Popular 20th Century Fox Animated Movies: Have You Watched Ever These Movies 2022!

Popular 20th Century Fox Animated Movies

Popular 20th Century Fox Animated Movies: Since its founding in 1935, when Fox Film Corporation and 20th Century Pictures combined, Twentieth Century Fox has released a large number of films.

While the studio initially only made live-action films, that changed in the mid-1970s when it decided to create its first theatrically animated film.

Because 20th Century Fox continues to produce animated films, we felt it was about time to take a look at some of their best examples.

We’ll use IMDb’s ratings to help us with this. Every 20th Century Fox film has been given a star rating by the renowned entertainment website. This number is based on registered users’ votes on a scale of 1 to 10, and it’s the one we’ll use to rank the best.

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1. The Croods (7.2)

This DreamWorks Animation prehistoric tale from 2013 follows a caveman who recognizes his place as a leader is jeopardized when an imaginative child named Guy appears.

When an earthquake destroys the Croods‘ home, they must relocate and determine whether Guy’s predictions about their future are right.

The film garnered mostly excellent reviews, with many fans praising the fast-paced plot and entertaining animations.

2. The Simpsons Movie (7.3)

The Simpsons, a long-running Fox comedy series, was released in theatres in 2007.

The Environmental Protection Agency places a big dome over Homer Simpson’s town when he pollutes the lake by accident. Though the Simpsons manage to flee, Homer’s family abandons him soon after, angry at the consequences of his actions. Homer sets out to reclaim the respect of his family.

The film received positive reviews for returning to its roots with a tight, comic screenplay and excellent voice acting.

3. The Book Of Life (7.3)

This 2014 musical fantasy portrays the narrative of Manola, Maria, and Joaquin, three friends who used to live together in the Mexican hamlet of San Angel.

Manolo and Joaquin set out to gain Maria’s hand in marriage when fate brought them back together, despite the fact that the three grow apart as they get older.

The film The Book Of Life‘s gorgeous animations, appreciation of Mexican history, and overall friendliness were quickly praised by critics.

4. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ (7.3)

Throughout its run, the animated Japanese sci-fi martial arts series Dragon Ball Z has spawned twenty-one films. The 19th installment, which was released in theatres in 2015, received a lot of great feedback.

After being revived from the dead, Emperor Frieza trains hard in the hopes of exacting revenge on the Super Saiyans. The action and high-quality animated segments wowed fans of the series.

5. Ice Age (7.5)

In 2002, this adventure comedy was released in theatres. During the Ice Age, a saber-tooth tiger, a woolly mammoth, and a ground sloth come upon a human newborn. They set off on a long journey to reunite the youngster with his or her parents.

The first Ice Age picture delighted critics, with many complimenting the adventure’s humor and fun. It is the first animated picture created by 20th Century Fox Animation. Previously, Fox released animated films under the 20th Century Fox umbrella.

6. Waking Life (7.8)

Children aren’t the only ones who enjoy animated flicks.

Fox created an experimental philosophical docufiction in 2001 that explored issues such as lucid dreams, free will, and the purpose of life. This was achieved through a story about a man who traveled through a number of realities within his dreams.

The video of Waking Life was made using the rotoscoping animation process, which involves overlaying live-action footage with graphics. Viewers were both intrigued and entertained by this distinct painting style, which was combined with a complex but fluid tale.

7. Fantastic Mr. Fox (7.8)

Based on the 1970s children’s book of the same name, this 2009 stop-motion cartoon follows a fox who is forced to outwit the farmers he steals from every night after they break into his home and attempt to kill him.

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The creative style, humorous voice work, and captivating tale thrilled critics, despite the comedy’s small box office haul. Following Fantastic Mr. Fox debut, it received an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature.

8. How To Train Your Dragon 2 (7.8)

How to Train Your Dragon has always been regarded as one of the most successful computer-animated franchises. Despite the fact that the original was released by Paramount Pictures and the third installment by Universal Pictures, the second film in the series was acquired by 20th Century Fox. It did not let me down.

This time, Viking Hiccup and his dragon Toothless discover a mystical cave filled with hundreds of dragons and his long-lost mother. Though this discovery is thrilling, it quickly draws them all into a battle with Drago, a warrior.

Beautiful animations, a gripping story, and a heartwarming backdrop propelled this film to new heights.

9. Dragon Ball Super: Broly (7.9)

Yes, the twenty-first film in the Dragon Ball franchise outperformed the previous one. In fact, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is tied for first place as one of 20th Century Fox’s best-animated pictures.

The protagonists, Goku and Vegeta, are once again forced to battle the monstrous Broly. With the aforementioned Frieza lurking nearby, the duo must brace themselves for yet another massive confrontation.

Longtime fans were pleased by the film’s vibrant colors, dramatic action, deepened story, and funny scripting.

10. Isle Of Dogs (7.9)

Isle of Dogs is the second of two 20th Century Fox films to receive an excellent 7.9 rating. All the dogs in a dystopian Japan are banished to an island after they are suspected of carrying disease in this stop-motion sci-fi. Atari, a little boy, goes out to locate his bodyguard-dog, who has been dispatched to “Trash Island.”

The stop-motion style of the picture was superior to that of many other animated films. Additionally, moviegoers were enthralled by the touching plot.

Isle of Dogs managed to distinguish out from the competition by being fresh and funny. Following its release in 2018, it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

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