Under Suspicion Ending Explained: Is Henry the Killer?

under suspicion ending explained

Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Monica Bellucci, and Thomas Jane star in Under Suspicion, a 2000 American-French thriller directed by Stephen Hopkins and starring Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Monica Bellucci, and Thomas Jane.

The film is based on the French film Garde à vue from 1981 and the British novel Brainwash by John Wainwright from the 1970s. At the 2000 Cannes Film Festival, it was screened outside of competition.


  • Henry Hearst is played by Gene Hackman.
  • Captain Morgan Freeman Benezet, Victor
  • Detective Thomas Jane Owens, Felix
  • Chantal Hearst is played by Monica Bellucci.
  • Isabella is played by Nydia Caro.
  • As supervisor, Miguel ngel Suárez
  • Detective Castillo is played by Pablo Cunqueiro.
  • Camille Rodriguez is played by Isabel Algaze.
  • Maria Rodriguez is played by Jacqueline Duprey.
  • Paco Rodriguez is played by Luis Caballero.
  • Darlita is played by Patricia Beato.
  • Reina is played by Soledad Esponda.
  • Peter is played by Hector Travieso.
  • Sergeant Arias is played by Marisol Calero.
  • Sue Ellen Huddy Noel is played by Vanessa Shenk. At the carnival, Oscar Alicea Colon
  • dressed up as a man in white.

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The Finale

under suspicion ending explained

The interrogation of Henry and Chantal, as well as the investigation of their home, uncover the ties that connect Henry to both of the deaths, proving Victor’s suspicions correct. They obtain Henry’s confession after he finds that his wife despises him so much that she assisted the detectives in gathering evidence to prove he is the murderer.

Victor learns that the true murderer has been apprehended just as he confesses. While this clears him of all charges, Henry’s life has been forever altered.

Chantal learns how her rage at him almost destroyed him completely. She considers killing herself because she feels terrible, but she returns to Henry to plead for forgiveness. But he’s too depressed right now to forgive her.

Whatever trust they had left in their marriage has vanished, and the damage caused by the interrogation cannot be undone. While Henry and Chantal contemplate their predicament, Victor mulls over the damage he has caused and how he almost accused an innocent man for a horrible murder.

Summary of The Plot

On his way to a charity function, Henry Hearst receives a call from Victor, asking him to come down to the police station and review his statement in connection with a murder investigation.

It’s meant to be a ten-minute meeting, but it turns into a full-fledged investigation into his personal life. His darkest secrets and thoughts are gradually revealed, and while Victor tries to prove his guilt, Henry maintains his innocence.

Is Henry the Assassin?

under suspicion ending explained

One of the best aspects of ‘Under Suspicion’ is how skillfully it exploits our curiosity about Henry’s culpability. It goes back and forth between refuting and proving his innocence, making us wonder if we can trust his assertions or the judgment of a seasoned cop.

The interrogation begins with his lies being exposed. He is a well-respected member of the community who will give a speech at a charity event to benefit children affected by the recent catastrophe. This begins to build a case in his favour, since even Victor’s boss refuses to think Henry is the person they’re seeking for.

Victor and his junior Owens, on the other hand, believe that Henry’s lies are enough to prove that he is the murderer. We feel Victor is correct about this because he is a good person rather than a hothead like Owens. Why should we not believe Morgan Freeman?

However, there is no substantial evidence that Henry is guilty. He didn’t leave any DNA evidence at the crime scene, and he didn’t leave anything at the crime scene that may be linked to him. The circumstantial proof is all the cops have.

This is where the interrogation delves into the characters’ moral position and makes us rethink our own beliefs. Henry seduced his much-younger wife while she was still a teenager, we learn. It is revealed through her that the reason she should file for divorce is that she discovered him seducing her niece, a teenager.

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