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Demon Souls Ending Explained: What Did You Think of The Ending

Demon’s Souls is an action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Japan Studio for the PlayStation 3. It was released in February 2009 in Japan by Sony Computer Entertainment, October 2009 in North America by Atlus USA, and June 2010 in PAL countries by Namco Bandai Partners. FromSoftware’s King’s Field series is said to be a spiritual successor to this game.

Demon’s Souls takes place in Boletaria, a kingdom that has been swallowed by a dark creature known as the Old One, and is set after its liberation through the employment of illegal Soul Arts. Players assume the role of a hero sent to Boletaria to assassinate the kingdom’s fallen ruler Allant and appease the Old One.

Players navigate five different worlds from a central hub called the Nexus, with a focus on tough combat and systems involving player death and respawning. Player cooperation and global invasions with player versus player fighting are both possible in online multiplayer.


Demon’s Souls is an action role-playing game in which players take on the character of an adventurer exploring the cursed realm of Boletaria. Players can select their gender and look at the start of the game. Aspects of personalization have an impact on numerous gameplay statistics (stats).

The player character is assigned a starting character class, which has an impact on their attributes, however this can be changed later in the game, essentially changing the player’s class when combined with a new weapon choice. The Nexus core world is divided into six regions, with five more worlds broken into four areas, each ending with a monster fight.

Weapon strikes and blocks are timed, and different weapon kinds open up varied combat choices while also changing the player’s movement speed. Most activities deplete a stamina metre, which must be managed as part of combat.

By defeating an enemy, the player earns Souls, which serve as both experience points for improving various stats and game currency for buying new weapons, armour, and stuff. The amount of souls required increases as the player invests more. In addition to souls, players can retrieve goods for upgrading such as weaponry and ore.

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demon souls ending explained

The setting for Demon’s Souls is the realm of Boletaria. Boletaria was assaulted by an entity known as the Old One in ancient times owing to the misuse of magic known as the Soul Arts. The mystical “Deep Fog” and the soul-eating demons it spawned were on the verge of consuming the entire earth.

The Old One was eventually lulled to sleep, sparing what was left of Boletaria, while some survivors became long-lived Monumentals to serve as warnings to future generations. In the present day, King Allant, the monarch of Boletaria, restored the Soul Arts, reawakening the Old One and his demon army. Demons are now consuming Boletaria, and those without souls are becoming crazed monsters.

Players assume the character of an explorer venturing into the thick fog that has engulfed Boletaria. The player wakes up in the Nexus after being killed and encounters a beneficent demon known as the Maiden in Black, as well as other characters.

A Satisfactory Conclusion

By leaving the Maiden in Black after her speech, this conclusion is chosen. The player character has withstood the Old One’s allure of unfathomable power, saving Boletaria and the rest of the universe in the process by assisting the Maiden in Black in lulling the Old One back to sleep.

With the passing of time, the Old One and the Maiden leave, and while Boletaria is safe, knowledge of the Soul Arts is lost once more. The souls lost in the demons’ havoc will be lost for all time, but the world now has a new monumental of unrivalled power to protect it: the Slayer of Demons.

Ending with An Evil Twist

demon souls ending explained

By killing the Maiden in Black, you can choose this ending. In order to satiate their thirst for souls, the player character has succumbed to the temptation of power and will condemn the entire planet. The Old One will soon wrap the entire earth in the Deep Fog, sensing a new and strong monster by its side.

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