Becky Movie Ending Explained: Was Chloe Murdered? Everything You Need to Know!

becky movie ending explained

Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion, working with a script by Nick Morris, Lane Skye, and Ruckus Skye, are directing and co-writing the thriller Becky, which is set for release in the United States in 2020. Joel McHale and Kevin James also star in the film.

Becky was slated to have its international premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2020, however the festival was postponed due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

It was released on video-on-demand, digital platforms and in select drive-in cinemas on June 5, 2020, by Quiver Distribution and Redbox Entertainment. Critics were split on the picture, but many lauded Wilson’s performance.


  • In the role of Becky Hooper, Lulu Wilson
  • Dominick James (Kevin James)
  • In the role of Jeff Hooper, Joel McHale makes a great impression.
  • Kayla is played by Amanda Brugel.
  • As Apex, Robert Maillet
  • Ryan McDonald as Cole
  • Hammond, played by James McDougall.

It’s Over for Becky! It’s Explained with Spoilers, so Don’t Be Afraid to Read On!

becky movie ending explained

Apex is dispatched to find Becky, who has gone missing. When he spots Diego, he instantly renders him helpless. On seeing what she did to Cole and what she has left on herself, he warns Becky that she can’t undo the damage she has done to herself. She has developed a violent temperament as a result of this.

Neither does Becky, who just cares about getting even. Just to make up for what she did to those two kids earlier, Apex is letting her go. Even Diego seems to be doing fine at the moment.

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Her father is still there, slumped on the ground, when Becky arrives. Then she walks away with his keys after saying her goodbyes and apologizing profusely.

Dominick is lured out of the house by the auto alarm, but Diego is waiting in the minivan. Becky, the driver of the second vehicle, slams into Dominick as he tries to get free.

In the aftermath of his comeback, he confronts Becky, and she quickly discovers she had grossly misjudged his might. To make sure he doesn’t hurt any more children, Apex arrives and pushes him aside. While Becky and Apex are arguing, the lawnmower runs over Becky, crushing him to death.

Apex expresses his gratitude to Becky for saving his life, describing it as a form of atonement. Becky doesn’t give a rat’s behind whether or not he’s helped her. She’s gone too far. She kills him with a single shot to the head.

Kayla and Ty approach her and wait for the cops to arrive.

Officers worry that Becky isn’t admitting to killing the inmates, even though every piece of evidence leads toward her.

As Becky fiddles with the key, she smiles slyly.

I mean, what door does that key open and what’s behind that door? Honestly.

Will other Neo-nazi gangs come after her now that she has the key? Was it difficult for anyone to get her smile? Her role may have changed to one of killing.

We may learn the answer in a follow-up film.

What Happened to Chloe?

becky movie ending explained

When it comes to the big question of our day, we don’t have an answer.

Elliot (Billy Howle) had definitely made Chloe’s life miserable, and she had even devised an escape strategy to begin a new life free of him.

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After months of planning, Chloe took advantage of Elliot’s statement on stage to flee.

Initially, she had planned on fleeing to a nearby trailer park, where she’d purchased a house with the money she’d saved up over the years. The only problem was that she had forgotten the key, so she had nowhere else to go.

After Elliot’seemed concerned’ about where she was, she instead went to her parent’s house, where they swiftly sewed her up and revealed her whereabouts.

When she tries to flee again in a panic, Elliot aids Chloe’s mother in tracking her down, and from then on… The only certainty we have is that Chloe died after falling from a cliff.

Chloe’s mother seemed reluctant to confess that Elliot pushed her, despite the fact that this seems to be increasingly likely. There is an initial “just as she leaped” and then “I don’t know what I saw” progression.


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