The Quarry Ending Explained: Who Survives and Who Dies!

the quarry ending explained

The Quarry is a 2020 American mystery thriller film directed by Scott Teems, based on the 1995 novel of the same name by Damon Galgut, and written by Teems and Andrew Brotzman. Shea Whigham, Michael Shannon, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Bobby Soto, Bruno Bichir, and Alvaro Martinez are among the cast members.

Lionsgate will release it in theatres on April 17, 2020.


  • Shea Whigham in the role of The Man
  • Chief Moore is played by Michael Shannon.
  • Celia is played by Catalina Sandino Moreno.
  • Valentin is played by Bobby Soto.
  • David Martin is played by Bruno Bichir.
  • Poco is played by Alvaro Martinez.

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The End of The Quarry Is Explained

Valentin plans to flee the court, leaving Poco with Celia. He gets injured in the process, but the next morning he wakes up on a boat with a man named David Martin. Overwhelmed by his guilt, the man admits to murdering Martin and posing as him.

We also learn why he was trying to elude the officers in the first place. He’d murdered both his wife and her boyfriend. That memory was the burning mansion he saw in his dreams. The Man says it doesn’t matter who he is when Valentin asks who he is. Valentin stabs the Man to death, but he dies from his wounds.

When the Chief returns to Bevel, he discovers that Celia has vanished. He discovers a button from the genuine David Martin’s shirt in the restroom, confirming his suspicions about the Man. Valentin had been telling the truth all along, he realizes.

Celia and Poco are seen leaving town and following the train tracks in the final scene. The Man had previously inquired about Celia’s desire to leave town. She didn’t find it easy at the moment, but she eventually musters the fortitude and leaves that life behind, with Poco by her side.


the quarry ending explained

In West Texas, preacher David Martin discovers a man unconscious on the side of the road. David is on his way to Bevel, a little town where he will be the next preacher. The man kills David and flees to Bevel when they arrive to a nearby quarry.

When the man arrives at the house where David was supposed to stay, he claims to be David and is offered accommodation and board by Celia, Chief Moore’s girlfriend from the three-man local sheriff’s department.

At the quarry, Celia’s cousins, adult Valentin and adolescent Poco, grow marijuana. They take the real preacher’s possessions, including bloody garments, from the van. They are eventually apprehended at the quarry, but the Chief discovers David’s body and accuses the cousins of murder.

The man is well-liked by the congregation, who believe he is an excellent preacher since he does not pass judgment.

The Chief feels the man is guilty, but he is unable to prove it. To save Poco, Valentin confesses to the murder.

Valentin eludes the court, gets shot by the Chief, and flees into the night. The next day, the man finds him and admits to killing the actual David Martin and being on the run after killing his own wife and her lover. Valentin assassinates the man before dying to his injuries.

Celia and Poco are planning to leave town together.

Who Dies and Who Survives

the quarry ending explained

The morning will arrive once you’ve made it through the night and decided whether or not to murder Silas and put an end to the virus for good. The game will cycle through all of the characters in the game, from playable to non-playable, throughout this sequence.

This contains members of the Hacketts family, such as Silas, Chris, and Caleb, who, depending on your choices, can be killed or left alive.

It will reveal if they were killed, died, or were mauled to death by one of the Infected people at the quarry.

Individual deaths can vary based on who kills them and how they die, resulting in a wide range of outcomes for who collectively survives or dies. However, the credits screen, not this point, marks the end of the game.

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