RDR2 Secret Ending: How Many Endings Does Red Dead Redemption 2 Have?

rdr2 secret ending

Rockstar Games produced and published Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018. Third in the Red Dead series and a prelude to Red Dead Redemption, which was released in 2010.

Set in a fictitious version of the Western, Midwestern, and Southern United States in the year 1899, The Outlaw Arthur Morgan follows the exploits of a member of the Van der Linde gang. Arthur must contend with the deterioration of the Wild West while fending from the authorities, competing gangs, and other threats to his life.

John Marston, a fellow gang member of Red Dead Redemption’s protagonist, appears in the epilogue.

Both first- and third-person viewpoints can be used in the game’s interactive open environment, which can be explored at any time. Shootouts, heists, hunting, horseback riding, interacting with non-player characters, and maintaining the character’s honour rating are only some of the game’s gameplay components.

When the player commits a crime, law enforcement and bounty hunters respond in kind, much like the “wanted” system from the Grand Theft Auto series does. A total of 32 players can participate in Red Dead Online’s online multiplayer modes, which include cooperative and competitive ones.


  • Roger Clark and Arthur Morgan
  • Bennett Davis, a.k.a. “Dutch”
  • Cali native Abigail Roberts Theresa Elizabeth Moore
  • In the role of Gabriel Sloyer, played by Javier Escuella,
  • Steve J. Palmer – Bill Williamson
  • Alex McKenna and Sadie Adler are a couple.
  • Micah Bell and Peter Blomquist
  • Rob Wiethoff” replaces “John Marston.”

Red Dead Redemption 2 Has a Slew of Possible Conclusions.

rdr2 secret ending

There Are a Total of Four Possible Endings in Red Dead Redemption 2. Three of The Endings Can Be Easily Obtained by Making a Decision Towards the Game’s Conclusion. Let’s Get the Ball Rolling: Dutch Van Der Linde Has Now Gone Too Far, Resulting in Arthur Morgan and John Marston Breaking Away from Him.

Also, Arthur Has Found that Micah Bell Is a Pinkerton Mole, Providing Information About the Gang to Them.

It’s Just Arthur and John Against Dutch’s Gang and The Pinkertons in A Last Shootout. You May Either Help John Get out Of This Jam and Back to His Family, or You Can Go for The Money from The Blackwater Contract.

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Honorable or Dishonorable – What Makes a Good End

You’ll Obtain This Ending if You Help John out Of the Situation. as A Result, Arthur and John Are Forced to Flee to Higher Terrain in An Attempt to Escape the Gunfight Below. Arthur’s Tuberculosis Has Progressed to The End of The Game at This Time. Arthur Sends John Away as He Draws Them In, Sacrificing His Own Life for John’s Family in The Process.

Micah Bell, a Traitor to The Van Der Linde Group, and Arthur Face-Off on The Mountaintop. Dutch Intervenes in The Latter Stages of The Struggle, and Micah and Arthur Plead for Dutch’s Soul.

However, There’s Still a Decision to Be Made. His Attempt to Improve Himself Will Be Mentioned by Arthur if You Have an Honor Metre in The High Range. in The End, Dutch Leaves Them Both with No Choice but To Select Each Other. Arthur Succumbs to Tuberculosis on The Mountaintop, Watching the Sun Rise, as Bell Flees in Rage.

The Option that Counts

Arthur Says that He and Bell Are Both Nasty People, if You’re Short on Honor. Bell Shoots Morgan in The Head and Ends His Life.

That Was Awful

rdr2 secret ending

The Van Der Linde Gang’s Burning Camp Will Be Arthur’s Destination if You Decide to Return for The Money. However, Micah Bell Is Waiting for Him. Micah and Arthur Get Into a Knife Battle in The Camp, with Micah Taking the Lead and Stabbing Arthur in The Process.

Arthur Accuses Micah of Being the Pinkerton Rat After Seeing Dutch Once More. Dutch Walks Away in Disbelief at The Outcome of The Group. Micah Kills Arthur by Stabbing Him in The Back as He Crawls.

The Final Word

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Epilogue Is Just as Long as The First Game’s. You Take on The Role of John Marston, a Man on A Mission to Avenge Micah Bell, a Surviving Traitor. Marston, Together with Sadie Adler and Charles Smith, Hunts Down Bell in The Highlands After a Lengthy Absence.

In The Aftermath of The Brawl, Adler and Marston Have Micah at Gunpoint, only For Dutch to Appear with Firearms Aimed at Both of Them.

Micah Takes Advantage of The Surprise to Kidnap Sadie, While John Tries to Persuade Dutch that Siding with Micah Is the Wrong Move. in Response, Dutch Shoots Micah, Allowing John the Opportunity to Blitz Micah with Lead. After That, Dutch Quietly Walks Away.

John and Sadie Return to John’s Ranch, Where Abigail, Jack, and Uncle Await Their Return with The Blackwater Money. This Is the Finale of Red Dead Redemption 2’s Storyline.

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