Top 10 Pete Davidson Movies: How These Movies Made Davidson a Superhit Star!

top 10 pete davidson movies

Pete Davidson has been making us laugh on Saturday Night Live for years, and his list of celebrity ex-girlfriends is often in the news. While Pete appears to fall in love frequently, the comic also enjoys acting.

Pete has played little roles in large films and big roles in lesser films that not everyone has seen, but he always contributes everything he has to every project. Pete co-wrote and appears in The King Of Staten Island, which is the film that sticks out the most.

Pete’s father was a firefighter who died tragically on 9/11, thus this film has a special value for him. While some Pete Davidson fans will watch anything he does, other moviegoers will occasionally see one of his films if the narrative appeals to them.

While some of Pete’s films have been huge hits with audiences, others haven’t earned nearly as much appreciation.

10) the King of Staten Island

Scott Carlin, a 24-year-old Staten Island resident, is a high school dropout who lives with his mother, Margie, and sister, Claire. Stan, his firefighter father, died battling a fire when he was seven years old, a loss that still affects him.

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He also has Crohn’s disease and adds, and he smokes marijuana on a regular basis. He spends his days, now that he is unemployed, hanging around with his buddies, including Kelsey, with whom he is having an 10 pete davidson movies

Scott is afraid of commitment and of not being good enough for her, therefore she wants the relationship to be more serious. Claire, who is about to go to college, is terrified that her absence would cause his neuroses to spiral out of control.

9) Saturday Night Live

Tony Manero is a 19-year-old Italian-American from Brooklyn, New York’s Bay Ridge area. He lives with his dad, grandmother, and younger sister at a modest hardware shop and works at a dead-end job.

Tony travels to the 2001 Odyssey, a local discotheque, to escape his daily life, where he is the king of the dance floor and obtains the admiration and respect he craves. Joey, Double J, Gus, and Bobby C are four of Tony’s closest Italian-American neighbors.

Annette, a neighbor girl who is smitten with Tony but not attracted to him, is a peripheral member of his group of pals.

 8) Brooklyn Nine-nine

Fox bought 13 episodes for the first season of the single-camera comedy, which was then expanded to 22 episodes. The first episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine aired on September 17, 2013.

The sitcom was canceled by Fox after five seasons on May 10, 2018, and was picked up by NBC the next day for a sixth season, which began on January 10, 2019. In February 2020, the seventh season premiere.

The eighth and final season, consisting of ten episodes, began on August 12, 2021.

7) the Rookie

The story follows John Nolan, a forty-year-old freshly divorced guy from Pennsylvania who goes to Los Angeles to pursue a new career as a police officer after unwittingly assisting police officers during a bank robbery (LAPD).

Nolan must manage the dangerous, unexpected nature of his profession after graduating from the Police Academy as the oldest rookie in the department. Despite the hurdles, he is determined to make it in his new career.

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The drama was inspired by a true tale, according to series star Nathan Fillion, who revealed in an interview that the LAPD is one of only two agencies that admit new officers above the age of 37.

Bill Norcross, who continues to serve in the LAPD and also serves as executive producer on The Rookie, was eventually revealed to be the man whose tale inspired the show’s premise.

6) Big Time Adolescence

The King Of Staten Island, directed by Pete Davidson, is a personal story, and viewers also enjoyed the 2019 Hulu film Big Time Adolescence.

As time passes, Pete Davidson’s character Zeke and Griffin Gluck’s character Mo struggle to get along and are unsure if they can stay friends. Although the plot is grim, it is also 10 pete davidson movies

“Hit pretty close to home as I’ve had to make the decision to leave people behind to grow as a person and not be weighted down,” remarked Reddit user this willow.

5) Set It Up

Pete Davidson’s film The King Of Staten Island is based on a true story, and the actor previously starred.

Some fans agreed that Set It Up is a pleasant romantic comedy when discussing it on Reddit, so even though it didn’t achieve the top IMDb rating, it appears that some people think it’s a nice movie to spend an evening with.

“Had some hilarious and cute moments, and doesn’t make for a complete waste of a date movie,” RedHerringxx wrote on Reddit. 2018 is the year of the clean slate “It’s the ideal movie to watch at home, and it’s wonderful for Netflix!

It’s an excellent 8/10 romantic comedy.” With a 68 percent Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score, it’s apparent that many people enjoy this film and that it stands out among others.

4)  The King of Staten Island

One of Pete Davidson’s most well-known films is The King Of Staten Island. Pete Davidson’s performance was praised by many Reddit users, with prolelol calling it “one of the best performances of the year.”

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The film follows Scott (played by Pete), who is grieving the loss of his fireman father, and was co-written by Pete, Judd Apatow, and Dave Sirus. Scott aspires to be a tattoo artist, and he’s trying to figure out who he is while pursuing his aspirations.

3) The Jesus Rolls

Bobby Cannavale and Susan Sarandon both have important roles in this film, and Pete Davidson plays the character Jack Become. The film was written and directed by John Turturro, who also stars in it.

The film is a spin-off of the popular film The Big Lebowski, although it hasn’t received the same level of critical acclaim as the original.

2) The Suicide Squad

Pete Davidson made a cameo appearance in Suicide Squad, which received a 7.3 out of 10 rating on IMDb. Pete rented out a Long Island movie theatre. Pete accepted to work on Suicide Squad after learning that James Gunn’s character is named Dick 10 pete davidson movies

“He was generous enough to let me be in it,” Pete remarked. Fans enjoyed Pete Davidson’s role in Suicide Squad, with Reddit user Gato1980 stating that despite his tiny role, he was fantastic:

I wish Pete had more screen time, but he did a fantastic job with what he had. He appeared to be having a good time as well.”

1) School Dance

School Dance is another low-rated Pete Davidson film. Nick Cannon wrote and directed the film, which was released in 2014.

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In this film about teenager dance competitions, Pete Davidson portrays Stinkfinger, who is seeking to win over Anastacia, whom he loves.

This picture received a 73 percent Audience Score, which is lower than some of Pete Davidson’s earlier films. The film also didn’t get a lot of positive feedback.


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