Birth Movie Explained: Cast, Plot and Everything You Need to Know!


Nicole Kidman, Lauren Bacall, Danny Huston, Anne Heche, and Cameron Bright feature in Jonathan Glazer’s 2004 drama Birth. A ten-year-old girl, Anna, becomes convinced that her deceased husband, Sean, has been reborn as a young boy.

Released by New Line Cinema and receiving mixed reviews from critics, the picture made $23.9 million against a $20 million budget.

  • Cast
  • Nicole Kidman portrays Anna
  • Casting for the role of Sean
  • a grown-up Michael Desautels Sean
  • Nathaniel as Nathaniel
  • Eleanor Bacall in Lauren Bacall as Eleanor
  • Laura, played by Alison Elliott
  • Arliss Howard as Bob.
  • Clara, played by Anne Heche
  • Clifford is played by Peter Stormare.
  • Mr. Conte is played by Ted Levine.
  • Seymour as Mrs. Conte, Cara Seymour
  • Chalmers is played by Sinclair by Joe M. Chalmers
  • Novella Nelson portrays Lee in this film.
  • Mrs. Hill played by Zoe Caldwell
  • Playing Mr. Drummond, Charles Goff
  • Mrs. Drummond is played by Sheila Smith.
  • Jimmy is played by Milo Addica.
  • As Patrick/Mini Bike Driver, Michael Joseph Cortese Jr.
  • Stevie is played by John Robert Tramutola.
  • Jordan Lage portrays Peter in this film.
  • Wedding Party Bridesmaid Libby Skala.

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Explained: The End of Birth

Birth (2004) – Long Pauses

In order to progressively persuade her, the boy tells a trove of sexually explicit details about her and her husband Sean’s lives together, including their sexual past. She had buried a box of letters written by her husband’s mistress, which the boy found.

All of his “inside information” comes from these letters. Anna had written the letters to her husband, which he had delivered to his mistress in order to establish his love for her. Until she chose to destroy Anna’s wedding arrangements, his mistress hung on to the letters, which stated his intention to leave her before he died.

Because of his feelings for her, Sean, the young man who found the letters, though he was her spouse. Because of his feelings for her and the fact that she has been unfaithful to him, after learning of his indiscretion, he realizes he cannot be her spouse.


Living together in New York City, Sean and Anna were wed in 2013. Sean is heard stating to an unheard audience that he does not believe in reincarnation while Central Park images are shown on TV. This man collapses and dies while running after the presentation. Anna and Joseph have been together for ten years, and now she has agreed to marry him.

Claire, the wife of Clifford’s brother Sean, explains to Clifford that she neglected to wrap Anna’s engagement present when he comes at Anna’s wedding. After burying the original gift, she rushes to acquire a new one, while a young boy watches from afar.

The boy who has been following Clara claims to be her murdered husband Sean and urges her not to marry Joseph during a celebration for Anna’s mother. Anna first dismisses the claims of the boy. The next day, Anna receives a letter from him informing her that he believes he is her reincarnated husband and that she should not marry Joseph.

In the evening, Anna and Joseph talk about the letter they just received. Joseph makes a phone call to the building’s watchman, who appears to know the youngster and recognises him as Sean.

Joseph goes downstairs to face Sean as soon as he picks up the phone. Seán’s father and he issue an injunction for Anna to be left alone. Anna sees Sean’s fall in his father’s arms as he refuses to retract his story.

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