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10 Best Alien Movies on Netflix: Have You Watched 21st-Century Alien Fiction (2022)?

10 Best Alien Movies on Netflix: What might aliens look like if they came to visit our tiny planet? Would they be beautiful little blue monsters with glowing paws or slimy giants out to destroy the world?

Many of us favor alien fiction over other types of fiction. Netflix, on the other hand, as the entertainment behemoth that rules the streaming arena, has no shortage of interesting content, presenting you with some of the biggest hits and most pleasurable movies to watch.

Netflix has boosted its extraterrestrial movie game in recent years, now offering some of the best alien films ever made.

When it comes to 21st-century indie films like Okja and Safety Not Guaranteed, as well as Netflix originals like Project Power and The Platform, Netflix’s film catalog is particularly strong.

It’s an exciting time for speculative fiction to watch the greatest alien movies on Netflix, whether you’re looking for aliens, superheroes, space travel, technological threats, or inventive glimpses into the future.

Now, without further ado, let’s watch some of Netflix’s best extraterrestrial movies.

1. Beyond Skyline (2017)

Mark Corley, a Los Angeles police detective, helps his estranged son, Trent, break out of jail just as an extraterrestrial invasion begins in a parallel narrative to Beyond Skyline.

The whole population of the city is drawn into numerous spacecraft by blue light. Despite the fact that most humans are killed or kidnapped one by one, Mark leads a group of survivors through underground tunnels to safety.

Following the city’s nuclear devastation, the survivors — Mark, Trent, Audrey, and Sarge, who is immune to the blue light due to his blindness – retreat to the harbor, only to be snatched up by a gigantic alien tanker and hauled aboard the alien flagship.

2. Extinction (2018)

The father of a family has nightmares about terrorist attacks. His family is worried about his safety. One night during a party, he thinks he’s suffering another nightmare.

However, his greatest nightmares are coming true. His wife and he are desperately attempting to get their children to safety. They start to see that the assailants aren’t all that dissimilar to themselves.

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3. Rim of the World (2019)

When aliens attack the world, summer camp has only just begun. Four misfit adolescents are unexpectedly entrusted with a key that contains the power to stop an invasion at a once-bustling campsite.

They must band together, face their fears, and save the world without the help of adults or technology. One of Netflix’s best action films.

4. Dark Skies (2013)

With mother Lacy, father Daniel, elder son Jesse, and younger son Sammy, the Barrett family lives on a peaceful suburban street in an unidentified American city.

Because Daniel is unemployed, Lacy, a real estate agent, is now responsible for supporting the family.

Their two sons have a strong bond and communicate with each other from their mattresses using walkie-talkies. The family has been plagued by a series of strange occurrences.

She learns that the room is absolutely dark when she turns on the light. Sammy is found wandering away from the house, although he has no memory of doing so.

Lacy, Daniel, and Jesse have all experienced catatonic periods and have no recollection of what occurred to them.

5. Jiu Jitsu (2020)

As soon as Jake Barnes, a renowned Jiu-Jitsu MMA fighter disagrees with a new face Brax, an unstoppable extraterrestrial being, humanity’s existence hangs in the balance.

Jake is apprehended by an army unit that is unprepared to deal with the ruthless intruder who has landed on the planet, injured and suffering from severe amnesia.

Wylie and the centuries-old order of Jiu-Jitsu fighters save Jake, restoring his memory and power so that they can unite and defeat Brax in the last battle that will determine humanity’s fate.

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6. Skylines (2020)

Rose is in charge of the human spacecraft fleet, which is engaged in combat with the alien spacecraft fleet. The aliens are known as the ‘Harvesters,’ and they are aboard the mothership, the Armada, which is orbiting the Moon.

After breaking beyond enemy lines, Rose, on the other hand, comes to a halt before she can fire, and one of her ships is destroyed.

When one of Rose’s ships is caught in the crossfire as the Armada prepares to fire on Earth, she is forced to destroy it, sacrificing hundreds of her people in the process, but she defeats the Armada.

7. Home (2015)

Aliens known as the Boov are escaping the Gorg, their arch-enemy. When they arrive on Earth, they relocate humans to specific cities where they can live.

Oh, and one of the Boov is obnoxious while also desiring to be liked. The Boov are afraid that if he sends a signal out of the planet, the Gorg will follow it to Earth, so they point the finger at Oh.

He flees, as the Boov are accustomed to doing. Tip, a girl who hasn’t been evacuated, is the first person he meets. She wants to find her mother, and Oh agrees to help her as long as she helps him. They share a one-of-a-kind friendship.

8. Escape from Planet Earth (2012)

Scorch Supernova, a highly acclaimed astronaut, is a true hero among the planet Baab’s blue inhabitants. Scorch is a master of daring rescues, and he pulls off astounding feats with the silent support of his geeky, by-the-rules brother Gary, chief of mission control at BASA.

When BASA’s no-nonsense leader Lena warns the brothers of an SOS from a notoriously lethal planet, Scorch defies Gary’s fears and heads forth for yet another spectacular adventure.

As the cosmic stakes rise to unimaginable heights, Gary is left to defend his brother, his planet, his loving wife Kira, and their adventure-hungry child Kip.

9. Green Lantern (2011)

For generations, the Green Lantern Corps has thrived, committed to protecting cosmic order. The newest recruit, Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), is the first human to join the ranks.

The Green Lanterns treat humans who are unable to control the abilities of the ring each member wears with contempt.

Jordan, a competent and egotistical test pilot, maybe the corps’ only hope when a new enemy known as Parallax threatens the global balance of power.

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10. Alien Xmas (2020)

Long ago, the Klepts, a colorful alien race, became greedy and pillaged the riches of their home world. Their color faded eventually, and they set out on a trek through space, gathering anything they could.

The Klepts’ commander, Supreme Leader Z, intends to pillage all of Earth’s “things.”

Her proposal comprises building a device known as “the Gyrotron” on the North Magnetic Pole that will remove Earth’s gravity, causing objects on the ground to be catapulted into orbit, where they may be collected by the Klepts’ spaceship.

This is currently one of the best extraterrestrial movies available on Netflix. On the weekend, watch this scary film on Netflix with your family!

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