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Hollow Knight Ending Explained: Gameplay, Plot and Everything You Need to Know!

Developer Team Cherry produced and published the 2017 Metroidvania action-adventure game Hollow Knight. The player assumes control of an insectoid warrior known only as “Knight” in the game.

Discovering Hallownest, a defunct kingdom infected with a strange sickness, the Knight sets out to investigate. A variety of subterranean places and bug-like characters are featured in the game, as well as various bosses. Players can discover new skills and snippets of narrative and flavor text across the kingdom as they explore each site.

In 2013, at the Ludum Dare game jam, the idea for Hollow Knight was born. They intended to make a game that was influenced by classic platformers but also emphasized the exploring components of such games. Faxanadu, Metroid, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and Mega Man X are some of the game’s influences.

Part of the project’s funding came from a Kickstarter campaign that earned more than $57,000 by the year’s end. Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux versions were launched in early 2017; the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions were released in 2018. Team Cherry continued to maintain the game beyond its initial release with four add-ons.


Hallownest, a fictitious beneath realm, is the setting for the 2D Metroidvania soulslike game Hollow Knight. An insect-like, silent, nameless knight is in charge of the player’s exploration of a dark underground world. It is a Nail, a type of sword that can be employed in combat as well as in the environment.

Hostile bugs and other monsters can be found throughout the game. The Nail can be used in melee combat to strike at adversaries from a limited range. Spells can also be learned by the player, enabling for long-distance combat. Defeated foes drop Geo, a form of cash. Masks are used to indicate the Knight’s restricted number of hit points.

While playing, players can earn “Mask Shards,” which raise the player’s overall mask count.
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A mask is reduced when the Knight is harmed by an adversary or the environment. The Soul Vessel stores the Knight’s soul, which he acquires during battle by striking his foes. Losing all of the Knight’s masks results in death, and a new Shade adversary appears in the spot where they fell.

Reduced Soul capacity and the loss of all Geo are the consequences of this. When the Shade adversary is defeated, players can reclaim their lost cash and carry their usual amount of Soul.

When a player returns to a bench they’ve previously sat on, the bench serves as a “save point.” Aside from “Focus” and mask regeneration, the player has a number of offensive spells that deplete Soul as the game proceeds.
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Throughout the course of the game, players will be able to earn additional Soul Vessels, which they can utilise to store more Soul.

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hollow knight ending explained

At the opening of the game, the Knight arrives at Dirtmouth, a sleepy village that stands just above the remains of the kingdom of Hallownest. It is revealed that Hallownest was once a prosperous kingdom, but it fell into ruin after being overrun by “The Infection,” which caused the residents of the kingdom to go insane and die of necrophilia.

The monarch of Hallownest, the Pale King, attempted to lock away the Infection in the Temple of the Black Egg. It was only after the Infection escaped the temple that Hallownest was destroyed.

Find and kill the three Dreamers who serve as live temple door seals, allowing the Knight to confront Infection’s source. Hornet, a warrior, challenges the Knight in a series of battles as part of this mission.

The Knight learns about the Infection’s origins through dialogue with non-player characters and images from the surroundings.

Many of Hallownest’s old animals revered the Radiance, a primordial, moth-like being who had the power to manipulate the minds of other bugs. Animals became more intelligent as a result of the Pale King’s magic when he landed in Hallownest.

They venerated and worshipped the Pale King, consuming the Radiance’s energy as it faded into obscuritypower .’s Some worship of the Radiance went on undetected by the Pale King, allowing it to survive in the Dream Realm.

The Hollow Knight Is the First Ending

After killing all three Dreamers and making your way to the Temple of the Black Egg, you can begin the easiest route to the game’s conclusion. You’ll face up against the Hollow Knight, the game’s last boss, there. As the new Hollow Knight, you’ll continue the cycle once you vanquish him.
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A Dreadful Conclusion: Sibling Secrecy

hollow knight ending explained

If you murder all three Dreamers and earn the “Void Heart” charm in Hollow Knight, you’ll get this horrible ending. Find Hornet and the Hollow Knight in the Temple of the Black Egg.

The Hollow Knight will be apprehended by Hornet during your combat. Continue your regular attacks instead of entering his dreams with your Dream Nail if this occurs. The new Hollow Knight will be you, and Hornet will be sealed away with you after you defeat him. As a result, the Hollow Knight cycle is effectively ended, but the infection can take over.

The Real Ending: No More Dreaming

Hollow Knight’s happy ending can be found in the same way that Sealed Siblings’ happy ending can be found. You must first vanquish all the Dreamers and obtain the Void Heart in order to progress.

With Hornet tying down the Hollow Knight, you can unleash the Radiance with your Dream Nail, which is a three-round boss encounter. The Hollow Knights will finally be able to relax after defeating the Radiance.

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