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The Skeleton Key Ending: Why Is Caroline so Attached to Ben?

American Southern Gothic supernatural horror film The Skeleton Key is a 2005 American Southern Gothic gothic horror film that was directed and written by Iain Softley with the help of Ehren Kruger.

A New Orleans hospice nurse is drawn into a ghostly mystery involving a Terrebonne Parish plantation estate, its former residents, and Hoodoo rites and spells that took place there in the Southern Gothic narrative.


In the role of Caroline Ellis, Kate Hudson makes a stunning impression.
As Violet Devereaux, Gena Rowlands takes the role.
Benjamin “Ben” Devereaux, played by John Hurt
In the role of Luke Marshall, Peter Sarsgaard
Playing Jill Dupay in the role of Joy Bryant
In the role of Papa Justify, Ronald McCall
In the role of Mama, Jeryl Prescott Cecile

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As a hospice caregiver, Caroline, 25, pays the price for her father’s death by ignoring him while he was dying. Caring for Ben, a stroke victim who is bedridden and unable to communicate is Caroline’s new job in Louisiana after the death of her previous charge.

In Caroline’s opinion, the house and Ben’s wife Violet are both spooky. Caroline discovers a hidden area in the attic after Violet offers her a skeleton key to the property. She discovers a voodoo-like craft with hair, bones, and other materials.

Despite Violet’s denials to Caroline, she assumes the artifacts belonged to two former staff members who were lynched for practicing black magic on the family’s children. As Caroline investigates the residence, she learns that Luke is working with Violet to get Ben out of the house and away from Violet. Take her back to the house while she’s unconscious.

Violet is preparing a spell in the attic, so Caroline heads there (to use on Caroline, and not Ben as previously thought). It was only after Violet fell down the stairs and broke her leg that she returned and discovered that Caroline had cast a spell on herself in the attic thinking it would protect her.

the skeleton key ending

Violet explains to Caroline that she preserved the secret room in order to convince her of the truth of the situation. Caroline is knocked unconscious by a mirror Violet throws at her.
Upon waking, she discovers that she is the lady who was lynched in the past, along with Luke.

A magic was cast by the two housekeepers so that their spirits would enter the bodies of their children. This means they must locate someone younger (who believes) to jump into on a regular basis in order to keep going.

It appears that Caroline and Luke are in the hospital with Ben and Violet. For the sake of their own survival, the house staff had to take the lives of others.

Is there some sort of psychological reason for Caroline’s devotion to Ben?

Prior to arriving at the house, Caroline had no idea who Ben Devereaux was or what he looked like (as well as his wife). However, the main character’s desire to save Ben and aid Ben is the motivating cause behind his actions.

What’s going on here? There is an easy answer: Ben reminds Caroline of her late father, who passed away a year ago today. To blame herself for his sudden death, the girl acquired a guilt complex because Caroline did not have time to care for him before her death.

“The Skeleton Key” Is the Film’s Central Theme

Since her father died, Caroline’s desire to save another Ben grows stronger and stronger. Caroline performs a ritual to remove the enchantment from Ben’s tongue – and, lo and behold, Ben begins to create sounds and eventually even says, albeit, only one word – “Violet,” the name of Mrs. Devereaux. She believes that Ben’s wife has a plan to put him in the coffin, and she begins to believe in the worst at this point.

When the girl’s mental equilibrium is disrupted by the complex of the savior and atonement, she begins to engage in dubious behaviors, such as mixing Mrs. Devereaux’s sleeping medications and attempting to take Ben away from the house.

However, the attempt fails since the gate is locked. Caroline then stows Ben away in the barn and sets off on a boat. It’s a race against time for her to get to Luke, whom she considers a friend.

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Review for The Film the Skeleton Key

the skeleton key ending

In a Bayou mansion, Caroline is hired as a caregiver for elderly Ben, who lives with his wife Violet and is assigned to her by a lawyer named Luke. Violet requested that all the mirrors in Caroline’s new employment be taken away, and Caroline finds the area eerie as a result. Ben has trouble expressing himself and is always frozen with fear.

For committing witchcraft with two white children in the house, two slaves, Papa Justify and Cecile, were slain. Caroline discovers the history of the house. Ben presumably had his “stroke” in the attic; Caroline is handed a skeleton key that can unlock any room, except the attic.

Caroline is convinced that Violet is using magic to enslave Ben while odd occurrences take place in the house. Violet’s plan to flee with Ben is thwarted by Luke, who is working with Violet. On her return home, Caroline casts magic she believes will help protect her from harm in the attic.

Violet had intended for Caroline to do the magic so that she could take control of her body. Cecile has been controlling Violet, while Papa Justify has been controlling Luke all along.

Ben’s body has been Luke’s prison the entire time. As a result, Violet and Luke have young host bodies under their control. Violet and Ben have been kidnapped and are unable to communicate.

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