Kakegurui Ending: Cast, Plot and Everything You Need to Know!

kakegurui ending

The anime series that began in 2017 is the subject of this article. See Kakegurui for the 2018 live-action drama (2018 TV series).

Kakegurui (Japanese:) is a Japanese anime series based on Homura Kawamoto’s manga of the same name, which was illustrated by Tru Naomura. MAPPA is responsible for the animation of the anime television series.

It aired on Tokyo MX, MBS, and other networks from July through September 2017. From January to March 2019, a second season titled Kakegurui aired. For the second season, the cast and crew reprised their roles, as well as the staff. In 2018, Netflix began broadcasting the series.

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  • Yumeko Jabami is a Japanese actress.
    Hayami, Saori
  • Miyuki Sawashiro Kirari Momobami
  • Minami Tanaka, Mary Saotome
  • Tatsuya Tokutake Ryta Suzui
  • Yki Wakai Itsuki Sumeragi
  • Karin Nanami Yuriko Nishinotin
  • Mariya Ise Midari Ikishima
  • Yumemi Yumemite Y Serizawa Yumemi Yumemite Y Serizawa Yumemi Yumemite
  • Tomokazu Sugita Kaede Manyda
  • Yomozuki, Runa
    Udono Mayu
  • Ayaka Fukuhara Sayaka Igarashi
  • Honebami, Miloslava
    Mitsuki Saiga is a Japanese actor.

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The Ending of The Kakegurui Anime Is Original

kakegurui ending

The staff of Homura Kawamoto and Tru Naomura’s Kakegurui television anime adaptation stated on Thursday that the 12th and final episode, which airs on Saturday, will include an anime-original finale.

Yumeko Jabami and student council president Kirari Momobami make a bet, and the loser must never set foot on school premises again, according to Kawamoto, who also wrote the ending’s scenario.

On July 1, Kakegurui premiered on Tokyo MX, and the series was then broadcast on TV Aichi, RKB Mainichi Broadcasting, and BS11. The series premiered outside of Japan in 2018 and began streaming on Netflix Japan on July 2.

The original manga is being published in English by Yen Press under the title Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler, and the series is described as follows:

Hyakkaou Private Academy is a private school in Hyakkaou, Japan. An enclave for the privileged with an unusual curriculum. When you’re the sons and daughters of the wealthiest of the wealthy, it’s not about physical brilliance or academic prowess that keeps you on top.

It’s the art of the transaction, reading your opponent. What better way to polish those talents than with a rigorous gaming curriculum? The winners at Hyakkaou Private Academy live like kings, while the losers are put through the ringer. Yumeko Jabami, on the other hand, is going to show these kids what a high roller actually looks like when she enrols!

The anime is directed by Yuichiro Hayashi (Garo the Animation, PES: Peace Eco Smile), and the series scripts are written by Yasuko Kobayashi (Attack on Titan, Garo the Animation, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Shakugan no Shana).

The characters are being designed by Manabu Akita (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure episode animation director, design assistant). The anime’s music is handled by TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND (Witch Craft Works, Fate/kaleid liner PrismaIllya 3rei!!).


kakegurui ending

The season’s final bet pits the President and Yumeko (who are DEFINITELY linked in some way) against each other in a game involving a Tarot deck of 22 cards ranging in value from 1 to 21. There’s also the Fool card, which has no value.

The game’s judge is Runa Yomozuki, a little gaming brat who is all about objectivity. What are the stakes? The loser will be kicked out of the academy.

What is the name of the game? Following an enlightening discourse about fate between the President and Yumeko, they decide to take three cards in total, each symbolizing the past, present, or future. Yumeko will select the ‘past’ card first, followed by Kirari’s selection of the ‘present’ card. Suzui, the true protagonist of this episode, is the one picked to pick the ‘future’ card.

When a card is picked up, Yumeko wins points if it is facing her, but she loses points if it is facing away. If the Fool card faces her, it is an instant victory, but if it doesn’t, it is an instant lose. Yumeko wins if she has any points at the end of the game.

Yumeko accepts that the three are not her slaves,’ but her friends, during the game, Suzui confesses to Yumeko, Mary and Sumeragi get all fan-girly, and Yumeko acknowledges that the three are not her slaves,’ but her friends, a beautiful gesture from a woman who lives off gambling thrills.

Yumeko has always been just and compassionate, but now we know she also has a soft spot in her heart for friends. And it was her passion that had an impact on everyone around her. Suzuki recounts how Yumeko transformed the lives of everyone with whom she played a game in the last scene.

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