Scareface Ending: Cast, Plot and Everything You Need to Know!

scareface ending

‘Scarface’ is an American crime drama film that was directed by Brian De Palma and written by Oliver Stone. Tony Montana (Al Pacino) is a Cuban immigrant who arrives in Miami during the Mariel boatlift and becomes a powerful and exceedingly violent drug lord.

It is based on the 1929 novel of the same name and serves as a loose adaptation of the 1932 film. Michelle Pfeiffer, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Robert Loggia are among the film’s stars. To Howard Hawks and Ben Hecht, the writers of the first Scarface movie, De Palma dedicated this new Scarface.

When Pacino saw the 1932 film for the first time, he and producer Martin Bregman started working on a remake. Before De Palma replaced Sidney Lumet and engaged Stone to write the script, Lumet was the original director. Filming took place in Los Angeles and Miami between November 1982 and May 1983. Giorgio Moroder composed the soundtrack for the picture.


  • Tony Montana, a Miami drug boss who is a Cuban refugee, is played by Al Pacino.
  • Manny Ray, played by Steven Bauer, is a close friend and confidant of Tony.
  • As Elvira, Frank Lopez’s wife, Michelle Pfeiffer plays Tony Montana’s wife.
  • Gina, Tony’s sister, is played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.
  • Frank Lopez (Robert Loggia), a drug boss in Miami, tutors Tony and Manny.
  • Mama Montana, Tony’s judgmental mother, played by Mriam Colón.
  • For the sake of clarity, we will refer to F. Murray Acting as Frank’s right-hand man Omar, who is wary of Tony, Abraham plays
  • Alejandro Sosa (Paul Shenar), a Bolivian drug lord and supplier to Tony, is played by Shenar.
  • Lopez’s corrupt police officer, Harris Yulin as Bernstein, tries to extort Tony.
  • As Chi-Chi, ngel Salazar portrays Tony’s pal.
  • A bodyguard for Frank, Arnaldo Santana portrays Ernie, who goes on to work for Tony.
  • Angel, Tony’s best buddy, is played by Pepe Serna.
  • Nick the Pig, played by Michael P. Moran, is Tony’s lieutenant.
  • Hector the Toad, a Colombian cocaine smuggler played by Al Israel
  • Tony uses Dennis Holahan, a banker, to launder his money.
  • Shadow, a Sosa henchman played by Mark Margolis
  • Sheffield, played by Michael Alldredge, is Tony’s lawyer.
  • Seidelbaum, an undercover police officer played by Ted Beniades
  • In the role of Pedro Quinn, the chairman of Andes Sugar Corp., Albert Carrier appeared.
  • Cordova from the Cuban Diner is now a taco stand cook.

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How Scarface’s Ending Is Explained

scareface ending

While the 1983 film Scarface was a remake, it nonetheless holds a special place in American crime film history. Even to this day, the story of Tony Montana, as depicted by Al Pacino, and his ascent to fame has remained a part of popular culture. I challenge you to meet someone without hearing the famous opening remark, “Say hi to my little friend.”

As a result, Scarface was a contentious film when it was released. The movie received a lot of flak for glorifying violence and drugs in a way that was thoughtless.

Before Brian De Palma’s successful appeal to the MPAA, the film was one of the few of its era to be given an X classification. Scarface’s conclusion reveals that being a brutal gangster and living a life of crime has no true worth, despite the film’s gore and opulence.

The terrible ending of Tony Montana’s story is part of what made him so recognisable. He achieved great wealth and notoriety during his brief stay in the United States, but he was swiftly and brutally killed at the end of Scarface.

Tony Montana, in contrast to other heroes, ignores the moral of his story at the end of his trip and comes out on top. Inflated ego and ruthlessness earned him money and power, but it also lost him his life.

As a result of his egotistical behaviour, he loses or betrays several of his closest friends and family members. And when he keeps on betraying the most powerful drug traffickers in Miami and beyond, Tony unwittingly brings about his own demise.

Tony is adamant in his refusal to surrender in the face of an army of thugs encroaching on his estate. It doesn’t matter that he can’t hold on to his gun anymore—he won’t be silenced by one.

Tony Montana is ultimately taken out by a covert shotgun blast from behind. “The world is yours” is written on the decorative globe as his body falls to the ground. The irony of Tony Montana’s abrupt and unexpected demise is palpable.

Tony Montana has refused to accept that his greatest weakness is pride. One of the things that made Tony so famous was that he didn’t accept anything from anyone. He insists on doing things the way he does them because he will not compromise his principles.

Short term, Tony’s pride drives him to the limit of accomplishment. To get the lucrative transaction with the cartel, he would not have needed the guts to go against his boss’ orders.

He created numerous enemies and lost contact with all of his allies as a result of this decision. Disowned by his mom, his wife is killed in a car accident, and he is kicked out of the house by his father. Finally, Tony’s only source of support is gone when the cartel gunned killed his sister.

Scarface’s ending leaves the audience wondering what may have happened if things had gone differently.

It’s undeniable that Tony had the zeal and aptitude to be successful in any endeavour to which he put his mind. He could have been a great man if he had not betrayed his family and the strong mafia he worked with. Rather, his unwavering pride brought him a brutal end.

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