What Is the Moonlight Man in Gerald’s Game? Did Jessie Kill Gerald?

What is the moonlight man in Gerald's Game?

Filmmaker Mike Flanagan and screenwriter Jeff Howard collaborated to write Gerald’s Game, a 2017 American psychological horror-thriller film that was directed and edited by Flanagan. Stephen King’s 1992 novel of the same name, which was long considered unfilmable, is the inspiration for this film.

A married couple spending a vacation in a remote house is portrayed by Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood in the film.
Suddenly, the husband dies of a heart attack, leaving his wife to find a means to survive while battling her own inner demons in the meantime.

Gerald’s Game had its international premiere on September 19, 2017, at BFI Southbank, and was made available on Netflix on September 29, 2017. Critics praised Gugino’s performance and Flanagan’s direction, as well as the film’s topics and the way they were treated, in their glowing reviews.


  • Jessie Burlingame is played by Carla Gugino.
  • Mouse is played by Chiara Aurelia (Young Jessie)
  • As Jessie’s husband, Gerald Burlingame, Bruce Greenwood portrays him.
  • Carel Struycken in the role of “Moonlight Man”
  • Jessie’s father, Tom, is played by Henry Thomas.
  • Jessie’s mother Sally is played by Kate Siegel.
  • Maddie, Jessie’s sister, is played by Adalyn Jones.
  • Harry Belafonte as Harry Belafonte

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Is There Really a Man in The Moonlight?

What is the moonlight man in Gerald's Game?

Jessie’s mind is filled with the Moonlight Man, but she sees Raymond by her side of the bed. Jessie, believing Raymond to be a ghost because of his physical appearance, fears that “Death” has arrived to claim her life. The Moonlight Man is the name she gives to this phantom.


Gerald and Jessie Burlingame plan a romantic weekend away at a secluded lake cottage in Fairhope, Alabama. Jessie feeds a stray dog outside raw steak while Gerald is taking Viagra. Her new slip and handcuffs are secured to the bedposts in her room, where she is restrained by Gerard.

In the first, she plays along with his stranger rape fantasy, but she quickly grows uneasy and tells him to uncuff her. When Gerald suffers a heart attack and collapses to the floor after a violent argument accusing her of not even trying to revive their relationship, he leaves Jessie bound and gagged.

Several hours have passed. In the open doorway, the dog enters the house. In spite of her best efforts, Gerald’s arm is bitten off and eaten by the monster. When Jessie discovers Gerald’s body still lying on the floor, she understands she’s having a hallucination. When she questions him, he tells her about the reality of their marriage and his impotence.

Her dehydration and exhaustion have begun, and he tells her that she has to drink more water. As a result of her delusions, Jessie sees an improved version of herself, one who reveals details about her and Gerald’s relationship that she had never dared to consider.

When she can’t get to the glass of water Gerard had left on the shelf above the bed because of the two hallucinations, she turns the shopping tag she’d cut from her slip into a drinking straw to get to the glass of water she can reach.

Is Jessie Responsible for Gerald’s Death?

No. Despite the fact that Gerald’s skull appears to have cracked and bled after Jessie threw him from the bed, this was not the cause of his death. Gerald’s death was caused by a heart attack, as was mentioned at the conclusion of Gerald’s Game.

Throughout the rest of the film, Jessie has imaginary chats with Gerald and another Jessie. Jessie’s youth and her connection with her father are also featured in the film.

How Gerald’s Video Game Ended

What is the moonlight man in Gerald's Game?

It is possible for Jessie to use pockets of her memories in order to slash her hands and slip them out of shackles in an agonizing manner. Jessie isn’t going to take her death lying down in denial, no matter what anyone says.

Jessie runs into Raymond just as she is about to depart. “You’re not real,” she tells him, believing she is looking at a ghost. As a token of gratitude, she hands him her wedding ring. “You’re only made of moonlight” It’s really just another item of jewelry for Raymond, however.

However, she is able to drive away in the automobile before losing consciousness and colliding with a tree due to exhaustion. She is saved by a local couple.

After some time has passed, she decides to write a letter to her younger self, letting her know that she has finally been able to let go of her past.

She lied about having amnesia and being unable to remember anything in order to dodge too many questions from the media. As time goes on, she begins to believe that the Moonlight Man was genuine, especially after the police fail to locate her wedding band. Every night, she’s awakened by his specter.

She has red blazing eyes in her interpretation of the Moonlight Man (much like the eclipse). He wasn’t a monster like her father, even though her marriage wasn’t the best one she’s ever had. Jessie establishes a foundation using the insurance proceeds to assist other young people in her situation.

Raymond Andrew Joubert was arrested for vandalizing graves one day in the newspaper, and she sees a picture of him.

Her missing ring is ultimately explained, and she learns that the man by her lake house bedside that night wasn’t the Moonlight man at all; he happened to be Raymond, who occurred to spare her.

For the first time, she has a clearer picture of what happened to Gerald’s face. In the end, she chooses to go to Raymond’s arraignment and get him arrested.

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