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Do Rio and Beth Get Together in Season 3: What Happened at The End of Good Girls Season 3?

NBC broadcast the first episode of Jenna Bans’ crime comedy-drama series Good Girls on February 26, 2018, and it ran through July 22, 2021. Jeannine Renshaw serves as a co-executive producer together with Dean Parisot and Bans at Universal Television. After four seasons, the show was canceled in June of 2021.


Trying to make ends meet is a challenge for three suburban Michigan moms, two of whom are sisters, as they are the focus of this drama. Their lives have been shattered by the loss of their possessions, so they resolve to pull off an audacious crime of opportunity by robbing a supermarket.

In the wake of their theft, one of their female accomplices is recognized by the store manager, but for a purpose that goes beyond money and a mafia front they used to operate out of the supermarket.

In the midst of an ever-increasing web of gang robberies and debts, as well as familial and personal issues, the others find themselves on an entirely new path. When strong, independent women take a stand to support their families and transform their lives, this series breaks with patriarchal norms.


  • Beth Boland is played by Christina Hendricks.
  • Retta portrays Ruby Hill.
  • Playing Annie Marks, Mae Whitman
  • Reno Wilson portrays Stan Hill in the Stan Hill movie.
  • starring Jackie Cruz in the role of Rhea
  • Played by Lidya Jewett, Sara Hill
  • In the role of Sadie Marks, Isaiah Stannard
  • Dean Boland, portrayed by Matthew Lillard on screen

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do rio and beth get together in season 3

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  1. Rio and Beth’s Romance Will Continue to Develop in Season 3.

At some point in the last three seasons, Beth has had an affair with Rio, which Dean has been cheating on her with from the beginning of the show. It’s been difficult for Beth to lose contact with her children while her ex-husband and ex-wife were still living apart.

Good Girls Season 3 Ended on A Cliffhanger.

When Agent Phoebe Donnegan (Lauren Lapkus) develops an even stronger suspicion about the three ladies, she gets even closer to them than she’s ever been.

While visiting a nail salon, she meets Ruby and discovers that the business she suspected was a scam is in fact legitimate.

It was then revealed that Donnegan had stolen Ruby’s phone, causing a commotion among the supporters.

In the meantime, fans realized that Rio (Manny Montana) was still alive, and they begin working together.

After a while, Beth came to realize that she had to step away from Rio.

do rio and beth get together in season 3

Since Rio is one of the show’s most beloved characters, fans were pleased to see him back.

When Ruby has an idea to rob her husband Stan’s (Reno Wilson) club, the other women hesitantly consent to it.

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Fake money is used to replace the stolen money that was found in the bags of cash.

Because Stan and Ruby were always at each other’s throats throughout the season, viewers were concerned for their future together.

“I don’t know where we’re headed, but I simply want to go there together,” Stan tells her in his final attempt to reconcile.

Rio assassinated Agent Turner (James Lesure) when he reneged on his promise.

After Beth shot Rio in season two, fans assumed the situation had been resolved when Turner offered to aid.

To prevent the police from finding out the truth about Beth and her companions, he kills Turner with a shotgun.

They’ll be able to carry on with their money-laundering operation.

In spite of this, Rio takes advantage of the situation to kidnap Beth’s coworker Lucy (Charlyne Yi).

When they locate Lucy’s body, the three moms want to take revenge on Rio, but Beth realizes that she can’t because she is indebted to him.

As a way of restoring her relationship with him and earning more money, she proposes that she work for him.

“They’ve been at one other’s throats for 11 episodes,” showrunner Jenna Bans told Entertainment Weekly regarding Beth and Rio’s relationship in the truncated season.

It was clear that the final five were going to change the course of the game.

They had to put their differences aside and work together reluctantly in a manner they hadn’t done before, and that’s what we’re planning to do in the first episode of season four.

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