in Conviction highlights the flaws in the American judicial system, as he was wrongfully convicted for rape and murder based on two confessions.

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6. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

Kurt Kuenne narrates the story of his childhood friend Andrew Bagby, who was murdered by his pregnant ex-girlfriend Shirley Turner in this heartbreaking documentary.

Dear Zachary delves into the convoluted custody dispute between Bagby’s killer and his bereaved parents through a series of interviews with those who knew him best, while also serving as a cinematic scrapbook for the son who never met him.

Kurt Kuenne wrote, produced, edited, and directed Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father, a 2008 American documentary film.

Andrew Bagby, Kuenne’s close friend, was murdered after ending a romance with a lady called Shirley Jane Turner, according to the film. Turner announced her pregnancy with Bagby’s child, a son she called Zachary, shortly after she was booked as a suspect.

7. American Tragedy

Sue Klebold, the mother of one of the shooters, Dylan Klebold, whom she affectionately referred to as “Sunshine Boy,” tells the story of the Columbine school shooting.

This video American Tragedy explores the lessons Sue Klebold experienced as the mother of a school shooter and what Americans may learn from the tragedy, as she grapples with grief over the son she thought she knew and remorse for the innocent lives he killed.

Sue Klebold tries to make sense of how her son, whom she affectionately dubbed “Sunshine Boy,” became a school shooter. “Columbine would never have happened if love could have stopped it,” she argues.

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