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Relic Explained: The Movie Is Trying to Focus on The Real-Life Fears of Life!

Natalie Erika James is directing Relic, an Australian psychological horror thriller, which she co-wrote with Christian White. Starring Emily Mortimer, Robyn Nevin, and Bella Heathcote.

After premiering at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25, 2020, Relic was distributed by IFC Midnight on July 3, 2020, and aired on Stan on July 10, 2020 in Australia.


  • Kay is played by Emily Mortimer.
  • Edna is played by Robyn Nevin.
  • Bella Heathcote portrays Sam in the film adaptation.
  • Chris Bunton portrays Jamie.
  • As played by Jeremy Stanford
  • Constable Steve Rodgers Theodore Adler

What Is The Meaning Of The Ending?

relic explained

The film is attempting to portray the anxieties of everyday living. The central theme of “Relic” is dementia. When Kay and Sam discovered that Edna had changed, they tried to flee. There was no way they were going to accept what she had become.

This rotting corpse was for their lives at one point because of her dementia. However, when Kay sees that Edna has woken up from her nightmare, she knows that it is her mother once more.

As a result, she decides to carry the woman to her bed and console her so that she can rest and eventually die from her agony. People prefer to flee when they’re afraid to face their real-life anxieties, and this is the film’s central theme.

However, when they resolve to face it, things seem to level off and become a bit less difficult. Sam’s mother, Kay, was also shown to have the same black mold-like area in the movie’s ending. As a result, she came to realise that her mother, too, will face the same fate.

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What Is The Best Place To See This?

Even though the release of “Relic” was threatened by a pandemic in 2020, it was a huge success. Critics gave the film an enthusiastic reception.

As a result, it is an absolute must-see for everyone looking to overcome their own personal demons. Amazon Prime subscribers can watch the film on the service. In addition, Hulu lets you watch the movie online.

The Story of the Film

relic explained

The plot of “Relic” begins with the disappearance of an elderly woman named Edna. Kay, Edna’s daughter, and Sam, her granddaughter, travel to her house to look for her. They were shocked to discover that the house was locked from the inside and that the upper walls were covered in something that looked like black mould.

Strange cracking sounds are coming from behind the walls, and the black mould stuff is spreading throughout the house. Kay also has a terrifying nightmare about a rotting corpse hidden deep within an ancient cabin in the woods, which makes her even more paranoid.

The following day, Kay and Sam run into Edna, who has returned and has no recollection of ever going missing. Even after consulting a doctor, Edna still appears to have a similar black mould on her chest, despite being cleared. With time, Edna begins to display signs of dementia, such as forgetting Sam and Kay in the middle of a beautiful moment.

Edna, on the other hand, accepts Kay’s offer to look after her when she is conscious. All the while, a ghastly black-figure lurks in the shadows, terrifying the onlookers.

A relapse of Edna’s ailment causes her to begin scavenging for black mold stuff on her skin. Kay is horrified to discover that her mother is peeling off her skin and reverting back to her rotting corpse form.

In an attempt to flee, Sam and Kay are chased by Edna, who tries to grab Sam, but Kay saves her. After a while, Edna regains her senses and smiles back at the camera. When Kay learns this, she takes her mother back to bed, where Sam and Kay both join her. Edna succumbs to her illness shortly after falling asleep.

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