Who Is Lindsie Chrisley Dating? Why Did Lindsie and Will Campbell Get Divorce?

Who Is Lindsie Chrisley Dating

Who Is Lindsie Chrisley Dating? Lindsie Chrisley ‘Campbell’ (born September 17, 1989) is a talented American reality television star. She starred in the USA Network reality series ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ from 2014 to 2017.

She is also well-known for being Todd Chrisley‘s eldest daughter, a self-made millionaire.

What About Lindsie Chrisley’s Early Life?

Lindsie Chrisley was born in South Carolina on September 17, 1989, to Todd Chrisley and Teresa Terry. She is a citizen of the United States and is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Lindsie Chrisley grew up with her parents and siblings Kyle Chrisley, Savannah Chrisley, and Chase Chrisley. When she was a child, her parents split and went their separate ways owing to irreconcilable issues.

Her father remarried Julie Chrisley, who is now her stepmother, as a result of this. Despite this, she and her stepmother get along swimmingly.

How Did Lindsie Chrisley Rise To Prominence?

Who Is Lindsie Chrisley Dating

She became well-known after starring in the TV show Chrisley Knows Best, which is about her family’s lifestyle. The show debuted on March 11, 2014, and has already been renewed for a sixth season.

There are also 91 episodes and three specials included. She also has a blog called Living Like Chrisley, which she updates often. Furthermore, the site receives a lot of attention as a result of Lindsie Chrisley’s notoriety.

Lindsie Chrisley is the co-host of the popular podcast Coffee Convos with Lindsie Chrisley and Kailyn Lowry. She also runs a fashion line, the Lindsie Chrisley collection, in collaboration with Shop FYH.

Why Did Chrisley and Lowry Decide To Discontinue Podcast?

Chrisley and Lowry, on the other hand, announced on December 16 that they would be unable to continue their podcast at this time.

The reason for their hiatus was not revealed, but Lowry confessed in a statement that the decision to suspend the podcast was not theirs to make; they were compelled to take a break due to circumstances beyond their control.

Fans have doubts regarding Lowry and Chrisley’s decision because they haven’t talked anything more about it. Some supporters believe Lowry’s decision is linked to his recent outburst about crazed fans.

Many individuals feel Kailyn Lowry would not shut down a money stream over a few irate followers. The shutdown is more likely to be caused by Lindsie Chrisley’s family.

While the Chrisleys and Lowry have both appeared on reality television, their dysfunction is on a whole different level. In the last year, tax evasion accusations have been filed, and evidence of harmful behavior has been made public.

Some fans suspected Todd Chrisley’s legal woes had something to do with the podcast’s cancellation.

Todd Chrisley, Lindsie’s father, was charged with tax evasion in August of this year. While Todd and his wife, Julie, were able to reach an agreement with Georgia, the event harmed their connection with their estranged daughter.

Why did Lindsie Chrisley Quit Her Father’s Reality Show?

Who Is Lindsie Chrisley Dating

Though the divorce appeared to be without incident, Lindsie and Campbell‘s relationship had a difficult start. They met when they were 19 years old and struck it off right away, but Todd was not a fan of the relationship and tried to prevent them from getting together.

Lindsie and Campbell went away together in 2012 in order to marry without Todd’s permission. This caused a schism in the family, exacerbating Lindsie’s conflict with her father.

Lindsie agreed to appear on her father’s reality show once the tension was first healed. Lindsie, on the other hand, left the program and Todd’s orbit in 2017. Lindsie appears to be keeping her distance from her father for the time being.

Why Did Lindsie Chrisley and Will Campbell Get Divorce?

Throughout the happy and terrible times? Lindsie Chrisley and Will Campbell had been through a lot in their relationship, but in July 2021, they decided to call it quits.

After meeting one year before at Georgia State University, the Chrisley Knows Best grad fell in love with Campbell in 2009. The TV personality’s family, on the other hand, was not overjoyed by the couple’s relationship.

After the couple eloped in 2012, tensions between the “Southern Tea” podcast host and her father, Todd Chrisley, increased.

Who Is Lindsie Chrisley Dating

“I was unhappy with the way the marriage began. “Not just on Will’s side, but also on my daughter’s side,” Todd told E!

News after one of Lindsie and Campbell’s breakups in August 2016. “I don’t believe the marriage started out the way it should have, and certainly not the way a parent would want a marriage to begin.”

“You know, a father’s hope when he has a child or a daughter is that one day a young guy will come knocking on the door and say, ‘Mr. Chrisley, I love your daughter so much, may I have her hand in marriage?'” the reality star continued. That was never the case. “There was a lack of respect.”

To Whom Lindsie Chrisley is Now Dating (2022)?

According to our records, Lindsie Chrisley is presently single.

On September 17, 1989, the Reality Star was born in South Carolina. Chrisley Knows Best is a hit USA Network reality show starring the eldest child of Todd and Julie Chrisley.

Lindsie Chrisley is not dating anyone as of 2022. Lindsie is a 32-year-old woman. Lindsie Chrisley had at least one previous relationship, according to CelebsCouples. She has never been married before. Lindsie Chrisley is currently without a boyfriend.

Lindsie Chrisley’s Net Worth

Although an exact figure for Lindsie’s net worth is difficult to come by, it is apparent that she is wealthy. The List estimated her net worth to be between $1.5 million and $2 million, citing the show, her podcast, and social media advertisements as sources of income.

Despite the fact that Lindsie has departed the reality show, she appears to have a sizable income.

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Chrisley rose to prominence after appearing on Chrisley Knows Best, a reality television show about Todd Chrisley, a real estate mogul from Georgia.

Todd, on the other hand, has been linked to white-collar crime and has been accused of sexual extortion and abusive behavior. As a result, despite appearing in numerous seasons of the show, Lindsie quit pursuing other interests. She maintains a social media presence and co-hosts a podcast.


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