Jim Brown Net Worth: How Fast Was He in the 40-yard Dash?

jim brown net worth

James Nathaniel Brown was born on St. Simons Island, Georgia, on February 17th, 1936. His father was a boxer who competed professionally. Jim participated in football, lacrosse, baseball, and basketball during his high school years.

He also became a member of the track and field team. Brown would show talent in all of these sports, particularly basketball, despite his eventual success as a football player.

Brown attended Syracuse University and played for the school team after graduating from high school. During these years, he performed admirably and demonstrated his potential as an NFL player in the future.

During his tenure at Syracuse, Jim was a member of several other sports teams, including the basketball, track, and lacrosse teams. This time, he’d show a lot of promise at lacrosse. In lacrosse, he was eventually awarded a first-team All-American.

Brown moved as though he weighed 185 pounds, according to Patriots coach Bill Belichick, according to Sports Illustrated. He allegedly ran a 4.5-second 40-yard sprint while wearing pads and beginning from a three-point stance in 1958.

1. Playing Career

Despite his considerable talent in a variety of sports, Brown chose to play in the National Football League. During the 1957 NFL draught, he was chosen by the Cleveland Browns.

After rushing for 237 yards in a game against the Los Angeles Rams, he soon demonstrated his ability. With 1,527 yards rushing in 1958, he set a new single-season record. Jim scored 17 touchdowns during his MVP season, nine more than his closest competitor.

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Brown opted to retire after nine years with the Cleveland Browns. During this time, he had accomplished an unbelievable number of things. Jim had set career highs in rushing yards, touchdowns, total touchdowns, and all-purpose yards.

He was also the first player in NFL history to score more than 100 rushing touchdowns, a feat only a few players have duplicated since then. Despite the fact that the season has just been increased from 12 to 16 games, this remains the case. jim brown net worth

Brown’s final Pro Bowl game was a memorable one, as he scored three touchdowns before retiring from football. He retired at the age of 29, which is far younger than the average player today.

Brown earned a reputation for being incredibly difficult to tackle during his playing career, and it generally took more than one defender to bring him down. In 1964, Jim won the NFL championship, which was a significant accomplishment in his playing career.

2. Acting Career

Brown began his acting career before leaving the NFL, with his first notable appearance in 1964’s “Rio Conchos,” a Western film. Regrettably, the picture was met with mixed reviews. In London, Jim began working on his second feature, “The Dirty Dozen,” in 1966.

Brown portrayed Robert Jefferson, a convict dispatched with a hit team to assassinate German officers prior to D-Day. As a result of his dedication to this project, he had to retire from football.

The film was a huge success, and it led to more opportunities for Brown in the future. Jim landed another important role in the film “Dark of the Sun” after playing a villain in an episode of “I Spy.” After that, he got a part in “Ice Station Zebra.”

These roles helped him prepare for his destiny as a Hollywood starring man. His first starring part as a leading man was in “The Split,” for which he reportedly received $125,000. Brown then went on to perform “Riot.”

Both films were box office successes, earning Jim the title of “Hollywood’s first black action star.” Brown subsequently went on to star in “100 Rifles” in 1969, before moving on to “Kenner” in 1970.

Brown had established himself as the main man by the 1970s, starring in films such as “The Grasshopper,” “El Condor,” “Slaughter,” “Black Gunn,” and “Three the Hard Way,” and others.

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This was the heyday of Hollywood’s so-called “blaxploitation era,” which lasted until 1975. Brown’s near-endless prospects for prominent roles came to an end with “Take a Hard Ride. Jim’s performing opportunities became scarcer during the next two decades.

Towards the end of the 1970s, he did manage to act in films such as “Fingers.” During the 1980s, he primarily focused on television roles, including appearances on shows such as “Knight Rider,” “The A-Team,” and “CHiPs.”

He also appeared in films such as “The Running Man,” “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka,” “Mars Attacks!,” “Sucker Free City,” and “Any Given Sunday” beginning in the 1980s.

3. Relationships

Jim divorced Sue Brown in 1968 after first marrying her in 1959. Over the course of their partnership, they had three children together. Later, he was charged with assault and battery on an 18-year-old girl.

jim brown net worth

After reportedly fathering a kid with this female, he was later served with a paternity complaint. He eventually married Monique Brown, his second wife.

Brown was accused of making terrorist threats against his wife after they had two children together. He’s also facing charges of domestic violence.

4. Personal Life and Legal Troubles

In September 1959, Brown married his first wife, Sue Brown. In 1968, she filed for divorce, accusing him of “gross neglect.” Kim and Kevin (b. 1960) were twins, while James Jr. (b. 1962) was their third child.

In 1972, their divorce was formalized. Brown was sentenced to pay alimony of $2,500 per month and child support of $100 per week. Brown was detained in his hotel room in 1965 for assault and battery on Brenda Ayres, an 18-year-old girl; he was eventually cleared of the allegations.

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He battled paternity suspicions that he fathered Brenda Ayres’ kid a year later. After model Eva Bohn-Chin was discovered beneath the balcony of Brown’s second-floor apartment in 1968, Brown was charged with assault with intent to murder.

5. Sporting Accolades

Brown was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1971 as a result of his illustrious professional career. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame for his football achievements at Syracuse.

Brown averaged 104.3 yards per game and 5.2 yards per rush in 118 career games, second only to Barry Sanders’ 99.8 yards per game and 5.0 yards per carrying.

For example, Hall of Famer Walter Payton averaged only 88 yards per game and 4.4 yards per carrying during his career. Emmitt Smith only averaged 81.2 yards per game and 4.2 yards per rush.

Brown held the yards-per-carry record for a running back with at least 750 carries from 1965 until 2012 when Jamaal Charles broke it, but he is still in second place all-time more than 50 years after his last NFL game.

6. Jim Brown Net Worth

Jim Brown has a $30 million net worth as a former professional football player and actor in the United States. Brown has had two successful careers, one in athletics and the other in acting. jim brown net worth

He rose to popularity in the NFL as a professional fullback, earning a reputation as one of the best running backs of all time and one of the best players in the league’s history.

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With the Cleveland Browns, he won an NFL championship in 1964. Brown led the league in rushing yards in all but one of his nine seasons in the league. His 5.2 yards per carrying average ranks second all-time among running backs.

He was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1971. Following his retirement from football, Jim pursued a successful acting career, landing numerous prominent roles in the 1970s.

7. Real Estate

Jim purchased a big property in the Hollywood Hills in 1968. The house is now worth between $6 and $10 million. He also owns a Miami condo.


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