Straight up Ending Explained: Cast, Plot and More Updates!

straight up ending explained

James Sweeney wrote, produced, and directed Straight Up, a 2019 independent film. Katie Findlay, Dana Drori, James Scully, Tracie Thoms, Betsy Brandt, and Randall Park co-star alongside Sweeney. On July 23, 2019, the film premiered at Outfest. Strand Releasing distributed the film in a limited release on February 28, 2020.


Rory is played by Katie Findlay.
Todd, Topanga, and Wallace’s son Dana Drori are all played by James Sweeney.
Ryder is played by James Scully.
Dr. Larson is played by Tracie Thoms.
Topanga, Todd’s mother and Wallace’s wife, is played by Betsy Brandt.
Wallace, Todd’s father and Topanga’s husband, is played by Randall Park.

The Finale

Rory begins to rethink their arrangement of not having sex after an unpleasant Christmas gathering with Todd’s pals. After yet another failed audition, she reconsiders her life choices and returns to Seattle.

Todd doesn’t take it well and returns to therapy to figure out where he went wrong in his self-perception and the nature of his sexuality. Eventually, he returns to Rory and discovers that she is his soulmate, regardless of their current relationship.

Rory, on the other hand, is adjusting to her new life in Seattle. She tries to establish friends and finds herself back in the same situation as before she met Todd. When a colleague expresses curiosity, a prospect emerges, but nothing comes of it.

Todd unexpectedly appears outside her workplace one day and urges her to return to him. He asks for her hand in marriage with a great gesture of dancers in the backdrop, but she declines.

Todd then starts singing “Baby, if you love me, won’t you just give me a smile?” multiple times. Rory is seen straining to keep a smile from appearing on her face, and just as we get a glimmer of it, the picture cuts to darkness.

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Summary of The Plot

straight up ending explained

Todd, a twenty-something man from Los Angeles with OCD, has a significant allergy to bodily fluids, which makes romantic relationships difficult for him. He likes the men he dates, but he’s never had penetrative intercourse with them, save from an attempt at oral sex.

He eventually decides to try dating women and tries to hook up with one after getting intoxicated with her, but his hymen breaks and he freaks out. Todd’s therapist questions whether this sexual exploration is a smart idea, but he fears being alone and vows to keep trying.

In the self-help section of a library, he meets Rory, a failing actress who has problems emotionally connecting with others. They instantly like each other since they share the same unique sense of humour.

They spent the rest of the evening talking and connecting with one other. Rory quickly settles in with Todd and begins accompanying him on his numerous house-sitting assignments.

Todd’s friends are against his connection with Rory because they see it as a manifestation of Todd’s internalized homophobia, and they regularly question their validity. Rory agrees to pursue a love connection with him, but not sexually. Todd is concerned that Rory’s parents will like him more now that he is dating a lady after Todd introduces Rory to his parents.

Rory sneaks in on Todd in an uncomfortable situation with his gay friend during an awkward Christmas party with Todd’s buddies where they play truth or dare and flees.

Rory grows dissatisfied with her life in Los Angeles and decides to go to Seattle. Rory mentions she might desire kids during their breakup chat (they had previously agreed neither of them wanted children), and Todd had a panic attack.

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