Jesse Lee Peterson Gay: Early Life, Personal Life, Career and More Updates!

jesse lee peterson gay

He is a conservative radio personality, clergyman, and broadcaster in the United States. The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show and The Fallen State TV are both hosted by Peterson.

As a Child

While his great-grandparents had been enslaved a century before, Peterson’s grandparents worked on the Comer family plantation in Comer Hill, Alabama, where he was born and raised. It was just a matter of time before his parents made the move to Gary and East Chicago respectively, where they each formed new families.

It wasn’t until his teens that the cleft in his palate was finally healed. While growing up in Gary with his mother and stepfather, Peterson attended Edison High School for a short time. Before moving to Los Angeles, he returned to Alabama and graduated from high school, after which he returned to Alabama.

For a single academic year, Peterson enrolled in Los Angeles City College. In 1989, he claims, he founded his own janitorial firm.

While living in Alabama, Peterson became a father. He has been engaged to two women, but has yet to wed.

Private Sphere

Jesse Lee Peterson‘s love life has been kept out of the public eye. Any man who prefers to spend time with his fiancee in the days leading up to their wedding will eventually cheat on them. He is the father of a single child, whose name has not been released to the public.

jesse lee peterson gay

An African American man by the name of Project 21 has taken Jesse Lee under his wing. His outbursts have been well publicized. Even though he’s had a long and successful career, he hasn’t won any prestigious awards or accolades, the exception being his enormous YouTube channel.

He has a reputation for being brutally honest, upfront, and direct with everyone.

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Jesse Lee Peterson: God Doesn’t Make Errors, Thus He Didn’t Create Gays.

Monday, Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson appeared on The Alan Colmes Show to explain why he believes in the right to prejudice and that it is a “marker of freedom.” Asked if Rev. Peterson was happy with segregation and black people being forced to sit in the back of a movie theatre, Rev. Peterson instantly stated, “No, I’m not fine with that.”

Pastor Peterson then addressed the issue of homosexuality being a choice or not. “They weren’t created that way by God. God doesn’t make mistakes,” Peterson exclaimed. “There is no evidence that men and women are genetically predisposed to becoming gay.”

Career in Politics

He began his own janitorial service in 1989. It was in 1991 that he formed the non-profit religious organization known as BOND (the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny).

On the other hand, Peterson is also a member of the anti-illegal immigration group, Choose Black America.

jesse lee peterson gay

he is a member of the national Accuracy in Media board and a member of the Christian Coalition in California. A frequent guest on Sean Hannity’s show, he is a longtime buddy of Hannity.

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Politically, Peterson is a force to be reckoned with. Jesse Lee Peterson v. Jesse Jackson (BC 266505) was a case in which Peterson was a party in Los Angeles County Superior Court in 2006.

It was on January 27, 2006, that the jury returned a guilty verdict for the defendants and a not guilty verdict for Peterson on all but one of the charges brought against him. The remaining charges were then settled out of court.

Muslims “hate us (America) because we’re a Christian nation and support Israel,” as he put it in an interview.


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