Good on Paper Ending: Plot, Cast and Everything You Need to Know!

good on paper ending

Filmed in 2021, Good on Paper is an American romantic comedy film written and directed by Kimmy Gatewood on her directorial debut. Margaret Cho, Ryan Hansen and Rebecca Rittenhouse are among the cast members.

Netflix premiered the film on June 23, 2021, and it is currently available for streaming.


As Andrea Singer, a stand-up comedian, Iliza Shlesinger portrays a woman who prioritizes her job over her personal life.

Ryan Hansen portrays Andrea’s love interest, Dennis Kelley, in the film. In spite of his Yale degree and hedge fund manager title, nothing about him is quite what it appears to be.

Margot, Andrea’s bar owner and best friend, is played by Margaret Cho. She has doubts about Dennis’s account.

In the role of Serrena Halstead, Rebecca Rittenhouse plays Andrea’s competitor actress who appears to obtain a lot of the roles that Andrea auditions for.

A Yale graduate, Matt McGorry plays Andrea’s cousin Brett.

Mr. Ruggedly Attractive Tyler Cameron

Chanterelle Taylor Hill

Dennis’ roommate Maggie, played by Kimia Behpoornia

Dover, Beth as Leslie

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An Explanation of the ‘Good on Paper’ Ending

good on paper ending

The truth of Dennis’s past lies was finally revealed to Andrea and Margot. There were several lies, including his Yale degree and his mother’s condition. In other words, he was a fraud and a liar.

In other words, Dennis was suffering from narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). He craved a sense of importance. Roommate Dennis revealed that Dennis has no interest in hedge funds or Yale.

Debt had engulfed him to the point where the house was uninhabitable. Despite this, he boasted about the women he was seeing. Dennis went so far as to recount the meeting with Andrea to his fellow dorm mates his own version of events. Andrea approached him and requested for his phone number, according to his account.

Dennis was forced to reveal his lies when Margot and Andrea made him inebriated. As a drunk and terrified Dennis confessed to Andrea, he was smitten with her and approached her on the plane.

In order for Andrea to become interested in him, he interacted with her and lied about his occupation and education. People respected Dennis from Yale, he said, and that made it easier for him to break the ice.

Dennis accused Andrea of kidnapping and assault after she released go of the deceptive impersonator. Fortunately, the judge ruled in our favour. In order to protect herself from Dennis, the phoney, Andrea obtained a restraining order.

As Maggie and Leslie looked on, Dennis exited the room. He vanished without a trace. Andrea’s vengeance was to sell Dennis’s engagement ring and put up a warning on a billboard in the form of a warning. Dennis Kelly’s deceptions were brought to light via a large banner.

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good on paper ending

Stand-up comic Andrea Singer is also an aspiring actress. Andrea sees Dennis Kelley at the airport on her way home after an audition when he returns her boarding pass.

When Andrea sits next to Dennis, a Yale-educated hedge fund manager, he tells her about his career path. They begin to spend time together in Los Angeles after stumbling into each other. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for both of them.

Dennis develops feelings for Andrea and even goes so far as to ask her out on a date, but she turns him down. Dennis conned Andrea into spending time with him on a bogus pretext one night. After a night of partying and getting wasted, they decide to make things official. Andrea agrees to be his girlfriend in the morning.

Andrea and Margot begin to wonder if Dennis is as good as he claims to be. Dennis has lied to Andrea about many things, including his home, his mother’s health, his job, and even his college degree.

Margot tries to retaliate by getting Dennis intoxicated, which results in him passing out. In an accident, Margot and Andrea hurt Dennis, and Andrea confronts him for his lies. Later, Andrea finds out that Dennis has filed a lawsuit against her, claiming she kidnapped him. Upon her third confrontation with him, she is granted a temporary restraining order as well as extra material for her stand-up act.


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