Buried in Barstow Ending Explained: Is Hazel King Alive or Dead at The End of The Movie?

buried in barstow ending explained

On Saturday, June 4, the Lifetime film Buried In Barstow was released. The film stars Angie Harmon as Hazel King, a woman who owns a restaurant in Barstow, California, after fleeing from Las Vegas, where she worked as an assassin.

Hazel vanished after having a daughter, Joy, in an attempt to flee her murderer’s past, only to be tracked down twenty years later by her former boss for one more hit.

To make matters even more complicated, Hazel’s old boss (Bruce McGill) is her father, who has dispatched a man named Elliot to keep an eye on her and make sure she does what she’s supposed to. Hazel and Elliot start dating, oblivious to the fact that he works for her father.

Buried in Barstow Cast

  • Hazel King is played by Angie Harmon.
  • Joy King is played by Lauren Richards.
  • Elliot is played by Kristoffer Polaha.
  • Javier is played by George Paez.
  • Travis is played by Tim Granaderos.
  • Phil is played by Gabriel Rodriguez.
  • Walter Chernov is played by Anthony Reynolds.
  • Mills, Casey
  • Cain, Ben
  • Bonilla, Nelson

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Explanation of The ‘Buried in Barstow’ Ending

buried in barstow ending explained

Hazel leaves for Vegas, telling Elliott that she needs to complete some unfinished business there. Instead of killing her target, Hazel intends to kill Von so she can be free of his control once and for all.

As she fights Von, he not only discloses that Elliott works for him, but – TWIST – it comes out that Von is Hazel’s own father, who trained her for this life, and she escaped to Barstow with Joy to get away from the family business. She kills him with a shotgun and returns to Barstow.

Buried In Barstow concludes on a cliffhanger with the words “To Be Continued…”. (It’s also been announced that Hazel’s narrative will be continued in a sequel film.) Travis, injured and abused, arrives at the diner in the last scenes of the film, finds Joy, and the two leave together.

When Hazel notices her friend and coworker Javier isn’t at the diner, she rushes out back to discover him being beaten up. She tries to fend off the men who are abusing him, but they shoot her twice and leave her to bleed out.

They grab Javier and a teen-aged girl (perhaps Javier’s daughter) and take them away in a van.

(Earlier in the film, a brief interview with a local cop indicated that numerous young ladies had gone missing after being kidnapped; though it isn’t said explicitly, I assume this kidnapping is connected to that.) Elliott appears to assist Hazel, assuring her that everything will be fine, and the film closes, leaving lots of plot possibilities open for a sequel.

Is Hazel King Still Alive at The End of The Film or Has She Died?

Hazel shoots Von in the head after assaulting Phil. Her death toll has now risen to three with the addition of the gatekeeper. After putting an end to the cartel once and for all, Hazel returns to her Bridges Diner. We feel the drama has come to a close with Hazel shooting her adopted father, Von, in the head.

However, we’re in for another surprise at the conclusion. Since Hazel comes out on the street to see a gang member beating up Javier (after offering shelter to the homeless pregnant girl whom he claims to be his cousin), it appears that Javier is in gang trouble as well. In an attempt to save Javier, Hazel kicks the attacker in the face.

On the other hand, Hazel’s strength is no match for the other, more powerful individual. Meanwhile, the assailant Hazel kicks to the ground draws a handgun and starts firing rounds.

They leave Hazel fatally injured on the road with Javi in the car. Elliot, on the other hand, appears to have regained control of the situation at the end of the film. After all, Elliot is a cardiac surgeon who knows how to handle such circumstances.

Because he was a past associate of Von’s, we don’t know for sure if Elliot is a doctor. However, he comes across as a trustworthy man for the most part.

As he asks her to trust him, we believe Hazel still has life in her. The film ends on a cliffhanger, but the audience is kept guessing with a “to be continued.” In the meanwhile, though, another question remains unsolved.

On the Lifetime channel, you may see the movie “Buried In Barstow.”

Plot Synopsis for Buried in Barstow

buried in barstow ending explained

The film begins with a murder, and a voiceover explains how she has a dark past. We visit the Bridges Diner, a roadside diner in the suburbs of Las Vegas, on a busy morning twenty years later.

Hazel, the owner, manages the cafe with her daughter, Joy, and Javier, the cook. In the morning, Hazel has an uneasy encounter with Willy, Rudy, and Carl in front of the counter, as is customary.

Joy doesn’t need the money for college, and Hazel won’t give it to her, so she gives the position to a man who appears to be homeless and has ordered eighteen dollars worth of food with no money in his wallet.

When Travis insults Hazel, she beats him to a pulp and burys him in the grave she dug the day they met. Joy is concerned about Travis’s safety, but Hazel assures her that he has committed to return to California.

Meanwhile, Phil shows up in the diner, reminding Hazel of a part of herself she believed she had lost. Von, a criminal organization’s leader, has been released after serving a lengthy sentence, and he is back in business. Fearing for Joy’s safety, Hazel travels to Las Vegas to meet Von, who offers her a job. Perry Gamble, who must be met, must be tracked down.

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